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  1. In all this how does tanner only have 2 fouls?!?!??!?!?!
  2. So what did tanner say? Coach lewis said on the post game he told the ref is what out of character and then he told Tanner to do it again. Just curious.....
  3. what a worthless thread........ no tweets to confirm anything......... I hope we kick the crap out of butler myself.
  4. so i'd like to hear KP's call of the game winner. is anyone smart enough to make that happen?
  5. I agree, but think we shoot better when we run in transition, which we didn't do tonight. Webster hits some jump shots, but generally he isn't open.
  6. miss morrow. shoot bad. they don't turn over ball in second half. without gill and morrow freshmen get exposed. watson falls down on last defensive set
  7. Tired Hot shooting nw Learn spacing lessons Move on Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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