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  1. If the defense is better - say, the mid-60s - Nebraska will be a bubble team. Amy's teams will generally score points. Need to rebound better. Give up offensive rebounds and there's no break. Transition 3s are best.
  2. Relative to that, I don't think there's many concerns at all. The alternate universe where Nebraska does make the tournament last season and the former coach gets an extension doesn't mean the 2019-2020 team, under those circumstances, would have been very good. The assistant responsible for recruiting all but one of the best players on last year's roster was gone, Roby was probably gonna leave - wisely so, given the deal he got - and the team Nebraska would have had...it's frankly hard to argue it would have been more talented than the team it has now.
  3. Right. Relative to what part of Nebraska basketball history? The Big Ten era? The Nee era? Relative to what future goals? I'm saying I know a KU fan who could write 15 concerns, too. But it's relative to KU's history. I will say on the 18U, I dunno, a lot of kids just don't ditch those competitions. International prospects grow up in it, it's a big deal to make those teams. The NU WBB recruit played in the 19u. (She's also better, relative to her competition, than Yvan is to his, and I agree he could use some stateside development from Fred and Co.)
  4. Excitement and concerns relative to what?
  5. She’s not on any hot seat. last year’s team was a 17, 18-win NIT bunch that scheduled its way out of a NIT bid. I dunno how much of that was on the new staff or the old one (feel like the drake and wazzu series predate Williams) but I’d expect the non-con this year wont include five road games at Power six conference teams.
  6. Amy has a lot of fire this offseason. I think there's a sense they're close and could be pretty good next year if players make "the leap."
  7. I don't mean this as a knock on Montgomery at all, great coach...but Stanford athletics transformed itself in the last 30 years. He had a big hand, others did, too, but Stanford's pretty great at everything now because it figured out a way to sell itself, really well, to recruits with its campus and its academics. It's coalesced in almost every sport on that campus and that all started in the 80s. What makes it harder in men's hoops right now is the whole Pac-12 ecosystem has fallen apart on several fronts.
  8. I won't be surprised at all if Nebraska beats Iowa. Like the matchup. I equally won't be surprised if Nebraska loses at Northwestern. Don't like the matchup.
  9. The golf question is missing a key piece: What hole the leader is on relative to you. Is the leader in the clubhouse? Then you could lay up, play for the short bird, trim to one and then go get a birdie on the last 3 holes. (Probably 18.) depends on what shot suits your game and eye. are you one group ahead? Then yeah, probably, you go for it, because you’re really down 3 strokes, given the guy can play 15 in 3 shots and you can’t. Anyway, if this is all a metaphor for deploying no-sit conditions for Purdue instead of Iowa, then, yes, Nebraska needs to go all no-sit on the 15th hole.
  10. Remember what I said about Leigha Brown being underrated. This upcoming class is underrated.
  11. Nebraska has...a chance...tonight. Purdue's gotta shoot poorly, but Nebraska should have a size advantage.
  12. There's still time and I'd say seven of the games are pretty winnable (I'm excluding at UM, at MSU and at Purdue, which all seem like tall orders for every other Big Ten team, too.) Nebraska wins 6 of the last 10, and it gets in. 5, and it's a bubble headed to the Big Ten Tournament.
  13. Why wouldn't he change with greater success? Do coaches not evolve?
  14. If everyone stays - which may very well happen - it's a Sweet Sixteen-caliber roster. The best roster in many, many, many years. Miles' challenge will be recruiting the 2019 freshmen for the early signing period on the promise of what that roster will do, not what it has done. (Because the kids sign before the season.)
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