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  1. Should Wisconsin player have been called for over and back? Friend beside me said it looked like Davison(?) stepped on midcourt line.
  2. It was pretty much posted for fun but to also show that this program has had some good times. Most of the uniformed social media naysayers (Think Bo Pelini coined the term) nowadays look at this program as worthless in every sense of the word and don't realize in the history of the program that some pretty good teams and players have taken the court at The Coliseum, The Bob and now The Vault. And I'm guessing next September/October, and by no means am I covering this team with dirt, but there will be a positive vibe and hope for the future from 90% if not more of the posters. I'm not giving up this team. They still deserve our support and I will show up in my seat and cheer for them and holler at the officials like we are a lock for the NCAA tourney. My only frustration was missing out on the free Valentino's pizza last night by 1 row.
  3. Sorry if this gets long but decided to do some research after jayschool provided some good history on records. I started listening to Nebraska basketball on a radio in my parents kitchen when Jerry Fort was the star. And I also remember some Nebraska teams that had pretty good seasons back then but the "Never Won An NCAA Tourney Game" mantra wan nowhere to be heard. So I only went back to the 1965-66 season because from what I found was there were very few successful seasons for Nebraska basketball before then. And those were 1) 1st place in the Big 6 in 1936-37 in which I have no doubt there would've been an NCAA tourney bid/win but the NCAA tourney didn't start until 1939. 2) Tied for 1st place in Big 7 in 1948-49 and NU lost in NCAA District game to Oklahoma St. 3) Tied for 1st place in Big 7 in 1949-50 but was 3-way tie and probably had committee member with a bias. So now listed is what I consider successful seasons followed by where they finished in conference and how many teams made the NCAA tourney that year. The reason for showing how many teams made the tourney was to show how close Nebraska was to possibly making the Big Dance. 1965-66 2nd 22-25 (not sure why there wasn't set number) 1966-67 T2nd 22-25 NIT 1967-68 T3rd 22-25 1969-70 T3rd 25 1973-74 4th 25 1974-75 4th 32 1975-76 3rd 32 1977-78 2nd 32 NIT 1979-80 T2nd 40 NIT 1980-81 T2nd 48 1982-83 T3rd 52 NIT semi-finalist 1983-84 3rd 53 NIT 1985-86 3rd 64 NCAA!!!!! 1986-87 5th 64 NIT 3rd place ***1987-88 first losing season in 15, yes 15 years, damn those fans were spoiled back then*** 1990-91 3rd 64 NCAA 1991-92 5th 64 NCAA 1992-93 T2nd 64 NCAA 1993-94 4th 64 NCAA 1994-95 7th 64 NIT 1995-96 7th 64 NIT Champ 1996-97 7th 64 NIT First year of Big 12 1997-98 4th 64 NIT 1998-99 5th 64 NIT 2003-04 9th 65 NIT 2005-06 6th 65 NIT 2007-08 T7th 65 NIT 2008-09 8th 65 NIT 2010-11 7th 68 NIT 2013-14 4th 68 NIT Member of Big 10 2017-18 4th 68 NIT And maybe it isn't so much in the last 15 years but those teams that finished 2nd or 3rd in the Big 8 back in late 70's early 80's when the tournament doubled expansion Nebraska should've been in. And with that "NWANTG" wouldn't be such a heavy burden. But it sure makes a person think and wonder what the selection process was at that time. If I get crazy I may look up those old brackets and complain to a now probably dead bracketologist from that time. And what else should a guy do with his time when it's too cold to work outside.
  4. Have a friend who occasionally golfs with one of Hoibergs relatives around Grand Island and this topic has come up. And he says that Fred isn't interested in coaching at Nebraska. Whether this is true or not I'm don't know but sometimes money can change a persons mind.
  5. I was thinking same thing on fouling Happ. Gard's response to that strategy would've been interesting. Great point on the small line-up. It would've opened up the middle for driving lanes also when Huskers had the ball. As for Thor he was like the one guy that shows up at city league games and just runs and runs and runs with no apparent purpose and is kind of a pain in the rear. But Thor actually hustled with a purpose. His movement at the top of the 1-3-1 was fun to watch. And it's nice to see him pass and make a hard cut to the basket.
