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  1. HF_

    Morrow leaving

    Yes, can't even imagine how much better we'd be with Morrow...assuming he stayed healthy which is a BIG "if". A big time piece we missed last year and most likely will miss again baring some unforeseen addition. Some of those games his sophomore year before his foot went bad again were incredible. I recall him just willing us to victory in @Indiana and looking like an absolute stud in November/December. He really looked like a potential all-conference type player at his best, and at his worst was still a solid starter. He had his holes for sure, but was trending up. Both he and MJ will assuredly be much improved after a year off to develop their games. I don't have any regrets with MJ leaving...not a high ceiling player who really didn't do much of anything all that well. Seemed to just be a starter by default. And no matter what Boyd's testing system said, he was a sub-par game athlete who literally was what, 25% on converting dunks in his career? Ed on the other hand - man what could have been...IF healthy.
  2. HF_

    Way too early 2018-19 BTN Standings

    Did we still pass up on the chance to hack Azubuike on the last possession and put the game in his hands on a 1-and-1?
  3. HF_

    Offseason Potpourri

    And yet...only 1 winning season in the TM tenure.
  4. HF_

    Duby Okeke is N

    Pretty damned impressive for a standing vertical reach. Add a bunch if he gets a step. What an athlete. Can we stop posting about Jacobsons supposed vertical? I don't care what they measured him at, the guy had major problems with completing a basic 2-hand dunk over his 2 years here. I know Boyd's tests had him inexplicably rated as our best athlete, but my eyeballs said he was about as chumpy as they come in comparison to his teammates when it came to live basketball action. This is what a real athlete looks like.
  5. HF_

    Coach Mac to Ohio State?

    I'd argue they had a great team this year before Watson got hurt. I hate these fuckers more than any of you, but they aren't in the valley any more. Their ceiling has been raised exponentially in the Big East.
  6. HF_

    Jacobson Gone?

    Poor guys don't even realize what they have coming.
  7. HF_

    Jacobson Gone?

    I sure hope not.
  8. This guy looks like a stud. Very quick and active for a big guy. We would be very fortunate to add him.
  9. HF_

    Jacobson Gone?

    If he can get his feet right, Morrow is a guy who legitimately has the potential to be at an elite program, high level starter, consistent double double guy, with the occasional 20 and 10 type of game. This guy looked like an All Big Ten caliber guy for much of November and December. I have very little doubt that he is going to blow up at his next school and we are going really really regret that he got away. In Jacobson I see a guy that showed barely any improvement from freshman to sophomore, other than putting on some mass. In fact he regressed offensively. Yes he plays hard. As he should. I don't hold him on some Tyler Hansboro level of hustle, because he's just not that type of guy. Nothing unusual in terms of effort. Absolutely not a tone setter type, dogfight, "oh shit we are in for a battle tonight" type guy like Benny Parker or even Morrow. And that's what you need to be if you are limited in so many areas like he is. Unathletic. Plays much smaller than his frame, specifically on offense. Mediocre to awful at scoring from every spot on a basketball court. Don't care how pretty his shot looks - it doesn't go in. We talk about expectations. If THIS is the guy that is starting for us and THIS is the guy that people get the most worked up about leaving, I don't know what else to say. Your expectations are much lower than mine.
  10. HF_

    Jacobson Gone?

    Absolutely agree on Ed. Jacobson, no. He is a guy who is, IMO, a quality player at a Low Major or D-2 institution. Not even close to the realm of guys you can have playing major minutes on a legit Big Ten team let alone starting. If he would have been the first of the group to transfer I would have gotten a hearty laugh out of it, and would have been indifferent. At this point it's just frustrating because he can breathe, walk, and is 6-8.
  11. HF_

    Morrow leaving

    We are the only fanbase that can turn the news of a backup player transferring, into an argument about football.
  12. HF_

    Andrew White Transfering

    Be careful about suggesting the extrapolation of stats to 40 minutes, may get you in trouble with some folks around here! But yes his per/40 stats and percentages are pretty much worse across the board compared to last year. Fran said on the broadcast (paraphrasing, had it on in the background this morning when doing some stuff around the house so may not have caught all of it) that he thought D-League or overseas for White. Thought at best maybe he catches on with some type of 3-point specialist role on team, but lack of quickness and ball handling skills will hurt him.
  13. To add, even the fact that we have side and endcourt areas with 10-15 feet between the first row of non-courtside seats for herds of people to even use is unacceptable. Again, NBA analogy. Watch any NBA venue and you will notice voids like that don't exist - they actually put (gasp) ROWS OF SEATS in those huge areas as opposed to using them as expressways for losers to leave early. If anybody with a brain was configuring Nebraska's seating alignment, they would not be leaving such valuable real estate void.
  14. I agree with both sides. Overall crowd is good given the product on the court. But the exiting early crowd needs to be politely encouraged to go UP instead of down. Put an announcement on the screen, have the PA guy repeat it. Not when we are down 20 with 8 minutes to go but maybe during a break early second half of every game before they toss shirts or something, until it sticks. Other easy option is, nobody can set foot on the arena floor unless they are student section or courtside. Go to any NBA game - you aren't allowed to just come down from row 20 and mill around all the way down to the court level - they have people or a wall blocking the path. This type of stuff would fall under Boehm's jurisdiction. He is tone deaf so wouldn't be surprised if nothing ever changes.