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  1. The reason that matters is Nebraska has had its share of “what am I doing here? How did I get here? Do I want to be here?” posts over the years.
  2. One thing about Yvan: I believe he cares. I think he really wants to get better, and did, and isn’t ambivalent about the game.
  3. We’ll see by the time the season rolls around. We also don’t know how many followers of a star athlete are bots. Probably a decent share. Projecting the earnings of a market one year before it’s slated to begin - post-coronavirus- seems a little like a dart throw.
  4. Not that young. Cain, Kissinger, Scoggin and Cayton all pretty seasoned. Cravens too.
  5. OK, they didn’t square off against each other much in this game, but their teams did. Both played well, but Stewart (with 36) was the best player on the court. This video gives you a sense of what she can do. She’s 30 in blue. (Coley is 32 and can really shoot.) Stewart is underrated. I don’t know what accounts for recruiting rankings in WBB but I think she can be pretty good right away.
  6. They’re all gonna get waivers. NCAA will approve it
  7. Attrition was expected after this season. but brown wasn’t part of that expectation.
  8. It's a huge blow and it was not expected. There's always a chance some combination of players transfer in to make a similar impact to Brown but I'd be surprised.
  9. It might be closer than you think, Eliely tips it hard, obviously, but even she didn’t have the season she wanted. The team lost its consistent mental edge - or perhaps never really had one - this season. Some of that is on the departed players. One of the challenges at Nebraska is that the student athletes are treated so well, cared for so much, that creating urgency can be tough. I think it’s been an issue in football that Frost has to untangle and reset.
  10. The key is Bourne. There's a lot of potential there. 15-17 ppg, 7-9 rebounds. She's good and needs to play a lot of minutes. She's going to now.
  11. I believe the above two might be the end of it. Veerbeek is a making a life choice. Her HS is 9 miles away from Dordt.
  12. Kate Cain has improved. no question. It isn’t her improvement -or lack thereof - that would be in question.
  13. That said, WBB is a guard game. (So is MBB anymore)
  14. Stewart's going to be pretty good, too. No fooling. Better than her sister because she can shoot. Had a big senior year on a loaded team, and her teammate is one of top guards for 2022.
  15. Porter's pretty good. Bourne's going to be really good.
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