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  1. Nobody knew that Palmer was Palmer prior to last season. I mean, eventually there were rumblings out of workouts that he may do something but nobody outside the program expected what we got from him.
  2. https://twitter.com/robinwashut/status/1000170210928848896?s=21
  3. Ed was never healthy while at Nebraska in terms of his feet. Since leaving Nebraska Ed had another health scare that at the time put his future of ever playing basketball again in question. I haven’t heard the resolution to that so I will certainly be interested to see what he can do this year if anything
  4. And that’s Brian James. I mean, great if Gates does actually do the out of bounds stuff, but it appears that if Robin got that info from the board here then it’s wrong info.
  5. Not to burst any bubbles but it reads that Gates focused on defense, and that this James character draws up the out of bounds and specialty plays.
  6. Yes can we revisit that quote. When I saw it a couple days ago it read to me that another coach was responsible for the specialty/inbounds plays and that Gates was mainly responsible for the defense.
  7. Oooh. When I first heard of Gates this last Saturday, it was told to me that he was fired by Florida. So maybe the hold up on our end is finding out what he actually did. Makes sense when reading the tweets about Gates from the Florida people saying things like “crazy rumors” about Gates and “trying to get the real story”.
  8. Something is definitely off here. On one account Gates is a done deal to Nebraska. But if so, why does Miles say just last night that the job is still open and there are at least 4 candidates? If Gates is the guy but it’s just not time to announce it yet why can’t he say announcement coming?
  9. From Chicago, played at Brewster Academy, worked at Loyola Chicago, went on to help Northwestern get their tourney win, then on to Florida...this has to happen. I’ve really got my hopes up. Let it be true.
  10. Interesting as I think he was only at Florida for 2 weeks.
  11. Holy everything. I can’t wrap my mind around everything that’s happening right now. Best season in nearly a quarter century. And now, this. For whatever it is, I think I’ll call it Nebrasketball, how would things be different if Svi missed one shot or if we had decided to foul maybe Azubuike??? One possession and no matter how big of a Miles fan you are or are not, we have a different momentum right now. A different feel. One shot. But that’s how it goes and I’m glad I’m not Miles because I would be second guessing and replaying that play in my mind 10,000x more than I am.
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