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  1. KnightHusker

    Filling Out the Roster

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  2. KnightHusker

    Morrow is N

    Soooooo Sweeeeeet!
  3. KnightHusker

    HHCC Game #18 - Jan. 23 vs. Penn State (7:00 PM)

    Huskers 98 Pennsylvania State 63
  4. KnightHusker

    In state kids?

    If we don't know who they are, then they probably aren't very highly touted player anyways. If we're talking about three kids from the state of Nebraska that Miles spent time talking to before and after the game, it doesn't matter if they're nationally ranked or not. It matters and it's important....especially if you do want to land the future highly touted players from this state. I'm really interested as well. I think it is important to bring in Nebraska kids on a regular basis whether as preferred walk ons or scholarship players when at all possible.
  5. KnightHusker

    Rivalary's you would like to see.

    I would like to see us play a game in Chicago on a regular basis and in Texas since we recruit that area heavily. De Paul Texas Baylor
  6. Previously had season tickets under Iba, Nee and Collier. Coming back next year. I don't consider myself fair weather but I grately appreciate our fan base who has been season ticket holders year in and year out. Looking forward to watching the Huskers with loyal basketball fans.
  7. KnightHusker

    Trivia Question:

    Jerry Fort and Ricky Marsh? 1973? Maybe the two guys form Kansas State later known as the Purple Pop Guns Alvin Adams from Oklahoma?
  8. KnightHusker

    2013 Season Ticket Prices

    I'm thrilled to be in "from the beginning". Looking forward to the announcement of next year's schedule. Will they play a home exhibition game before the game with a top oponnent to open the new arena?