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  1. rahusker

    Creighton 2018-19, The Thread

    With the jays paying recruits, player's family members and lawyers to defend the players and coaches, it's obvious the chant for todays game when the jays have the ball should be money money money.
  2. rahusker

    What do you think the NBA Scouts told ...

    Show us you can make plays and win at the end of the season, period.
  3. rahusker

    2018 recruiting

    Interesting, Patton was measured at 6'11 1/4 with shoes in the NBA which means he's getting shorter.
  4. rahusker

    Kenya Hunter

    I agree with shower cap on this one, I never thought coaching the players was his strong point.
  5. rahusker

    What to do with Miles contract?

    Give Miles a bonus.
  6. I think Maddie Simon needs to have a talk with him.
  7. rahusker

    Jordy for three

    He made one in warmups at the Purdue game.
  8. how did the score go from 59 to 62 when they got a putback? what did I miss?
  9. Josh Lanasa, wait, he isn't listed on the roster. What happened?
  10. rahusker

    Tre'Shawn Thurman - SG 2014

    we're looking for bigger fish.
  11. rahusker

    Good Wings

    Shields and Petteway are 2nd and 3rd in Big Ten scoring and Shields is 4th in the country in scoring plus leads the Big Ten in FG% .
  12. rahusker

    Josh Cunningham -> Dayton

    On the verbal commits page, they now say he is interested in us.
  13. rahusker

    12/21/2013 - The Citadel Report Card

    What bothered me most about the game was when a Tshirt went off my fingertips and landed a row in front of me. I didn't realize they could shoot them that high.
  14. rahusker

    2016 F Keanu Pinder JC -> Arizona

    I believe he is on one of the top prep school teams but does anyone know if he's playing?