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  1. I'm hoping we get good news in the 'early signing period.' I would like to see one or two commitments from some quality 'bigs.' Good news about attracting quality big players would do wonders for my spirits and make this year a lot more bearable.
  2. Nebr. 88 U C 67 Non-conference = 8 wins Total wins = 15
  3. I agree that creating team chemistry will take time. Just figuring out starters and a substitution pattern will take time. But hey, that is what the non-conference schedule is for and it will be fun watching these guys compete for playing time.
  4. I am extremely pleased with the complete team make-over. However, I am surprised at how young we will be next year. I expected a few more senior graduate transfers. (I like the two players that have to sit out a year -- Banton and Walker). To add the 'cherry' to top off this make-over, I would like to add one more player -- a senior graduate transfer or Juco power forward/center. An experienced, mature player that can defend the rim and grad a few rebounds. Such a player would make next year's team fit in the top half of the BIG Conference and possibly an NCAA invitation. I realize that we are at the maximum number of scholarships. If Roby comes back (an experienced, mature senior power forward), Thor is told to stay in Iceland. If Roby goes pro, we still have time to find a quality graduate transfer or de-commitment (ex. Khalid Thomas from Highland Juco). Thor is told to stay in Iceland. In the BIG conference, you have to have some quality size in the paint. The officials allow the 'bigs' to push and shove. I don't know if our freshmen will be ready (Ouedraogo and Cross). I think next year's team is one player away from being a serious contender for the NCAA. The team in two years -- and beyond -- looks stacked. We have not have this much talent in 30 years. I am extremely excited for the future of our basketball program. GBR!! Go Fred!! Get one more player!!!
  5. I'm guessing that he goes home to Iceland this summer and then announces that he will not return to Nebraska. That completes a clean sweep of all eligible players from last year's team.
  6. It just keeps getting better!!! GBR!!!
  7. My wish list for this weekend's commitments: Cam Mack Jayce Johnson Dalano Blanton Kevin Cross These four plus Roby -- or we recruit a Roby-like player. Wow!! Please, Please, Please -- after all these years, we DESERVE something GREAT to happen!!!
  8. My guess is that there is good chance Roby will come back. 1. He played 'out of position' in Tim Mile's offense and defense. 2. To become a first round draft choice Roby would have to play another year at the stretch 4/big 3 positions and prove he belongs in the NBA. 3. Roby is loyal to Tim Miles. Emotionally, his first reaction was to support Miles and announce he may leave. Time heals wounds. Working with Hoiberg will start to build a new relationship. 4. Again, Roby knows he would be a 4 or 3 in the pros. Roby knows it would help his draft stock if he stayed one more year and 'showed' what he can do as a 4 or 3. 5. No inside information. Just saying that once the emotion of Miles getting fired starts to wear off and the need to improve his draft position becomes his focus (right now best estimate in mid-second round) he might decide his best option is to return. Playing in a pro-style offense at his natural position could make him a first round selection next year.
  9. I think there is a good chance Roby will return for his senior season.
  10. We give Fred complete control over the roster. Bring in the talent!!!
  11. Is it possible??? Can Nebraska get players like Joel to commit??? Please, Please, Please!!! Can a nightmare turn into a beautiful dream??? Don't wake me up!!! I think I am going to like this dream!!!
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