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  1. I've been around for a bit and he's still one of my favorites.
  2. I'm in no position to, uh, well judge another man with a full lower chin. That being said, why does painter showcase his with a turtleneck?
  3. Anyone consider who an internal replacement could be? I like Sandler. He seems like he cares about nebrasketball.
  4. Look, I somewhat love being depressed. I always look forward to next year.. This feels like ass.
  5. My sources are telling me there is likely news to drop on our April opponents soon.
  6. No matter the outcome of this, I will say that hearing Sir Charles speak so highly of the cheating and guilty scumbag auburn HC during Saturday's game was disgusting. That dude actually won by cheating and after several years gets a wag of the finger. As far as Matt A goes...his record screamed suspect, but at the same time he's a young dude with a young family in an industry that semi encourages habitual line stepping. I'm starting to hate everything about college sports.
  7. Not gonna lie...when this staff came on I was hoping we would play dirty like the rest to get ahead. 3-4 years down the road we pay the consequences. In true nebrasketball form we get nothing and have *rumors* of playing dirty.
  8. Damn. If I knew this was a thing I would have tried harder. Alright, nerds. Game on 2021-22. I will end you.
  9. In the many years I've used the term lol, I think I finally did.
  10. Feel for them... Not. Go do whatever people from that region do. I'm not familiar so I can't form a proper diss.
  11. Well, ain't this all some stuff. I don't ask for much...but it'd be nice if they could just keep this up through April.
  12. I only follow you guys and I'm lost. Are we all doomed? Like people are overlooking we were only 1 of two teams to lose in the big ten tournament in 2019-2020? Jk, pre existing condition here and very impressed by the response. Seems unreal the amount of revenue being passed up for a "scenario". I work with elders and feared greatly, but I think everyone should be proud of themselves for living through an inconvenience to ensure shit doesnt go even shittier. Dont listen to the haters or the pumpers. This a legit unknown responsible business is shielding.
  13. This shit is beautiful. Literally my favorite season end ever. Good blass NEBRASKETBALL. Hope fred is gucci. Hope something is comment worthy soon. I love this team.
  14. I'm concerned I love each new team more so as same as last. I am enabler
  15. We got this. Give us vulnerable folks a few more w's before the virus gets us.
  16. Toney done missed out on greatness by a hair ball.
  17. Sources say he is at Ernie's finding a good fisting couch that will last a few years. Good luck Norm!
  18. FWIW fmp this is fun. This shizz hoose was literally started by corn dogs I love this.
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