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  1. Thanks for sharing! And for bringing some Joy to all of us - May God bless your family each step of the way.
  2. hsker4life: I read your longer statement above and agree so much! Thank you for your post. " We have the horses, but the horses also have to want to run." "I just don't want to give up on this team quite yet. Why would you? This is the best team we have had in years." My brother recruited by Harry Good (only conference championship won by NU) and played for Jerry Bush as did I. (won't talk about those win/loss records!) Followed and been involved with all 8 coaches since that time. My only comment at this time as we go thru this unexpected pain coincides with hsker4life . Our biggest problem in our down efforts is desire and "want-to". I strongly believe that with the talent we have - if they all - each individually - had the constant "get after them" internal drive of Benny Parker we would probably be undefeated!! You may disagree - but I truly believe that. I like Tim - his coaching style - his personality - what he does to front the University. But he can do whatever he can to instill - encourage - demand that the boys have the all out inner desire and effort - but when it comes down to it - it has to be in the inner selves and the chemistry and combined determination of the team players themselves.
  3. No doubt for me - I was a grad student and in attendance when they ran the offense through Fred Hare at the post and they upset #1 Michigan in the old coliseum. What a great night that was!
  4. I know that some may falter in seeing competiveness with this team in light of the past three seasons - but I see a new cohesiveness and intensity with our defensive effort and we do have a potential for greatly increased offense ability. I know we did not compete as we should have with St. Johns and the 1st half with UCF and # 3 Michigan State did school us pretty good. But we did beat a Boston College team that wasn't any great shakes until they beat undefeated Duke today. And we did handle a pretty talented ranked Minnesota team and we gave Creighton all they wanted - and could have won - so I guess I see great improvement for this point in the season - and great potential for the rest of the year. I am a believer we're going in the right direction and we're going to get there. Go Big Red.
  5. Johnny Trueblood and Tanner Borchardt BOTH return to the program after being walkons and leaving the first time. Can anyone ever remember that happening before with any walk on ? I am really glad they are both on board - but also confused. I thought that after Tanner joined the team again last year mid-season that it was stated he was given/or was to be given a scholarship? Am I right on that - or did I just dream it??
  6. Thanks for the info on Daum - I guess I haven't caught all the relevant discussion threads on him - what about Patton?
  7. Just a info question. As a LONG time Husker basketball fan (since the early 1950's when my brother came to NU to play) I live out of state and keep up the best I can, but as I watch the NCAA tourney - How did Mark Daum (Kimbell I believe) and Patton (Omaha) get away from us? Did we actively pursue them? Were we ever in the running? Did we just lose out - or were they not on our radar? Both would seem to be game changers on our present squad. Wasn't sure the history?
  8. This whole situation makes me really upset! I am really sorry for the troubles Yori is going through with her divorce and custody suit - but the basketball team problems are a combination of hearsay (oh I know "a source who knows says that "more than 10" players - how many is that 11 or 16? met with the administration) and cloak and dagger reporting. I choose to put my stock on what Lindsey Moore and Layne Reeves had to say - and Tom Tvrdy's "final lasting impression" of Yori than an impression of innuendo and "allegations". I have played for many tough coaches and only became better because of it. I only wish Yori the best - and I feel like this is our program's loss!
  9. I live out of state - though we are huge supporters - and have been to Lincoln to see 3 ball games so far this year. In some of the early games it seemed that Jake Hammond had made a good deal of progress and had a couple of games with at least moderate point production - some decent rebound numbers - and a few blocks. He was performing at that time at a better level than I would have imagined. Recently he has not had any significant time in the rotation and not sure he even has been in the last couple of games. In watching the Northwestern game on TV where no one was either able - or willing - to get a body on Pardon to block him away from the basket in getting rebounds or follow up shots - or to give some interruption in his taking the ball to the hoop - it seemed as though Jake might have provided a possibility in that area. What is it that we don't know about why Jake has fallen out of favor - or not getting and playing time? Haven't really heard about anything specific. Jacobsen has a great future and did his best - but wasn't able to handle the assignment without getting into foul trouble. Can you give some insight into what the thinking is in trying to deal with the inside bigs as we go into Big Ten play - where we don't have a truly quality 5 post man?
  10. I appreciate you putting this on the board - I would have not known otherwise. I was in the same dental school class as Rex and played a good deal of BB with him. He was a tremendous athlete and always full of life and fun. If you have or find any other information about his passing or obit I would appreciate you posting it. I will always remember his infectious smile. Thanks.
  11. Maybe this info has already been posted - but what are the dates of the trip? How many games will they play? Will the games be available to see on streaming video - or on some sort of delayed or recorded broadcast? Would love to be able to view whatever we can - GBR!
  12. Just saw a tweet from Robin Washut that Anton Gill has us at the top of his list after his visit - what can you tell us about him?
  13. Dave, I was surprised in your lengthy analysis to only see Morrow's name listed once. Do you not see him as important an addition as I felt many of us do?? Also I live in the Waukee IA area and I really believe Jacobson may bring more to the table and the team than what you might suppose. Trusting that the right moves - and personnel changes will result with the known history of Tim's coaching talent WILL keep us in the right direction for success.
  14. Why no Nick Fuller??? Free throw comparison: NU 4 of 5 ; Illinois 20 of 23!!! One of our "stars" - 5 of 15 from field - 1 of 9 from 3 point. (not unusual for him these last several games) Heck of an effort in many respects - kudos to Rivers, Shields, L. Smith, T Smith, T Webster but the above factors pretty much tell the story.
  15. I can't believe the inability to understand and execute the principle of boxing out - and being in position to have visual access and then actually securing the ball on rebounds! I realize we don't have a lot of height - athletic length to match some teams - but the basic principles of the art of rebounding and the effort and aggressiveness (when you consider the steady defensive effort they consistently put forth) it seems they should be able to match others offensively and defensively on the boards. What a difference that would make!
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