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  1. Kendrick Perkins

    Nebraska (16-8) vs. Wisconsin (10-12) Game Thread

    So freaking proud of the team AND coaches. Great effort.
  2. Kendrick Perkins

    Nebraska (10-5) vs. Northwestern (10-5) game thread

    YUGE win for the boyz. hopefully this sparks a run similar to the one following the NW game in 2014. GBR
  3. Ah, more deflection. Interesting that nobody has stepped up with a post providing numbers.
  4. Hey, @ConkintheCorner, would love to have a fact-based discussion with you. I'll let you go first: lay out, statistically, how we are on track to getting to where we want to be (consistent NCAA qualifier). I guess those might be too high of expectations for some on here, though.
  5. Lolz. About what I expected.
  6. Hot take. Are you a stats based guy or an emotional guy? Would love to see the stats that would indicate success is in our near future.
  7. Found a way to lose, per usual. Won't be a popular take here but that's what this program does. Hopefully we can make a run in league play and get into the dance. If not, time to move on.
  8. It comes across that way because it is that way.
  9. You bet. And 1 postseason appearance in 5 years is good with you?
  10. So being "competitive" in losses to St John's (not competitive, BTW), UCF (competivenes questionable), and creighton in year 6 is good with you? Got it. The rubber has to meet the road at some point. Frustrating that so many Nebrasketball fans have such low self-esteem and thus don't strive for better.
  11. Wait, are you saying that number favors Tim?
  12. @hskr4life would you not like to be competitive in this series? Or just in general? Series record under TM: 0-6 Avg score under TM's watch: 60 - 74 overall record under under TM's leadership: 82 - 90 Post season appearance during the TM era: 1 do these numbers appeal to you?
  13. Hopefully the Moos gets loose at the end of the season. Would be nice to actually make this a rivalry again.