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  1. 13. Finish in the top 8 of the BIG
  2. When will we get a report on our players returning to Lincoln to begin summer workouts?
  3. I think Jacob Hickman is who you are referencing.
  4. Don't you just love all the possible line-ups we can have with this 'new' team? I can't wait for the season to begin!!
  5. I would substitute Mayen for Yvan. I believe he is better skilled offensively and a match-up problem for most teams.
  6. I like to drink the Kool-Aid. I believe we have the talent, versatility, and depth to vault to the top half of the conference this year. This is my overview of the team. Point Guard/Primary Ball Handlers: Dalano Banton -- Primary ballhandler regardless of position Trey McGowens -- Combo Guard Kobe Webster -- Combo Guard Wings/Perimeter Players: Teddy Allen Kobe King Shamiel Stevenson Thor Thorbjarnarson Also capable of playing this position: Dalano Banton Trey McGowens Kobe Webster Stretch 4/Power Forward: Shamiel Stevenson -- Stretch 4 Derrick Walker -- Power Forward Lat Mayen -- Stretch 4 Also capable of playing this position: Dalano Banton Teddy Allen Thor Thorbjarnarson Center/Defend the Rim: Yvan Quedraogo Adama Sonoga (please) Also capable of playing this position: Derrick Walker Lat Mayen -- Stretch 5 ?? Dalano Banton -- Stretch 5 ?? We have a talented and versatile group of guards/wings; stretch 4's and power forwards; and big men in the paint. And they can shoot and MAKE free-throws. I look forward to the season.
  7. With Sonoga, we get to the NCAA tournament next year -- and the following year we win two games in the NCAA tournament. Sweet 16 Baby!!! Drink the Kool-Aid.
  8. Here is my best guess. I know Fred likes 'positionless' players, but my 2-deep (starter listed first) would be the following: Point Guard: Dalano Banton 6'8" Kobe Webster 6'0" Shooting Guard: Teddy Allen 6'5" Kobe King 6'4" (I am assuming he will be eligible) Small Forward: Shamiel Stevenson 6'6" Thorin Thorbjarnarson 6'6" Power Forward: Derrick Walker 6'6" Lat Mayen 6'9" (My Darkhorse pick also -- I expect him to remind me of Roby and Copeland) Center: Adama Sonoga 6'10" (I am assuming -- hoping -- we get him) Yvan Ouedraogo 6'7" I know I am putting players in only one spot and many of these players will play multiple positions. I can hardly wait. Go away coronavirus.
  9. I still think Mayen will be our starting 4 and Walker our starting 5.
  10. Norm, I'll answer your question this way in order explain my optimism. The first game of the season we were horrible. My wife thought I would be depressed. I wasn't. This is the year we have to 'take a small step backwards in order to leap forward.' I told my wife that I'm on a '3-year plan.' I expected this team to be horrible but I wanted to see if the freshmen and sophomore would eventually be BIG caliber. I am very pleased with Mack (I think he could be ALL-CONFERENCE by his senior year) and I think Yvan Ouedraogo and Kevin Cross will be solid depth by the time they are juniors and seniors. I expect Mack to be our starting point guard for the next three years. I do not expect Ouedraogo or Cross to ever be starters for us in future years -- but I see them as excellent depth off the bench (something we have been lacking). Next year, I expect Lat Mayen will start at the stretch 4 position and Derrick Walker will play the 5 position. I hope Lat Mayen can garner ALL-CONFERENCE recognition. I also expect that we will over-recruit some of these players in year three. For perimeter players, we have seen Dachon Durke, Jervay Green, and Thor. Again, I see them as depth. With Teddy Allen, Shamiel Stevenson, and Delano Banton joining the fray (and Mack), I see a lot of depth and an improved perimeter shooting team. And again, I expect that Hoiberg will over-recruit these guys in time (Juco Japanese shooting guard for 2021). As you can tell, I see things through red glasses. For me, this is the most hopeful new basketball era we have ever had with a new coach. I expect that he will go through a lot of players before he finds the 9 or 10 that he wants. I believe that it will be sooner rather than later.
  11. Norm, it's more fun being optimistic going into next year. We have had too many 'no hope' years. Eventually we will have a great year -- won't we??? Maybe next year is 'that year' and I'm going to enjoy every minute of it -- all the way to the BIG DANCE baby!!!!
  12. What an amazing roster turnover in just two years. Depth of talent is considerable and appears to be at the BIG level. Next year will be interesting as Fred finds the right pieces. I hope this is the NCAA team we have been waiting for. When Fred was hired, I predicted (to my wife) that year 3 is the year we win a game or two at the NCAA tournament. I think I was wrong and should have said year 2 is the year we do it.
  13. Did Lat Mayen visit this weekend?? If so, how did his visit go?
  14. With Donovan decommitting, I think it improves our chances with Salis. Burke and Green will graduate; and with no Donovan, the playing time situation for Salis should look good.
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