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  1. Your list is good except for one thing, Ntambwe the forward. He has to sit a year so I wouldn't take him. I repeat don't take a forward or center if they have to sit a year. we need help their immediately, no exceptions!!
  2. I think all four courts were kinda boring so I didn't vote
  3. I not in junior high, and don't want to be. Too many "clicks" and school shootings now days!!!! Just for you Dean Smith I put in 4 exclamation points!!!! LOL
  4. I'm not a Doc Sadler fan, sorry. we weren't good with him before!!
  5. we need at least 3 that are immediate eligibility!!
  6. Were in deep do do if we have to rely on Thor as a forward
  7. We need inside help first, Dead Dog Alley
  8. Oh ok I'll bite. What history will you be celebrating?
  9. OMG you guys bash me , and this is how you talk? Glad a guy can't play because of his back? And you hope we lose? All you guys need shot for saying this crap!!
  10. You got way too much time on your hand!! LOL
  11. This is team is resilient (not sure on spelling). I just hope there is still gas in the tank!!
  12. Oh hell no, I wasn't dumb enough to vote for Trump!! But look how many Husker people did vote for him!!
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