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  1. YUGE win for the boyz. hopefully this sparks a run similar to the one following the NW game in 2014. GBR
  2. Ah, more deflection. Interesting that nobody has stepped up with a post providing numbers.
  3. Hey, @ConkintheCorner, would love to have a fact-based discussion with you. I'll let you go first: lay out, statistically, how we are on track to getting to where we want to be (consistent NCAA qualifier). I guess those might be too high of expectations for some on here, though.
  4. Hot take. Are you a stats based guy or an emotional guy? Would love to see the stats that would indicate success is in our near future.
  5. Found a way to lose, per usual. Won't be a popular take here but that's what this program does. Hopefully we can make a run in league play and get into the dance. If not, time to move on.
  6. So being "competitive" in losses to St John's (not competitive, BTW), UCF (competivenes questionable), and creighton in year 6 is good with you? Got it. The rubber has to meet the road at some point. Frustrating that so many Nebrasketball fans have such low self-esteem and thus don't strive for better.
  7. @hskr4life would you not like to be competitive in this series? Or just in general? Series record under TM: 0-6 Avg score under TM's watch: 60 - 74 overall record under under TM's leadership: 82 - 90 Post season appearance during the TM era: 1 do these numbers appeal to you?
  8. Hopefully the Moos gets loose at the end of the season. Would be nice to actually make this a rivalry again.
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