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  1. good news is we have probably the best coach in America to either fix the shot or decide that the shot is just fine if it doesn't get blocked and goes in the hoop.
  2. 1620 needs more basketball talk with Bahe gone. I hope Sharp will talk college basketball, but I won't hold my breath on the other two shows talking about anything other than Nebraska football, food, and making teenage jokes.
  3. Very well could. Especially if nobody can get a rebound. He’s proven capable of that
  4. I didn’t include him because I think he redshirts.
  5. Here’s how confident I am they’ll be in the rotation: 1 Haanif Cheatham 2 Cam Mack 3 Dachon Burke 4 Jervay Green 5 Matej Kavas 6 Shamiel Stevenson (if eligible) 7 Samari Curtis 8 Yvan Ouedraogo 9 Kevin Cross 10 Thor 11 Easley 8-10 is where it gets dicey IMO as each of them provides something completely different. There will be some games where we need a smart unselfish player like Thor to come in and make plays. There will be some games where we need all the fouls we can give down low and call on Yvan and Cross. But IMO the first seven are for sure playing in darn near every game. Now if Shamiel can’t play first semester, Thor and Kevin will probably share his minutes.
  6. Scoring averages from Italy trip through 3 games. I am really liking how balanced we are. I am guessing Mack would be up there with Burke and Cheatham if he were there, and Ouedraogo would be somewhere between 4-6 ppg, but that's ok for him as long he's 2-2 or 3-4 and not 2-10. Dachon Burke 14.7 ppg Haanif Cheatham 13.0 ppg Jervay Green 9.7 ppg Matej Kavas 9.3 ppg Samari Curtis 8.7 ppg Shamiel Stevenson 6.7 ppg Dalano Banton 5.7 ppg Kevin Cross 5.7 ppg Thor Thorbjarnarson 4.7 ppg Charlie Easley 2.0 ppg Jace Piatkowski 1.5 ppg Bret Porter 1.0 ppg
  7. Scoring averages from Italy trip through 2 games: Dachon Burke 16.5 ppg Haanif Cheatham 13.5 ppg Jervay Green 10.5 ppg Matej Kavas 9.5 ppg Shamiel Stevenson 7.5 ppg Kevin Cross 7.5 ppg Samari Curtis 6.5 ppg Dalano Banton 5.5 ppg Thor Thorbjarnarson 3.5 ppg Charlie Easley 3.0 ppg Jace Piatkowski 1.5 ppg Bret Porter 1.0 ppg
  8. Without 2 major contributors this year as well....impressive
  9. Thor looked ok. He's also in his third year of college. And he can't shoot worth a lick.
  10. no idea how good that competition was, but i liked what i saw. lots of transition basketball, easy layups, wide open 3s. A couple players I would like to see not taking 3 pointers as much, and interior defense will be a big issue without Yvan. Hope Stevenson gets eligible right away, we need him for many reasons.
  11. I said when he committed, maybe not on here but somewhere, he is a better basketball player than Thor.
  12. I wouldn't be surprised if we finished anywhere from 4th - 13th. Top 3? Yeah I'd be a bit surprised. 14th? I would be a bit surprised. There's no way we can't be better than Northwestern, right? I think our talent is easily in the 4-10 range already.
  13. We just had a year where we had more experience than almost any other Big Ten team. And we saw how that turned out. Not trying to bust your chops, but what we lack in terms of playing experience I think we significantly upgraded in coaching experience and that will matter a heck of a lot more.
  14. To be honest, I don't care who starts and I don't think it matters because whoever starts at the 5 for us, in my opinion, will not play more than 20 mpg and we'll end up with a bunch of guards on the court most of the time. I'll subscribe to the KISS (keep it simple stupid) theory: These 9 guys will play (if healthy and eligible, in order of how confident I am they will play a lot) Cam Mack (duh) Haanif Cheatham (he was brought here by Fred for one season for a reason) Matej Kavas (see above) Dachon Burke (has to play a ton) Jervay Green (has to play a ton) Shamiel Stevenson (as big a 6-6 dude as you'll find, he'll hold his own in the Big Ten) Yvan Ouedraogo (more physically ready than Cross) Samari Curtis (super talented addition so late in the process) Kevin Cross (has skills but needs to get in shape to see anything extensive...if Shamiel only becomes eligible in January, think he takes Cross's minutes) These 4 will get mop-up time: Thorir Thorbjarnarson Akol Arop Charlie Easley Jace Piatkowski These 2 will not play: Dalano Banton Derrick Walker
  15. Mayor can wait: Don’t expect any Iowa State men’s basketball games soon against Fred Hoiberg-coached Nebraska. Asked by a young fan in the crowd if that was a possibility, director of athletics Jamie Pollard suggested that the only possibility might be in the NCAA tourney, quickly pointing out, “That’s one thing Nebraska hasn’t been to ever. They’ve got a little work to do before we might be seeing them on the court.’’ It should be clarified, Nebraska has in fact been to the NCAA Tournament seven times, although they have not won a game in the NCAA Tournament. ^^That's how a real reporter could have handled that mess of a lie.
  16. 1000X this. On that note, this is why I don't think him returning makes us this like instant Sweet 16 team. People seem to think we are an NIT team at best without him and a sure-fire tournament team with him. He might make us a few wins better but let's be real, he was not even All-Big Ten Honorable Mention, as a junior.
  17. Speaking of roster turnover, Penny has signed 14 players now in the last 2 classes.
  18. To be fair I'm not singling out Memphis. I believe almost all the top programs cheat. I mean the FBI has all but confirmed that in recent months. Nobody cares though, so they'll continue to do it and get away with it.
  19. yeah, I see that now. I guess that helps having the No. 1 player in your hometown and also signing 7 guys.
  20. With so many versatile, positionless players, the options are endless. Could be a lineup as small as: Mack 6-2 Green 6-3 Burke 6-4 Cheatham 6-6 Stevenson 6-6 Could be a lineup as tall as: Green 6-3 Stevenson 6-6 Cheatham 6-6 Kavas 6-8 Ouedraogo 6-9
  21. Penny Hardaway's name about to become Dollar Hardaway I'm sure Memphis has the nation's No. 1 recruiting class completely legally and without any shady stuff going on. I know Memphis is the dream program to play for right now.
  22. 43 days (dated May 16) since the Creighton message board's "I hate UNL" thread has had a legitimate post hating on us. The 140 page, 1,390 replied thread has been dead silent since early April, for whatever reason. Can't think of one. Carry on.
  23. No doubt that Tim brought in some very good players. I actually think his biggest strength was getting better players to come here than previous coaches did. But yes like you said, in just 1 month Hoiberg has brought in players as good or better than Miles was doing with 5-6 years of recruiting and establishing relationships. That was my point. We just signed Ohio's Mr. Basketball on the last day of the high school signing period with like three weeks of communication with the kid. It's incredible.
  24. Actually if you want to compare Tim's first class from when he was hired in March to Hoiberg's, his first class was actually Sergej Vucetic (bust), Deverll Biggs (bust), Walter Pitchford (solid contributor) and Terran Petteway (sat out his first year before becoming a real player, but no one expected what we got out of him when we signed him).
  25. Maybe because Miles, after 6 years, would bring in players like Thor and Amir Harris this time of year, while Hoiberg and Abdelmassih, with 1 month to work, have brought in: A guy who was a 4 star on ESPN and previously committed to Xavier and Cincinnati A guy who was just a backup PF to Grant Williams and Admiral Schofield on a team that was a Top 10 team all last year A 17 year old French kid whom NBA insiders are tweeting about
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