  6. Do not recall which postgame interview it was with Miles on the Husker Radio Network but the subject of the team being tired came up. And Miles said something that Brandon Ubel told him. Ubel said they are college kids they have plenty of energy. Or something along those lines.
  7. That would seem to solve the issue. I was watching the ISU/T-Tech the night before and same happened to Tech as they were trying to comeback.
  8. My issue with this was that there should've been a 5 second violation called. The basket was made with over a minute left but there was 50.9 seconds left when MSU called timeout. I looked up and saw that MSU player had grabbed the ball with at least 57 seconds. I realize there is delay for clock to stop but over 10 seconds was allowed to run off the clock. In the end it didn't make a difference. The poor shooting effort was the difference as many have already stated.
  9. I think a lot of it has to do with the "instant gratification" world we live in. With computers and especially smartphones we have access to news, sports, weather and whatever else you want right at your fingertips. And people expect similar results from their sports teams.
  10. My mood is much more upbeat than what I expected before the game. Refs were terrible and still got a road win.
  11. My son goes to college at UNK and has become friends with 3-4 kids from Colorado who saw and played against Jervay in high school. They all have the opinion that he is a stud and will be a very good player at Nebraska. Sure hope these kids are right.
  12. And as long as it took they could've called 2 fouls on Reaves all the while the ball was bouncing around.
  13. Agree and thought maybe Borchardt and maybe Heiman would get some minutes when Harrar or Buttrick came in the game. Watkins can be load inside.
  14. Also watching replay and agree we didn't play terrible. Sure it had something to do with players getting tired but 4 or 5 balls in 2nd half were right there for the taking but Huskers just couldn't quite get there. On one offensive rebound for PSU there are 3 NU players in good rebounding position but ball bounces just out of reach of 2 Huskers right to PSU guy. Miles said he wanted to put Borchardt in in the 2nd half but assistant coaches talked him out of it. Considering the poor rebounding Miles should've listened to himself. On a side note, we did end game on 8 to 3 run.
  15. Did refs know both teams had limited depth? That's how the game was called. The calls Palmer normally gets when he drives didn't get called tonight. And think Brian Rosenthal even tweeted about Watson taking a body check on a made lay-up and nothing was called. And most (7 of the 11) Huskers free throws came in last minute when PSU started sending NU to ft line. NU usually gets to the line with more frequency than what was given them last night. Worst call of the night was the reach foul on Amir. Ref was on opposite side of the floor and was blocked by players and the action and made call. Replay showed clean steal. Like others, wondering how starters will hold up with amount of minutes they are starting to play. Hopefully they figure out how to start rebounding. Got to go coachspeak and tak'em one game at a time from here on out.
  16. A hard NO on a 2 time national championship coach? And don't recall Villanova being brought up in the FBI investigation. Not sure there is a coach that will meet your standards. And if you would've went through all replies I said why I brought those 2 coaches up.
  17. I was just asking didn't mean to ruffle your feathers. Like I said, I'm hoping it doesn't come to that. So that is the conundrum Moos faces. Hire another smaller program coach and save money or go after a big name and offer lots of money? The reason I brought up Wright and Martin was because I was surprised at their salaries. And guessing behind the scenes there have been overtures made to Wright to take over other programs for a substantial raise since he has 2 championships to his credit. I'd just as soon concentrate on this season and this team with Miles coaching.
  18. If Miles does get fired do you throw $3.5-4 million at Jay Wright (currently making $2.56 million at 'Nova) or Frank Martin (currently making $2.85 million at S. Carolina)? Would think with names like that the recruit loss would be minimal. Thought there were reports a year or two ago that Martin was possible candidate when Miles was on hot seat. Actually hoping this a moot point and Miles gets NU to the Big Dance and wins a couple.
  19. Lots of uniformed "experts". Make sure your neck muscles are loose and strong because you will spend lots of time reading those tweets shaking your head. Probably the same thing a lot, if not most of you do after reading my posts.
  20. Wouldn't be the same one that was laughing with Bohannon following a timeout soon after they called the charge on Allen?
  21. Glynn was the one I noticed with the poor body language late. And you nailed it on his 4th foul. Almost a I'd rather be on the bench than play right now.
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