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  1. That's what i've heard for two weeks. Its been consistent. Hope it is true.
  2. Some local reporters may have reading comprehension issues. Exact press release is below. Does not say evaluation will begin, rather it will then be concluded, as is drawn to a close. Big difference as opposed to saying it will then begin. "We will await Sunday’s announcement to see if we receive an invitation to participate in the NIT. Once our season is completed, my evaluation of our men’s basketball program will draw to a close.”
  3. On me if true. Again I appreciate Tim but lets put a big time effort in Husker bball. We've been loyal and patient much too long.? i dont have that many more seasons left. Heck i followed the Nate Branch Stu Lantz and Tom Baack era as a child.
  4. Fred is RED. Hope that is true from what i've heard very recently. Sip on the radio this afternoon even added a little more to speculation by saying that he thought a new hire would happen very early next week which would eliminate any coaches in the tourney, so he must be hearing some similar chatter. Thanks to Tim for his efforts and I hope he lands another gig soon, but I think Moos and Bounds have extremely high expectations for all Husker programs. Will be an interesting week.
  5. Where is Parkview Christian? N 1st and Superior. Had a friend of mine that taught there several years ago.
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