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    4NUfans reacted to cipsucks in I need to give ya'll an explanation (update)   
    I just wanted to thank all the posters that have been here for years.  You have made this a fabulous website.  Way to go, guys!  My lack of posting here over the last 18 months has nothing to do about anything political.  I have given up following sports.  There are more important things in life.  Many here have supported my son Seth's battle with MDS with money and prayers over the last several years.  Here's an update: Seth and Mrs. cip have been at Mayo since May 15.  Seth had his blood marrow transplant last Thursday.  So far, so good.  If everything proceeds well, they will be back home the middle of September.  It's been a long ass journey, and I thank everyone here for helping.  The hardest part for me being alone is trying to cook for one.  So, if anyone wants to come to Stromsburg for a steak or a burger, let me know.  It's on me.  GBR!
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    4NUfans reacted to hhcmatt in 2021 Transfer SZN   
    He won the job from Buddhist Monk who wasn't a great fit
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    4NUfans reacted to Nebrasketball1979 in Bryce McGowens is N   
    One thought occurred to me driving home and listening to the radio.  I don't know what Kent Pavelka's plans are but I really hope he is calling games through next season and beyond.  If anyone deserves to see Nebraska win and win big, it's that guy!!!  I really hope he gets to call our first tournament win and then several more after that.
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    4NUfans reacted to Noah121 in A Storm is brewing...   
    And that Storm may allow me to attend way more than just winter break Huskers games!
    I recently accepted a Math Instructor position with SCC Beatrice, (hence the Storm) and my partner and I will move to Lincoln in late July!
    The Hard Hat is back!
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    4NUfans reacted to hhcmatt in Now that the season is done, here is a PBA memorable moment thread   
    Honorable mention: our last win of this season
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    4NUfans reacted to 49r in uneblinstu’s postgame chatter: vol 12; ed 11 vs. Purdue   
    Give Fred Hoiberg a raise and extension right now.  I'm not joking.
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    4NUfans reacted to hhcdave in Six Quick Thoughts & The Southern Utah Thunderbirds   
    Saturday will be a special game for me, and let me explain why.
    But before I do that, six quick thoughts on tonight.
    1. Tonight will absolutely be rock bottom. Losing by double figures to a sub .500 Big West team without their best player at home was miserable. Cal Riverside will be lucky to hit 13 wins this year. We had no energy, couldn't hit the broad side of a barn and didn't look anything like a team on offense. It was individual play. We are young and don't have defined roles or defined leaders/letter winners yet. This will come with time.
    2. We will get a LOT better as the season goes on. Because:
    3. We have the right guy at the helm with a terrific coaching staff.
    4. There are 4 guys on this roster who will be a big part of our NCAA Tournamen team in year #3. That's good news for the future but not good news for this year. Because:
    5. The rest are mostly place holders and guys who wouldn't see the floor by then.
    6. I love this team and program, and I hope negative energy Husker fans from football will stay the hell away. I heard a few boo's after a possession where we missed a few layups late in the second half. I heard mock Bronx cheers on made free throws. I get it, I get it. It's frustrating. It was brutal. But come the hell on. It's season one, game one and this has nothing to do with football.
    Next, let's talk about Southern Utah.
    I'm sure I made this same post a decade ago when we last played them, but here's the info.
    From 1988-1990, I was 8-10 years old. My Dad was the Music Department Chair at Southern Utah University (SUU) in Cedar City, Utah. He directed the pep band and we went to ALL the football and basketball games.

    This is where I fell in love with basketball as a kid. I became a ball boy for SUU.
    1988-1989 was their first Division I season (as an Independent) and they struggled. Our second year there, 1989-1990, they won AT Xavier, who was in the Top 25. I'll never forget being 9 years old and listening on the radio. They also played Stacy King and OU and KSU and lost those by about 45 points each. Even lost to a D2 team at home that year. Go figure. 
    They had pretty good basketball teams for several years after that. Their coach at the time (Neil Roberts) got arrested for stealing a $15 tie during a road game at Idaho State and was fired. He was the coach when I was there. Bill Evans took over (now at Idaho State) for many years and took SUU to the NCAA Tournament in 2000-2001 where they almost beat Boston College as a 14 seed in their one and only NCAA Tourney.
    Football wise, they've been REAL good in FCS. Several guys have gone into the NFL. Basketball, they've never had an NBA player. They're a Big Sky team. The Thunderbirds. This is a legendary Native American bird that didn't exist but in their tales, were "canyon birds." Pretty sweet mascot and the only Thunderbirds (or T-Birds) in existence. 
