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  1. I think what Miles group was able to do during the Big Ten tournament and the NIT was reminiscent to Doc's teams of the past. Outgunned, outmuscled, limited bench still found a way to go out with max effort... Need a way to merge that higher skill and athleticism with max effort to be successful here. It's like we had one or the other here for the last 7 years... 2014 and 2018 were magical years where they came together... 2015 and 2019... crashing short of expectations. Doc's teams seemed to have the effort but not the higher end athleticism and skill... Tim's... higher skill and athleticism but at times the effort was inconsistent. Hopefully this is what we see with Fred's coaching staff an ability to merge the two... and hopefully adding Doc helps get to that level.
  2. Woohoo! come back Doc! Now I wish I still had my Doc's Crew shirt.
  3. I played pickup - but not on the "main" pick up court. The B court... haha. All the football players were on the main court. Not me. I did get matched up against Naciska Gilmore a few times in the summers - I provided no contest in the paint. There was also a women's basketball guard who would own me and my friends. Think it was Sheila Mcpherson... again no match from me as she rained threes over my slow butt. Got to play a couple games 3 on 3 with and against Scott Frost his first summer back from Stanford. Crazy what you remember. I don't remember him scoring on me every time down the court, but I do remember stepping in to stop a cross court pass from him - my only positive play. I switched to playing pickup volleyball instead of basketball after those experiences.
  4. Summer sessions aren't too far away, last week of class is last week of April I believe. Doing the announcement now gets that out there a month ahead of time - who knows the downstream impacts to the University system when the president of the University of Nebraska leaves. We can view the announcement with the blinders of how it affects men's basketball, or we can view it as an announcement for the university system as a whole. Perception is that it is affecting the basketball situation, but announcement or no announcement, it probably would have impacted the timing anyway. We just wouldn't know about it to speculate on it... until after, and been like oh... so that's why it probably took so long...
  5. Maybe the timing had more the faculty and students in mind, and not sports. The first day back was yesterday March 25 from Spring Break.
  6. Interesting, irrelevant observation Last three coaching hires have been... 46, 45, and 45 years old when hired. Hoiberg is 46.
  7. that guy flew much more than that push was - ha
  8. That was fun. My 11 year old stepson saw a side of me that I don't let out often. But something about Nebraska basketball turns me into a raging lunatic even as I begin adding more years. Well at least he gets to see I'm passionate about something :) Was fun to celebrate this with 10k other rabid fans.
  9. Looks to be like the Holidays when the students are out. It's Spring Break for UNL, and I recall these tickets being released to public in the Holidays for either 10 or 15. I imagine they made it 15 to match the other 100 levels? I mean you don't have to be a student to purchase these right?
  10. people still watching the show? I stopped watching 40 minutes ago - and just keep reloading the ncaa tournament site to get the brackets. Oh well, beats waiting the full hour to know our fate, but not good tv
  11. Last night I remember someone on the show lamenting on how Nebraska is expected to win and what pressure that puts on them and how will they respond. How often you hear that for a 4 to 4.5 point underdog? Sure they're seeded 4th, but no one expects them to win - except, well us. Heck even KenPom can't get this team's potential right. No one has all season, and honestly I think Nebraska has shown it plays better with that monkey on the back and feeds off that lack of respect.
  12. This is fun. Really fun to be a fan right now. I'm usually worked up to a froth watching Husker basketball, but this team has a zen quality to it... they really are a joy to watch. I really have nothing else to add - just keep winning
  13. I think this was the right move. All of the cards have been laid on the table for a 2017-2018 run - we saw glimpses of what could be at moments this year, we also saw glimpses of youth, inconsistency, and the psyche of a young team when things begin to unravel. If the core of the group were Juniors and Seniors, I'd be worried... but we were playing frosh and sophs or first year players out there most of the time, with a Sr. in Tai. Miles recruited these guys (2017-2018 junior class) 3 to 4 years ago on a long term plan, not a short term plan.... we are coming to that culmination of the long term plan - we took our lumps getting them experience as we had no depth to ease them in. Tai made a big jump between his Soph and Jr. seasons, now instead of just 1 in the season, we'll have 4 or 5 making that jump.
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