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  1. I only follow you guys and I'm lost. Are we all doomed? Like people are overlooking we were only 1 of two teams to lose in the big ten tournament in 2019-2020? Jk, pre existing condition here and very impressed by the response. Seems unreal the amount of revenue being passed up for a "scenario". I work with elders and feared greatly, but I think everyone should be proud of themselves for living through an inconvenience to ensure shit doesnt go even shittier. Dont listen to the haters or the pumpers. This a legit unknown responsible business is shielding.
  2. This shit is beautiful. Literally my favorite season end ever. Good blass NEBRASKETBALL. Hope fred is gucci. Hope something is comment worthy soon. I love this team.
  3. I'm concerned I love each new team more so as same as last. I am enabler
  4. We got this. Give us vulnerable folks a few more w's before the virus gets us.
  5. Toney done missed out on greatness by a hair ball.
  6. Sources say he is at Ernie's finding a good fisting couch that will last a few years. Good luck Norm!
  7. FWIW fmp this is fun. This shizz hoose was literally started by corn dogs I love this.
  8. I listen to 93.7 pretty often. Credit to them for developing young people. Even more credit to them for having people who can stay mostly huskercentric, but still get some variety. I dont have any inside knowledge or numbers, but it certainly seems like they take interns for the university and give them a shot. Miss brett kane and bock. As far as the AM side of the radio...nahhh
  9. Wtf. He must have been at the bar with bill.
  10. This season....or our athletic department administration? Call me a troll...I'm pissed.
  11. Also...whatever the eff he pulled this afternoon is an embarrassment. Fire moos, hire whoever has an ounce of common sense and move on.
  12. F Bill. He cheated attendance numbers at WSU. We dont need to cheat shit. PBA is and has been effing top notch. Tim Miles is not fireable at this point BECAUSE THE FANS CLEARLY SHOW. I will be eff wording furious if the cycle of mid major coach shit starts again. Moos is a dbag. Any asshat NU hired as "AD" could have bought scofro for 5 mil. Do not give him an ounce of credit.
  13. That wuz bonkers. Never ever have I been so pissed to not be at a game in person. At the same time seeing the highlights on TV was amazing. Such a disgusting minute to end that. Soooo gross to think of the players available at the end of regulation. Grimey AF to know they pulled it out. Wow. The common sense side of me cant even blame it on an Iowa metl down. That was f wording sickness. Fran sucks, his kid sucks, bohannon may have a deal with the devil. F that. Thor blocked the golden childs shot. F iowa. Gbr. F the miles haters. This felt good, I'm out
  14. Honestly, if you think dumping Miles this year is still a good idea...why? Do we not pay him through next year regardless? THIS is the team that was supposed to do it. Jury out, but at this point, they haven't. Everything about next year spells doom. That wont be fixed with an April hire coach. Let's see what happens this year...let's give him a shot next year then make grown up decisions.
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