    Southern Utah University is in Cedar City and is 45 minutes from Zion National Park, 2.5 hours from Las Vegas. It's BEAUTIFUL and they play in a small arena that the Utah Jazz used for training camp a few times.
    I have quite the cool connection to this small D1 school. I've always followed them from afar. From their times in the Mid Continent Conference to Summit League, to nowadays, the Big Sky.
    They are much better than Cal Riverside and are expected to compete in the Big Sky this year. 3rd or 4th pre-season. I believe they'd beat Riverside by 10-12 points head to head.Their head coach is a very nice guy named Todd Simon who for a brief time was interim coach at UNLV. He's a great recruiter with a Big 10 background (he grew up in Michigan as a Big 10 fan). 
    That's way more info than you ever wanted to know about the Thunderbirds of Southern Utah. I'll be driving from KC for this game. Definitely going for the Huskers, but if one school has to beat us and have it help them (which their program could really use a shot in the arm), I'd much rather it be them than Cal Riverside. 
    Go Big Red but if not, let this be our last loss of the season.

    Hoping the Hoiberg era sees its first win against Southern Utah. 38 year old me, 30 years after my first year of ball boy in Cedar City, thinks it would be quite ironic and quite the small world if that happened.
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    4NUfans reacted to MJW82 in uneblinstu's postgame chatter: vol 12; ed 2 - Southern Utah   
    I’m not going get upset over any losses this year but my biggest fear is that a really rough season keeps us on the roster treadmill in the spring and we don’t close the gap on the rest of the league from a coherence and useful experience standpoint. 
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    4NUfans reacted to Faux Mike Peltz in uneblinstu's postgame chatter: vol 11; ed 23 - vs Maryland   
    Classless fans can stay the efff home. I’m as frustrated, sad, and even angry as the next. I cut out of work early, busted my tail to go pick up my son, skipped dinner, sped down I-80 to Lincoln, parked up by the baseball field, and walked for ten minutes in the freezing cold to see ineptness and sloppy play. But I’m going to do it again. I did it under BC and DS, and I’ll do it again. But anyone who takes pleasure in seeing someone fail, lose their job, affecting families and kids, and then spouts off as a keyboard/twitter warrior calling Miles a POS and a loser, needs to look themselves in the mirror and ask “why am I a verified d-bag??” 
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    4NUfans reacted to Norm Peterson in Rarefied Air   
    Didn't view this as an attack, so no sweat there.
    But ...
    1. We fans don't have much control over what happens on the floor, so whether we demand success or not, the reality is there are 350 other D1 teams who have fans out there saying they should demand success and enough with the loser mentality, etc. etc. etc. Doesn't mean they'll achieve success just because they want it.
    2.  Reality is seasons like '90-'91 happen once every ...
    3.  Take Illinois. I'm sure their fans don't have that loser mentality and demand high levels of success from their basketball team.  How far has that gotten them over the last dozen years or so?  They hired Bruce Weber to replace Bill Self and he had them in the Sweet 16 his first season and a national runner-up finish his second.  His teams finished 5th in conference or better in all but 2 seasons.  They finished 9th in conference his 5th season and again his 9th season.  After his 9th season, they fired him.  And hired John Groce.
    Illinois reached the 2nd round of the NCAA tourney Groce's first season.  Illinois hasn't sniffed a tourney appearance since then.  Groce was fired at the end of year 5, after which Illinois hired Brad Underwood, who took Illinois to a losing season last year in spite of having a fairly talented roster. And they're 1-1 this year with a home loss to Georgetown in the Gavitt Games.  Nice work there, Illinois.
    Meanwhile, whatever happened to Bruce Weber?  Oh yeah, he went to Kansas State.  He's lead the Wildcats to 4 NCAA tourney appearances in 6 years, including a Great 8 appearance last year.
    4. So, you can want shit all you want.  You can demand it.  You can eschew a loser's mentality.  You can have high expectations.  You can fire the underperforming coaches every 5 years and start over from square one twice every decade if you want (because that's what not having a "losers mentality" evidently demands).  BUT ...
    5.  Do you realize -- do you have ANY notion -- of the confluence of factors that had to come together in order for us to be in the position we're in this year?  I doubt many people have stopped and given this a lot of thought.
