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  1. When a Coach cant put in plays to help the team succeed on offense. We look the same disorganized offensive team as every year with Miles. I hope AD Bill doesn't feel he has to wait to keep cleaning house
  2. Nebraska basketball will be making a statement Monday on Jacobson transferring. I heard this morning, Its a done deal. I think four transfers in one season is unusual. We are not hearing what exactly went on last year that these players don't want to be a part of it another year
  3. Just heard those guys were down and gone
  4. A friend of mine that goes in and out of the Hendricks said Ed Morrow's and Michael Jacobson's names and photos were removed from the locker room and practice facility today
  5. After seeing Ed leave. Is this going to happen to the other 3 Juniors with the uncertainty in the direction of the bb program behind the scenes with Coach Miles. When stuff likes this happens, you know all the players are talking with each other. As a Junior.....Do you stay with the understanding the bb program has alot of pressure to get to the NCAA tournament or bust. If you lose some games the Coach will ride the guys with his job on the line. Then, if Coach gets fired, then you have your senior year with a new coach and bb program, Does that new coach clean house and start
  6. If your unhappy and ready to go its probably not the best to burn that bridge and not talk to the coach of your decision first.
  7. I was a fan of his hard work and hustle when he was on the floor. Hard to see a guy leave that puts the name on the front of his jersey ahead of himself for the best of the team. Good luck to Nick !!
  8. I guess we have no where to go but up We just took last place in the Bigten Tournament
  9. All we heard this past season is the team is young and we need to give Miles time to get us there. Young Teams? So is most of the Bigten teams for next year !!!! I just dont see how we are going to make it up into the upper half of the Bigten next year when every team is playing young except for Wisconsin and Michigan. Most of the teams have only 1 or 2 seniors leaving Penn St that just beat us has no seniors Rutgers players are all young Ohio St has 1 senior Indiana has one senior that may get a medical redshirt in Hartman Purdue team
  10. AD said he would like to see the team making progress over the year. I wonder if a 3-11 record over the last 14 games is heading in the right direction for a extension. The team seems to look very lost on defense with all the easy scoring we have allowed. Is that the players or the game plan? I keep thinking how important Coach Smith was to the entire bb program and how it ran when he was here and how his team looks at South Dakota now.
  11. Over the last 4 years Northwestern and Minnesota Basketball programs are doing more with way less in practice facilities, game arenas, money for coaches ect. Both Northwestern and Minnesota Coaches were hire roughly at the same time as Nebraska hired Tim Miles. I just don't see that the players are buying what Miles is selling as we look good on paper but seem to regress over the course of the season and is that why we see players and assistant coaches leaving every year Miles been at Nebraska.
  12. http://journalstar.com/sports/huskers/mens-basketball/fuller-s-winning-plays-get-huskers-over-the-hump/article_ac7070e1-6b60-526b-8bbf-08a6feb6be91.html The unique things about Nick Fuller is he knows his roles and what he is suppose to do and doesn't go outside the box trying to get his over the best interest of the team to win games. Hard to find division 1 college guys that will embrace those roles for the best of the team after being "the man" at his high school
  13. Its just too bad this late in the year we still foul and turn the ball over too much to win in the bigten games
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