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  1. It might be closer than you think, Eliely tips it hard, obviously, but even she didn’t have the season she wanted. The team lost its consistent mental edge - or perhaps never really had one - this season. Some of that is on the departed players. One of the challenges at Nebraska is that the student athletes are treated so well, cared for so much, that creating urgency can be tough. I think it’s been an issue in football that Frost has to untangle and reset.
  2. The key is Bourne. There's a lot of potential there. 15-17 ppg, 7-9 rebounds. She's good and needs to play a lot of minutes. She's going to now.
  3. I believe the above two might be the end of it. Veerbeek is a making a life choice. Her HS is 9 miles away from Dordt.
  4. Kate Cain has improved. no question. It isn’t her improvement -or lack thereof - that would be in question.
  5. That said, WBB is a guard game. (So is MBB anymore)
  6. Stewart's going to be pretty good, too. No fooling. Better than her sister because she can shoot. Had a big senior year on a loaded team, and her teammate is one of top guards for 2022.
  7. Porter's pretty good. Bourne's going to be really good.
  8. I did. It's a good post.
  9. Yori won 3 Big 12 tourney games in her first 7 years. Why? It was hard as hell. In 2008, for example, 8 (!) of the 12 teams made the tourney. In Nebraska's 30-win year, 7 teams made it, and 6 (!) were in the top 16 seeds. Yori won more conference tourney games in her first 3 years of the Big Ten than she did in 8 years in the Big 12. Now the Big 12 stinks (boy, does it) and the Big Ten's hard as hell. So it goes. The money's kicking in, y'all. (Maryland and Rutgers changed it, too.)
  10. Hillmon's one of the 20 best players in college basketball.
  11. It can; rarely does a AD put it publicly in quite those terms.
  12. I think her buyout's up, and the AD was pretty blunt after last season. https://www.jconline.com/story/sports/college/purdue/womens-basketball/2019/04/25/purdue-women-basketball-needs-deliver-better-results-next-season-sharon-versyp-mike-bobinski/3577874002/ "It’s a performance-based industry and we have to deliver better results. That was clearly communicated.”
  13. I'd guess the Sharon Versyp show is just about over. Top 3 players - by far - were seniors, may miss the NCAAs for a 3rd straight year, etc.
  14. Kissinger's more capable of driving and developing a midrange game than she's shown. But point taken. A late-season surge can reshape a thing or two. Win 1 in Big Tens and a couple in the WNIT and 20 will feel a little different. As it stands: 5-12 vs. Top 100 RPI teams this year. 5-13 last year.
  15. Kissinger being healthy. That's no small thing. That said, the half-court offense has to get better. Has to.
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