    There are a lot of people out there who rip on Coach Miles for not using all his available scholarships every year.  They say he's subjected himself to self-imposed scholarship reductions every year.  But you know what?  If he had filled all the scholarship spots for the '16-'17 season, we don't have room for Isaac Copeland.  And if we don't land Isaac Copeland, we are NOT an NCAA tourney team, let alone a ranked team.
    There are a bunch of national pundits out there -- not just the sunshine pumping, homer fans -- who have picked us high enough that we would certainly expect a decent seed in the NCAA tourney, would be a first-round favorite to win a game, get this tourney monkey off our back and, depending on who you listen to, we're a Sweet 16 caliber ball club.
    I don't care what kind of effing expectations you have or how much you, as a fan, eschew that loser's mentality that says "give this coach another year or two or three," fan expectations =/= program success.  If they did, every program would win a national championship every year.  And they don't; only one does.
    History says we don't win these things every year.  In fact, history says we've never EVER won an NCAA tourney game.  But if I was a betting man, I'd say that streak ends this year.  If so, it will be the first time in program history for us to win one in the dance.  And crap, we're equipped to maybe make a little run.  Wouldn't be shocking, IMO, to see us win a game or even two.  I don't think it's outlandish to see that as a legitimate possibility for this crew.
    If that happens, it's a once-in-a-lifetime event in the sense that it's never happened before.
    Maybe it'll happen again and we'll start having great success.  But the odds don't favor that happening.  Not because we're Nebraska, but because there are 350 other D1 teams who all want to succeed and it's a numbers game.  Only 10% of D1 programs win a first-round game every year.  It's hard to climb up into that upper echelon no matter how fortunate you might be.
    So, like I said above, you better enjoy this ride.  We hope it happens again.  We hope it happens with regularity.  But there's a good chance we'll never see another run like the one I'm hoping/expecting we'll see this year.  Not in my lifetime and maybe not in yours either.
    I stand by my point in the OP.
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    4NUfans reacted to Norm Peterson in Jeriah Horne will transfer   
    Most of you guys are overthinking this.
    1.  Jeriah is a great kid who did some very good things for us in some important games this year.
    2.  Jeriah's parents are good folks who raised a fine young man, and they should be proud.
    3.  It doesn't always work out.  Nothing personal for either side.
    4.  ...
    Guards:  Glynn, Evan, Anton, James, Nana
    Forwards:  Michael, Ed, Isaac, Isaiah, Jack
    Center:  Jordy Tshimanga
    I think a redshirt year will do Jeriah a lot of good.  I think he'll be a good player somewhere.  I think he would have had to wait in line for a long while to crack the rotation on this particular roster.  (I've been saying for a long time that we have a glut of players in the 6'6" to 6'8" range.)  No shame in that to either side.
    Best of luck to him and I salute him and his family and wish them all the best.
    Nothing further need be said about either side.  Everyone can and should follow the coach's and player's example and take the total high road.  No aspersions need be cast.
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    4NUfans reacted to HuskerFever in 2016-2017 HHCC Final Standings   
    That'll be it for 2016-2017. It's been quite a rocky and stressful ride this season, but at least there's a little clarity already for next year. And hey, Husker4Life took a last minute lead over Ken Pomeroy! That's gotta be worth something!
    Thank you everyone for making HHCC go smoothly this year. It takes a lot of coordination to manage and your patience was greatly appreciated! (That's gotta be worth at least 153 bonus points for me, right? )
    Until next year, friends. Don't be strangers. Stop by HHC from time-to-time during the offseason!
