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  1. Unfortunately, we sort of have the same issue at Nebraska. Sad, but true. Respectfully submitted, Kettle
  2. Not aware of any type of partner here; but I do know he likes Lincoln and UNL.
  3. A bit more texture to the guilty plea: https://huskerextra.com/news/basketball/mens-basketball/nebraska-point-guard-ahron-ulis-pleads-guilty-to-underage-gambling/article_55843be6-5677-11ee-98c9-03dc5279ef89.html?utm_source=huskerextra.com&utm_campaign=%2Fnewsletter-templates%2Fnews-alert&utm_medium=PostUp&lctg=1261827&tn_email_eh1=d09b424543be8222e4a241a7937d248958c11014
  4. Our top two RB's are now officially out for the year. Good grief, if we didn't have bad luck, we would have no luck at all.
  5. Nice win tonight despite not have the "A" game.
  6. Three pretty decent recruits plus Bryce in the house as well.
  7. Indeed. I commented that arm tackles seem to be a thing of the past [knock on wood].
  8. Our defense is fun to watch.
  9. Hmm. https://bustingbrackets.com/2023/09/16/nebraska-basketball-projected-starters-and-depth-chart-for-2023-2024-season/6/
  10. Hmm, do you really think so, or are you "hoping" that she is moving well. To me, her lateral movement is still limited. She is better than I expected, but still only 80% or so.
  11. Well, he can dunk. https://fb.watch/n3j7VxPKvx/?mibextid=NnVzG8
  12. https://fb.watch/n1W1IDjJVd/?mibextid=NnVzG8
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