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  1. @spf8298 @stackhouse33 When u want NFL info u ask Adam Schefter n when u want info on Geneva pervs...

  2. @stackhouse33 Is "bad knee" code for something? Cuz he always told me that info as well #badkneeequalsuwantsomecandylittleboy

  3. RT @kwilli1046: Homeless Servicemen Should Come Before Any Refugee. Retweet if you agree! https://t.co/Dw9CuffNUj

  4. @DustinJHoarty @greg_heinrichs I concur https://t.co/jmELZX7Lw8

  5. @HuskerHC This have something to do with new assistant coach?

  6. @mr_ippensen @Shickley_Public Was hoping a Herb Alpert song would be heard

  7. RT @Super70sSports: I present hard evidence road blues are the best. And I rest my case. https://t.co/7O4XIICiwo

  8. RT @KWCHKatie: Dear people in the left lane, Move over. Sincerely, Everyone who knows how to use the U.S. highway system correctly. #Le…

  9. RT @Mens_Corner_: https://t.co/FuUaoLPnwd

  10. @koby_head Free mini runzas at Fonner Park today

  11. Hmmm I wonder how many people have packed a cooler to enjoy after Good Friday mass #imweak

  12. @TheRealParde Ya never go broke making a profit

  13. RT @USMC: Today, 73 years ago, Marines secured the island of Iwo Jima after 36 days of combat. The battle may be over, but the memories li…

  14. @tyspur @mikejschaefer @michaelbruntz As soon as I'm granted that super power I will let you know

  15. @dirkchatelain But the coaches have to show how brilliant they are then the analysts have to tell us what they woul… https://t.co/iI6j7jhbtu

  16. RT @USAMilitaryUSA: Salute the vets! https://t.co/PXRR0YhjcD

  17. @CBSSportsCBB Ted...please take Mike and Tom Eades with you

  18. RT @ncarlsonpioneer: This guy can bring us seed anytime! https://t.co/rM0uScrlYb

  19. RT @GoBigRedCast: NCAA announces another rules change for the NIT: Nebraska only allowed 3 players on court, must work concessions booths i…

  20. @GBRosenthal In my opinion huskers were not on the committees board after loss to Ohio State by looking at things.… https://t.co/3cy1yCLfTf

  21. @jaymoore44 Shickley won both in 74/75 and Lawrence 82/83.

  22. RT @MilitaryEarth: “This Is Outside A Funeral Home In Okc. Homeless Navy Vet Passed Away And Had No Family. Word Got Out About His Funeral…

  23. @_kjk13_ @ErikWeigand @ESPNLunardi Do you have the official Big 10 schedule selection process? Check Rutgers schedu… https://t.co/JWVvh5GKAT

  24. @_kjk13_ @ErikWeigand @ESPNLunardi Beginning of what year? Don't think any college basketball schedules are made at… https://t.co/kgwRtKlTu4

  25. RT @ScottPresler: We have 50,000 homeless Veterans in America. I stand against the racist democrat party that chooses illegal aliens over…