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  1. Amazes me how a player can get bumped and forced out of bounds with no call and then there is minimal contact that doesn't affect play and it gets called.
  2. Morrow needs to learn to kick out and repost. Of course others need to move to get open for him.
  3. Gawd I hate Ted Valentine!! Glynn gets rode/shoved/pushed out. May have to watch Redzone.
  4. Have a feeling that Jack will be needed in 2nd half. Roby with 3 fouls and Jordy and Jake with 2. Need the Aussie to get bossy.
  5. I'll take it and another half just like it.
  6. Threw a little "chicken wing" with left arm.
  7. Teddy Valentine finally figured out he needed some tv time. McVeigh was just putting his foot down not an intentional kick.
  8. RT @RedditCFB: No Huskies, nooo... #PeachBowl #RollTide https://t.co/a4yvPQJM3E

  9. Will Barnett send part of his NFL signing bonus to NU offensive tackles?

  10. Damn, that was a Russ Reinsch type offsides there. #iperfectedthat

  11. @stackhouse33 @Koch_43 @YouTube that's what I'm talkin' Willis #havingaclue

  12. @Koch_43 My shoulders sink and head goes down. Back to closet for clean britches. Can't I just live my own life

  13. @footballdiehard Take your time, you have til late July. #Gonnamissfantasyfootball

  14. @stackhouse33 @Vrz51 Losing to Gardner-Webb at home creates heat

  15. RT @BW4MN: Even Adrian Peterson wears a @DuPontPioneer hat!! https://t.co/nMym63rSGk

  16. RT @JeremiahTripp: @HailVarsity, he is Tim Centimeters, because he is Miles away!!!!

  17. RT @CecilHurt: Somebody has to go through all the Wake radio broadcasts and find out when he says "It's like they knew what was coming!"

  18. RT @Vegasrabbi: #ALCS best fact: Tribe 2b Kipnis lived on same street as Steve Bartman, went to school with his sister.

  19. Count me in even though I'm pretty much a newbie around here. Will it be ok if I bring my son and a couple of friends?
  20. rr52

    Did anyone else see this?

    The guy beside me noticed that as well and had the same thinking you did.