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  1. Lol. So this. If we don't get him because we won too much in the postseason...
  2. Not to be that sky is falling guy, but we're going to get screwed, aren't we? I mean it's been happening throughout the entire history of our program, why would we expect anything less. What's our backup plan just in case? Miles? Matta? Turgeon? Smith?
  3. Yep, that was my point. We were a hell of a lot closer to making the NCAA Tournament (our goal) than UCLA was to the Elite 8 (their goal).
  4. Is it though? Unless he's taking them to the Elite 8 every year, they wont' be happy. All he has to do here is go to the tournament consistently, maybe even win a game.
  5. In regard to your first point, maybe the new head coach would like to follow his son in the NCAA Tournament this weekend and Moos, for obvious reasons, would be on board with that.
  6. So you would rather we fire our coach, hire some phony search firm, and conduct weeks of interviews and searching while every other program locks up their #1 targets? Because that's worked so well in the past.
  7. "I am very, very grateful to President Schill, Rob Mullens, and the University of Oregon for their support and for the faith they have shown in me here," Altman said. "I work for special people at a special place in front of special fans, and I look forward to coaching here for many years to come." I know Dana's word doesn't carry a whole lot of weight, but he's not coming here.
  8. Spill it, nustudent. What got you on the Hoiberg train? I've seen enough smoke to think the fire is real as well.
  9. Dude, it is not a factor. He made his decision long long ago. The statement was just a cover to buy him time while he's in California all weekend.
  10. I look forward to the press conference in three weeks announcing our new coach who I’ve never heard of
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