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  1. KearneyMan


    This game is just proof that the ladies are no where close to being in the top 5 of the conference!!
  2. KearneyMan

    New floor

    Hey instead of that why not have Lil Red boppin upside down on his head. Remember when he use to do that?
  3. WTF Most of those names aren't even good enough to be called "B" coaches. If your going to go with them, you might as well throw all 30 names in a hat and draw one out!!
  4. I'AM NOT!!!! You want to be the first to get bitch slapped?
  5. I don't know who Kidney is. I will admit I couldn't be coach ( too volatile of a temper). There wouldn't be a player or referee that wouldn't get BITCH slapped a few times!!
  6. These are all "B" coaches!!! Move it along!!
  7. KearneyMan

    Super Bowl

    But that coaching was NOT at Nebraska. So hence he is NOT on the same level as Coach Cook. Cook has 4 National Championships as a coach here and Frost 0!!!
  8. KearneyMan

    Super Bowl

    Please do NOT put Scott Frost on the same level as John Cook in coaching!! He hasn't done nothing...…….yet!!
  9. KearneyMan

    Super Bowl

    I don't drink!!! I'm not like the rest of you that need to get blitzed every time you go to a game or watch a game for that matter!!
  10. KearneyMan

    Super Bowl

    Hey i'm more pissed off at the university because I feel they are NOT doing the sports programs justice. All we get in the basketball programs are "B" coaches!!! Right now the only sport at Nebraska I feel HAPPY about is volleyball!! I do fear that the University will interfere with him and bring the volleyball program down a peg or two. So I pray they will leave him alone!!
  11. KearneyMan

    Super Bowl

    Sticks and Stones, move it along!!!
  12. KearneyMan

    Super Bowl

    Glad I not there, wish Brady a slow death!!!!
  13. KearneyMan

    Super Bowl

    It's the Patriots there not people!!
  14. KearneyMan

    Super Bowl

    I personally was hoping the Patriots plane would crash in route to Atlanta!!
  15. KearneyMan


    You people you sound like a bunch of gossipy hens!!!