    This week included:
    Game #31 neut. Penn State

    2016-2017 HHCC Final Standings
    1    Husker4Life    1036    U1    *
    ^2    KenPom    1040    D1    *
    2    Crush78    1134    NC    *
    3    1sdpad2    1136    U3    *
    4    hhcdimes    1141    D1    *
    5    NUtball    1151    NC
    6    trickey    1177    D2
    7    colhusker    1184    NC    *
    8    HuskerFever    1188    NC    *
    9    huskerbaseball13    1199    NC
    10    Buglem    1204    U1    *
    11    Bugeaters1    1214    U1    *
    12    4NUfans    1236    D2
    13    UnicamMan    1271    U3    *
    14    swoof    1279    U8    *
    15    cjbowbros    1281    D1
    16    MichHusker    1291    U8
    17    jimmykc    1297    D2
    18    aphilso1    1301    U10    *
    19    REDZONEDAN    1304    U8    *
    20    khoock    1305    D7
    21    Silverbacked1    1307    D2    *
    22    Ralph Wiggum    1316    D2
    23    hal9000    1320    D2
    24    Jugular    1330    D6
    25    BjoeHusker    1337    U1    *
    26    throwback    1340    D3    *
    27    brfrad    1349    U2    *
    28    Noah121    1350    D3
    29    Busch Light    1356    D12
    30    BugeaterZ    1361    U1
    31    AuroranHusker    1371    D1
    32    twinswingohuskers    1373    U2    *
    33    NebrasketballJake    1397    D1
    34    HB    1399    U4
    35    huskercwg    1402    D2
    36    northwillriseagain    1408    D1
    37    emwilliams    1415    D1
    38    TheNovice    1425    U1    *
    39    Row6Seat10    1426    D2
    40    Blindcheck    1456    U1
    41    hskr4life    1499    U2
    42    pmd9    1500    NC
    43    jayschool    1517    D3
    44    Red Don    1662    NC
    45    Jurgey    1678    NC
    46    SkersHoops    1711    NC
    47    NeeandMe    1817    NC
    48    bigred4    1922    NC
    49    huskers29    1963    NC
    50    HuskerPower #nato73    2117    NC
    51    Neon Budreau    2119    NC
    52    big red22    2182    NC
    53    soxnskers    2260    U1
    54    Nebrasketball5    2271    D1
    55    ShortDust    2352    NC
    56    BDL415    2515    NC
    57    nuhusker7    2540    U1
    58    bball23    2556    D1
    59    Red Rum    2617    NC
    60    Handy Johnson    2643    NC
    61    ajb5856    2705    NC
    62    NU Follower    2718    NC
    63    NoladrianSephier    2734    NC
    64    Boots    2846    NC
    65    Vinny    2847    NC
    66    efhutton    2851    NC
    67    KearneyMan    2935    NC
    68    basketballjones    2990    NC
    69    BLB115    2991    NC
    70    HuskerCager    2998    NC
    71    Lifetimesker    3033    NC
    72    KarlHessEatMy….    3039    NC
    73    husker8282    3077    NC
    74    cornfed24-7    3079    NC
    75    PimpMario    3123    NC
    76    huskas4real    3130    NC
    77    thattimeofyear    3201    NC
    78    Nighthawk    3208    NC
    79    GATA4Miles    3210    NC
    80    ConkintheCorner    3213    NC
    81    Donkey    3213    NC
    82    Thattimeofyear4    3218    NC
    83    Wolv77    3225    NC
    84    mrjam    3228    NC
    85    New huskers fan    3228    NC
    86    jason2486    3239    NC
    87    Cornhoopers    3243    NC
    88    Hoops_Legend    3255    NC
    Biggest Rise        aphilso1    U10
    Biggest Fall        Busch Light    D12
    (U# = Up, D# = Down, NC = No Change)
    ^ = Celebrity member: KenPom (Ken Pomeroy)
    * = Did not miss a game
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    4NUfans reacted to brfrad in Think we hit rock bottom fellas   
    Who was suppose to replace White and Shields this year?  No one expected Tai to be 2nd in the conference in scoring this year.  He averaged 10.0 points per game last year.  Now, he is at 18.1 points per game.  Watson, averaged 8.6 points per game last year, is now avg. 14.8 points per game. He shot 26.7% from 3 last year, and this year is shooting 42.5% from 3.  Contrary to popular belief, players have improved under Miles.  Turner is playing much better. 
    Next year, we will have more depth to help us withstand injuries.
    We have a backcourt of: Watson, Turner, Gill, and Palmer.
    We have wings of: Roby, Horne, McVeigh, and Nana.
    We have a frontcourt of: Morrow, Jacobson, Jordy, and Copleand.
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    4NUfans reacted to Norm Peterson in uneblinstu's Post Game Chatter: Vol 9, Ed 14 - @ Maryland   
    I'm just thinking of a list of people I want to tell to just STFU and never offer another opinion about Nebraska basketball ever again. 
    And if I ever hear anyone make another snarky remark about our head coach tweeting at halftime, I'm likely to punch them in the mouth.
    Just sayin.
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    4NUfans got a reaction from nuhusker7 in HHCC Game #04 - neut. Dayton (Nov. 24, 7:30 PM CST)   
    NU 64
    Dayton 61
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