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  1. RT @krashkattle: North Korea, China, Isis, Taxes, Corn, Beans, Wheat, Cattle, Hogs. MAKE IT STOP DONALD, WE CANT HANDLE ANYMOAR WINNING!!!

  2. @alempka30 good luck getting runs off of this awesome royals bullpen....

  3. RT @graincartguy: Rock + Boss Man’s High Speed planter= Pissed off Boss Man https://t.co/mklh0U9j6K

  4. RT @AlbersBeef: Hey beef lovers! Give us a RT and a follow and we will put you in for a Sunday drawing of one of our combo boxes! Check us…

  5. @JIcow_farmer Probably ready to fire dad!

  6. @FEEDERPAPER @snarkosaurous Video auctions are all on the internet now. I prefer to use my smartphone for those poor decisions

  7. RT @bradsugdenwowt: Hi #Omaha! I just wanted to welcome you to the coldest temperatures on this date since the 1870's. Tomorrow morning wil…

  8. RT @darrenrovell: The boys of “The Sandlot” got together 25 years after the movie came out. Here’s what they looked like then & what they l…

  9. @jrow9670 Thats a steal

  10. RT @Hskrvsn: Farmers reaction to China tariffs. #TradeWar18 https://t.co/V99ZlDxFtU

  11. RT @Cornhuskermemes: Return of the Blackshirts! #Huskers https://t.co/SAbFFLxry9

  12. RT @LacesOutShow: Former Montana Tech coach Bob Green was the original Mike Leach https://t.co/MejHdUu9BO

  13. @ZachMasker I have nothing to back this up, but I wouldn't be surprised if genetics didnt play a part in prolapses.… https://t.co/HVLArhDL6x

  14. @FEEDERPAPER Do some guys usually put cows on this grass? The bred cow/pair price to 5wt steer price seems out of whack to me this year

  15. RT @barstoolhrtland: Quite possibly the greatest story teller of our generation https://t.co/R60NhRn2wH