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  1. RT @LonesomeLands: The University of Iowa Reduces the NEED for Farmers. @uiowa @uisg https://t.co/Ru6gdKuV8L

  2. Just a little more than what I posted on page 26 of this thread. Close to 50 programs getting in trouble would make the NCAA tourney look like the NIT and CBI combined.
  3. @leebeeowh @HuskerHC What...72% seem a little exact instead of a general 70-75% comment? Shouldn't be leaking info… https://t.co/8zS3dfiuDi

  4. I just read the Yahoo Sports article and the last few sentences are...well I don't know how to describe it. "What would happen if the information under protective order were to be released before the NCAA selection show on March 11? A source who has been briefed on the case laughed: "You might see Tennessee-Chattanooga as a No. 2 seed." I guess just read it yourself on Yahoo Sports.
  5. Maybe...maybe not. Probably won't affect this year unless some info would get leaked or even released.
  6. May not matter. Per CBSSports on the FBI probe that was released a few months ago. "This goes a lot deeper than 4 corrupt assistant coaches. When all this comes out, Hall of Fame coaches should be scared, lottery picks won't be eligible to play and almost half of the 16 teams the NCAA showed on its initial NCAA tournament show this weekend should worry about their appearance being vacated." I was just wondering the other day about this and figured it was just old news and I wouldn't hear anything more about it.
  7. Is it just me or does it seem like dang near every Big 12 game has went the opposite of what we want the last couple weeks?
  8. @heady_chris @OWHbigred Is this okay with Jean

  9. I can't remember if it was channel 8 or 10. I was trying to find the score of how my hometown high school girls team and was going back and forth between the 2.
  10. I saw it on the highlight on one of the local sportscasts. He appeared to look at bench and raise his hand. And he came out shortly after that. I figured Miles was trying to get him a break until the under 4 time out but unfortunately that dead ball took forever to happen.
  11. Palmer was tired and signaled that he needed a break it appeared on a replay. He was out from 5:16 to 2:56 I do believe.
  12. I know there is complaining about Palmer being taken out but I saw a replay where JPJ motioned to bench that he needed to sit. He left with 5:16 and guessing Miles wanted to get him back in at under 4 timeout. Unfortunately that next dead ball came with under 3 minutes to go.
  13. We can all guess what is going to happen but we don't and won't know what will happen in that committee room. Yeah there are guidelines that we can all go by but those are still a moving target. There are those that will be to say "I told you so" if we don't make it and those that will proclaim the same if we make it. In my best estimation there are probably 30 teams that are in while there are probably 20-25 teams fighting for what is left. Nebraska is one of those currently on the outside looking in but they have chance to play their way in. I will be ecstatic if they make it and surely disappointed if they don't. But it sure is fun to be in the conversation.
  14. rr52

    Free Throws/ Runzas

    You had me at Runza
  15. Would be nice if they updated at consistent time so we didn't have to keep checking. But being part of the conversation/bracket is worth it, I guess.
  16. RT @bigtengeek: tfw the bros didn't include you in the next round while you went to the bathroom https://t.co/48XYYYZ6F8

  17. Some of these other bubble teams are flirting with being under .500 in conference. And yes I know that conference record isn't supposed to matter but how many teams have made the tourney with a record under .500 in the last 8-10 years?
  18. rr52

    NCAA Bracket Preview Show

    Kind of looked like the committee threw something out just for the sake of getting something out there. Rasmussen deflected any questions...just like all the other committee heads have done over the years. Lots of basketball to be played.
  19. rr52

    Roby doesn't make SC Top 10

    Just saw replay of the SC top 10 and it was by a player from Texas Corpus Christie
  20. Yeah, this bubble talk has things misconbobulated. One night your wanting Texas to beat TCU then 3 nights later you want Oklahoma to beat Texas and 4 days later it turns to rooting for Texas to beat Baylor...or something like that. And let me be completely honest it is really tough to cheer for certain teams.
  21. Have been looking at bracketmatrix and think I've given myself a concussion from banging my head on the wall. And yes I realize there will be bias' and formulas I don't understand. But when 1 bracket shows 9 SEC making the tournament and 4 others being listed in "1st 4 out" to "in consideration" I can't take that seriously. South Carolina and Georgia are still both listed and were both sitting at 4-7 in conference and 13 total wins before they each lost today. But I guess if you list 80-some teams you are bound be correct and give yourself a pat on the back. And I just keep trying to tell myself let the games play out and things will be fine.
  22. rr52

    Legends Weekend

    I was talking with someone and we both wondered if there are still some hard feelings from players from the Nee era? Very few of those guys show up and even last year when the NIT championship team was honored there was a very small turnout. I realize that it would be impossible to get all of them back but you would think since this happens every year that more than what showed up could make it work.