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  1. RT @ncarlsonpioneer: This guy can bring us seed anytime! https://t.co/rM0uScrlYb

  2. RT @GoBigRedCast: NCAA announces another rules change for the NIT: Nebraska only allowed 3 players on court, must work concessions booths i…

  3. @GBRosenthal In my opinion huskers were not on the committees board after loss to Ohio State by looking at things.… https://t.co/3cy1yCLfTf

  4. rr52

    Selection Show, who to watch for

    Sorry should've posted, "Barkley pretty much just called the selection committee dumbasses without actually saying it."
  5. rr52

    Selection Show, who to watch for

    Barkley pretty much just called Rasmussen a dumbass without actually saying it.
  6. rr52

    Selection Show, who to watch for

    So RPI translates to what? Davidson win knocks Notre Dame out and they had worst RPI of the 1st 4 teams out.
  7. rr52

    Selection Show, who to watch for

    After seeing this I don't believe Nebraska was considered an at-large possibility or even on the committee board after losing to Ohio St. Oklahoma as a 10 is utter bs.
  8. rr52

    Selection Show, who to watch for

    Why even be in a conference? Just put all those stats about conference wins and the like beside all the other useless ones. Dang, I'm frustrated.
  9. @jaymoore44 Shickley won both in 74/75 and Lawrence 82/83.

  10. RT @MilitaryEarth: “This Is Outside A Funeral Home In Okc. Homeless Navy Vet Passed Away And Had No Family. Word Got Out About His Funeral…

  11. Will that make the beef cheaper for the burgers?
  12. I am the proud owner of several college pennants, including most all of the power conference teams. And I am thinking about pulling them out of storage for the rest of the week and will pick and choose as needed.
  13. @_kjk13_ @ErikWeigand @ESPNLunardi Do you have the official Big 10 schedule selection process? Check Rutgers schedu… https://t.co/JWVvh5GKAT

  14. @_kjk13_ @ErikWeigand @ESPNLunardi Beginning of what year? Don't think any college basketball schedules are made at… https://t.co/kgwRtKlTu4

  15. Thanks for correction, must've dumbified myself looking at all the schedules.
  16. Was looking at other Big 10 teams schedules and wondering what things would look like had: Wisconsin beat UCLA or Baylor, Minnesota beat Alabama, Northwestern beat Oklahoma, Penn St. beat NC St., Michigan beat LSU, Ohio St. beat Butler, Maryland beat Syracuse or St. Bonaventure and Indiana beat Louisville or Seton Hall? These are 11 games against teams that are on or near the bubble that Nebraska is fighting for a tourney spot. If all those results are reversed NU is clearly in and the Big 10 isn't looking as bad. And would be curious to know what the conference RPI would be if just 5 or 6 of those games had different outcomes? Knowing any little boost would improve our chances it is almost painful to see how things could be much different. Also doesn't help that other conference teams have losses to Hartford, Temple, DePaul, New Mexico St. Rider, Louisiana Lafayette, S. Dakota St., Indiana St. IPFW and Stony Brook twice.
  17. Zags currently on a 25-2 run in 2nd half and lead 63-31.
  18. RT @ScottPresler: We have 50,000 homeless Veterans in America. I stand against the racist democrat party that chooses illegal aliens over…

  19. rr52

    A Friendly Wager

    I'll take Nebraska making the big dance. I might even consider a road trip to Dayton for the play-in game if needed.
  20. rr52

    Big Ten Tournament

    Ok, was pulling for Michigan now time to take a shower. Filth is good?
  21. So which is it Michigan is going to make some noise in NCAA tourney or Michigan's ft shooting could be an issue in NCAA tourney

  22. RT @MilitaryEarth: Never forget why you are free.... 👼🇺🇸 https://t.co/kI1d5435b4

  23. Read a stat somewhere that said 4 games over .500 is something that is an unwritten rule/guideline that committee has always tried to follow.
  24. @GBRosenthal And my annual reply to your state tourney PSA...use your blinker

  25. @GBRosenthal Yes, we bale the stalks after harvest for fill when feeding livestock. Any other questions?