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  1. It just made me hungry. I like ketchup and mustard.
  2. 1st and 2nd round games in Albany, Tampa, St. Louis, Spokane, Greensboro, OMAHA, Cleveland and Sacramento. Regional semi's and finals in Houston, Indianapolis, New York and Los Angeles.
  3. Decided to peruse some other (Iowa, Michigan and MSU) B10 boards and 99% on Iowa board said no way would Hoiberg show up because it's Nebraska. But since hire was announced most of them are sure Fred will best Fran since he already has a 4-1 record versus Fran. As for the other 2 boards the consensus is it is a waste of money as Hoiberg is just here to collect the check. Also it is impossible to recruit to Lincoln and basketball at Nebraska will never be any good. I guess I didn't realize East Lansing and Ann Arbor were vacation get aways like Blacksburg, VA and Lubbock, TX.
  4. Didn't go back and search it up but I posted back in "Possible replacements if Miles fired" thread that Hoiberg would not consider coaching at Nebraska per a relative of his. I'm here to take my punishment but will do so with a smile on my face knowing that he is now our coach. Dilly, Dilly...Go Big Red
  5. Definitely some bigs on that list that should be considered. LaMont West from West Virginia averaged 11 points and 4 rebounds and 33% from 3 point range. Made 154 3's while at WVU.
  6. Stolen from another board..."Go Big Fred"!
  7. THIS! It's just like "Lucy pulling the football away when Charlie Brown tries to kick it". And the Huskers are Charlie Brown. And right now all this Hoiberg talk is like the teacher talking, "Whut Wah Whut Whut Whut Wah.
  8. Nice win and lots of excitement. And in the general area around me there weren't many familiar faces. Some big husker fans and some there to just watch. Was told by guy that sits in section 100 that he got moved to opposite corner because Butler band was going to sit in lower part of that section but they decided not to come. Did have an annoying couple behind me. He coached and analyzed everything and was a real loud talker. The worst part was he would holler shooting advice when Husker were shooting free throws. He'd holler "bend your knees" everytime as JPJ was getting ready to release his ft. And his wife would holler "Go Big Red" or the players name just as they were releasing the shot. I turned and gave them a questionable look during one late in the game and the guy right behind me informed them not to holler while we were shooting them. The woman kind of questioned him but they did stop doing it.
  9. Rumors at state tournament were that Williams will be to old to play high school basketball next year. So that is why he will go prep school route. Per NSSA rules if a student turns 19 before August 1st he is ineligible to compete. Once again, just a rumor.
  10. Guessing I would catch some slack for putting Heinz 57 on it to get it down.
  11. Please let Hoiberg be named coach so that everyone can shove crow in my face. Don't want to search up post in which I said "Hoiberg has no interest in Husker job per family member". The venom will be bitter but I will accept the consequence.
  12. Should've worded it that they waited 30 minutes to wait for the statement.
  13. I have no issue with the statement but it should've been released immediately after losing to Wisconsin. No reason an athletic department representative (clearing throat...Mark Boehm) couldn't notify Miles when he gets to locker room and the media soon after of the "end of the season" decision. I just think it is a bad look that Miles and his staff were left in limbo for 30-some minutes.
  14. Now to figure out who on here is the agent or if the agent has a mole planted here. Heck who knows maybe Dana is a member and they got tired of reading 60+ pages about it?
  15. Minny and PSU in ot. Refs missed obvious foul on Minnesota late in regulation. PSU player was driving for lay-up and Stockman for Minny grabbed his arm as he's going up and nothing called.
  16. Hope the players are thinking same thing. Knowing they have tourney bid locked up to fall back on may help as well.
  17. Has Wisconsin had chance to shoot around at United Center? I know somebody mentioned that Maryland was coming in with no practice time. They shot 18/50 and 6/20 from 3 and they made a couple of those late. Hey a guy can hope can't he?
  18. 2 more conference wins gets us out of Wednesday game so who the heck knows. But Indiana and Ohio St. each had 8 conference wins and they were considered on the bubble. So who knows? :)
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