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  1. George Beadle

    Standhardinger Sighting

    No one thinks you run, Norm.
  2. George Beadle

    Throwback uniforms vs Northwestern

    Any Nebraska uniform could be improved immensely by requiring Shavon to wear a tighter undershirt.
  3. It's hard to stay with a good team when you struggle doing simple things like inbound the ball. And when the good team is allowed to play Craftball and you have to play regular basketball. Speaking of Craftball, what did Biggs do to commit a foul that caused Nebraska to lose the ball on that late inbounds play? Those of us watching BTN didn't get to see because they were busy showing a graphic of how many wins the Rosy-Cheeked Hacker has amassed in his seemingly 9 year Ohio State career.
  4. George Beadle

    Grant Gibbs

    Next year, Nebraska loses Gallegos and his 3 points, 3 rebounds, 1 assist, and 1 steal, whereas, Creighton loses McDermott, Wragge, and Gibbs with their collective 57 points, 19 rebounds, 11 assists, 3 steals, and infinite douchebaggery. Hopefully, we will be able to look back at yesterday's embarrassment of a young team as a turning point.
  5. Maybe I misunderstood your point, and I haven't been back to Lincoln to take in the final product, but having been to the sea of parking that surrounds the CenturyLink Center, how is that area superior to the new development in Lincoln?
  6. In order to take a charge as a secondary defender, you now must have your position set before the offensive player begins his shooting motion (i.e. when the hands start going up; I'm not certain how it is interpreted if it turns into a pass, not a shot - I imagine it is still a charge). This is a change from the way the rule was interpreted in previous years which only required the defensive position to be established before the offensive player left the floor. It allowed for a secondary defender to run over and essentially jump in front of the opponent driving with the ball. I actually like the change as, in my opinion, there were far too many charges being called in years past. There was a charge (correctly) called in the Oregon-Georgetown game so they do still exist.
  7. George Beadle

    Shavon Shields

    Is the "cliche" Miles referring to the nerdy college kid or perhaps Urkel-ish? Not sure of the hilarity there... I don't mean to be rude, and you might just not find it humorous, but you do know that it was a video, correct? Since you only commented on Shavon's appearance I wasn't certain.
  8. George Beadle

    Another show at the Bank

    *Popular, modern country and western is rubbish.
  9. George Beadle

    NCAA Tournie Thread

    In my opinion, it should be a charge. However, your point highlights the lunacy of debating block/charge calls - except in the most obvious of situations, in realtime it will be left up to the whims of the official making the call. Which is why I think it is more important to get back to hating on Aaron Craft. I might have picked Ohio State to advance to the Final Four but that doesn't mean that I cannot voraciously cheer against Craft every game as that bracket is likely completely busted for anyone who didn't pick OSU anyway.
  10. George Beadle

    NCAA Tournie Thread

    Craft was within the restricted area. There might only be a line painted on the court but a plane extends upwards from that line, which Craft's foot was clearly breaching (and if the rule only explicitly states that a foot cannot be physically on the line, it is flawed). Also, he was a little late. Also, also, I hate Aaron Craft, his rosy cheeks, his media adulation, and the special set of rules within which he is allowed to play defense, so my opinions might be slightly biased.
  11. George Beadle

    Craft doesn't foul?

    Craft, by traditional basketball rules, fouls on nearly every Ohio State defensive opportunity with his constant hand-checks and holds. However, since he is allowed to play by the rules of Craftball, he rarely commits fouls.
  12. George Beadle

    2013 Season Ticket Prices

    How much for a "lap dance"? From a child? Probably 5-10 years.
  13. George Beadle

    12/15/2012 - At Oregon Report Card

    I'm not sure that Nebraska would have sold out the BDSC but I know it would have been close. Having followed Oregon the past few years I can safely say that Nebraska fans are much, much better in terms of support.
  14. George Beadle

    Shatel's Column

    The first event at the arena will be a "major pop" concert on September 13th that is already determined but yet to be released to the public. This will be quickly followed by a country act on September 19th. Marc Boehm has also already stated that a former Big 12 (8) team will not be opening the arena for the men's basketball team as only Iowa State and Kansas State showed initial interest but both decided against it. Here is a link to a great feature piece on the development of the new arena from the LJS. The opening act information is found in Section 7.
  15. George Beadle

    Where's Norm?

    Who cares about Norm, where is kidney?