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  1. Damn. If I knew this was a thing I would have tried harder. Alright, nerds. Game on 2021-22. I will end you.
  2. In the many years I've used the term lol, I think I finally did.
  3. Feel for them... Not. Go do whatever people from that region do. I'm not familiar so I can't form a proper diss.
  4. Well, ain't this all some stuff. I don't ask for much...but it'd be nice if they could just keep this up through April.
  5. I only follow you guys and I'm lost. Are we all doomed? Like people are overlooking we were only 1 of two teams to lose in the big ten tournament in 2019-2020? Jk, pre existing condition here and very impressed by the response. Seems unreal the amount of revenue being passed up for a "scenario". I work with elders and feared greatly, but I think everyone should be proud of themselves for living through an inconvenience to ensure shit doesnt go even shittier. Dont listen to the haters or the pumpers. This a legit unknown responsible business is shielding.
  6. This shit is beautiful. Literally my favorite season end ever. Good blass NEBRASKETBALL. Hope fred is gucci. Hope something is comment worthy soon. I love this team.
  7. I'm concerned I love each new team more so as same as last. I am enabler
  8. We got this. Give us vulnerable folks a few more w's before the virus gets us.
  9. Toney done missed out on greatness by a hair ball.
  10. Sources say he is at Ernie's finding a good fisting couch that will last a few years. Good luck Norm!
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