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  1. Different group. I'd expect it to happen, generally speaking. (There are a lot of freshmen.)
  2. Hard to say with Prince. She's not deciding for 2 summers. Nebraska could be a very a different program by then. The right pieces are there now. The right attitudes. Good chemistry. Very different from, say, 18 months ago.
  3. Minnesota is just a hard team for Nebraska to play. If that program ever figures itself out - not sure it will, frankly - it’ll be pretty tough.
  4. Last year’s team badly underachieved. This year’s team has overachieved by a bit.
  5. Kalscheur is out. Robbins, dunno. Minnesota wasn't in a position to rest the guy Thursday, so he truly couldn't go. Not sure, after the plane ride to Lincoln, etc, that it's going to be magically better.
  6. Minnesota's ripe. Can't throw it in the ocean half the time and Robbins may be hurt. That's a team Nebraska's defense is geared to frustrate.
  7. Oh, kinda. Shotmaking always makes the difference. But, yeah, I thought Nebraska'd beat NW, and potentially lose to Minnesota. It's based on how the teams play and what they're good at. Doesn't help not having Cravens, of course. Minnesota doesn't get 11 offensive rebounds if she plays. Whalen has the right ideas. It's gonna be whether she gets the great players in her own state - she hasn't done real well there - and whether, after she gets them, they're gonna be able to play for her.
  8. Since Collins took over, it really hasn't been so. NW has won 6 of the last 8 in the series. Be warned.
  9. I could see NU beating Michigan State. I'd predict it in fact. I thought last night would be the trickiest one.
  10. Haiby will be 2nd team I'd guess. My prediction: 1st team will be Clark, Hillmon, Guirantes, IU player 1, and Owusu. 2nd team will be Haiby, Clouden, IU player 2, Dorka Juhasz, and a NW player. Don't discount the possibility a second Maryland player gets on 2nd team.
  11. This is absolutely something the football program is working through. (Purdue is too.) The defensive coaching, talent and toughness is probably too high, at this point, to play UCF/WKU football in the Big Ten unless you have Ohio State talent. Michigan made a move toward a spread, tempo offense in 2019 and got worse. Maryland sort of runs it, and is very hit and miss with it. I think the Hoiberg tempo/3s approach is working in the Big Ten at Iowa. Creighton and Alabama would be top 5 teams in the Big Ten, I think. Of Creighton's starting 5, one guy - Ballock - was a top 100 player. Nebraska starts 2 Top 100 guys. The difference is time playing together and shotmaking. The first may well inform the latter, eventually.
  12. The big one - that kind of decides how it goes - might be the next one.
  13. No intel, no special insight, just a sense: Nebraska WBB has a chance to make a push that does good things for right now and moreso for the future. I'm a believer that the "big games" aren't the ones that keeps things from falling apart, but the ones that take you from a plateau to a newer peak. If Nebraska wins the last four here, and then 1 or 2 in the tournament, that's maybe enough to get in the NCAAs, but it's more importantly a big springboard into next year, and this team - its best players especially - could use that sense of momentum. And they're good enough to win the last four, too, including at Iowa, a perfectly fine team that nevertheless isn't so good Nebraska can't beat them. Iowa will probably be 13-8 when Nebraska plays them, and Nebraska, if it handles business, will be 13-9. It's an even-up game in an empty arena. Nebraska's sort of been in one spot since 2018-2019. Surprise win, surprise loss, barely survive Wisconsin or Illinois, Iowa and Indiana are "too good," early exit from Big Tens, etc. It appeared it'd be in that spot for certain - or possibly worse - this season, too. As it turns out (thanks to a 1-2 scoring punch who compliment one another instead of taking shots from each other, thanks to Bourne getting really good really fast (which, she is), thanks to Cravens, thanks to good leadership from Cain) there's a chance here for another level right at the end. It's a real opportunity.
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