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  1. This must be the one blowout Miles wanted on the trip........
  2. Definitely is. But again... I'll take any feed over none. I don't know this is pretty brutal.
  3. Top 6..... https://twitter.com/JeriahHorne1/status/628628013089865728
  4. So seriously, when does the real schedule come out?
  5. And that's probably right. Just curious. Vermont seemed like an interesting spot though.
  6. Any idea who was recruiting him on the staff? Wondering if this might be a target from the new assistant coach. Just throwing that out there.
  7. https://nebraska.rivals.com/content.asp?CID=1764750 Here is the update but of course you'll have to be a member. Basically Okie State is his last visit and since he has not visited NU yet, you can put two and two together.
  8. Per Robin's update, it doesn't sound like Nebraska is in the mix anymore. Where the heck do you go from here?
  9. Seton Hall's Sterling Gibbs is transferring and immediately eligible. We do have two spots open. Just saying............
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