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  1. We shall see. Amir said the same thing a couple weeks ago. Thor back home in Iceland now, wouldn't be surprised if he took the Jack McVeigh route.
  2. Thor won't be back, let's be real.
  3. I gave up on that a long time ago. Roby is everything NBA scouts dream about.
  4. If that aired Sunday night, it was probably recorded mid-last week. Pretty much tells me he expected/expects Thor/Amir to leave. They scored points for us last year.
  5. Charlie is better than Jace, Costello and Trueblood. He compares more to Jake Muhleisen in my opinion.
  6. With due respect to Thor who is on scholarship here, I think this kid is a better basketball player and this isn’t just a “fill out the roster” kind of move. Great pickup for a walk-on.
  7. He said Xavier is recruiting him hardest and he’ll visit there and Providence. Maybe Nebraska. Sounds like a fairly longshot right now.
  8. Very cool. Edited my running roster above to put Thor and Amir back in the "Most likely as of right now" column after they both stated they are staying. Not sure that's how it will end up, but until we hear otherwise...
  9. Do you really think they told our only guy taller than 6-8 that he should leave without having any plans for the bigs?
  10. I guess my point wasn’t very clear. I was trying to say that if the staff feels comfortable encouraging our only 6-10 player to move on, then they must have some people lined up. I do not think they would want Brady to transfer if they had didn’t have any big men interested in coming here.
  11. Looks like most of the guys prefer the script Huskers look. Kavas and Cheatham liked the NIT throwback jerseys.
  12. If Brady Heiman is entering the transfer portal, I would assume we already have the bigs in place. Speaking of, the silence around Joel Ntambwe is very mysterious. Remember he has currently declared for the NBA Draft, but there's little chance he gets drafted. Maybe he's planning to withdraw his name and come here and our coaches already know that...or maybe he's done with college and going to the G League or overseas. Just weird how he hasn't said anything about going back to UNLV though.
  13. Ha, so we have Amir telling the Journal Star he's coming back next year, we have Thor tweeting a GIF of "I'm not ****ing leaving" vs. Robin's "multiple sources have confirmed Thor, Amir and Brady are moving on." All I am going to say is this: 1 Akol Arop 2 Dalano Banton 3 Dachon Burke 4 Haanif Cheatham 5 Karrington Davis 6 Jervay Green 7 Matej Kavas 8 Cam Mack That leaves 5 open schollies for: Isaiah Roby (pipe dream, but still his if he wants it) Jayce Johnson Kevin Cross Yvan Ouedraogo Joel Ntambwe Jonathan Tchmawa Tchatchoua Maurice Calloo Anybody else we've offer a scholarship to Amir Harris Brady Heiman Thorir Thorbjarnarson Can't have 18 guys on scholarship. Not to mention we have a staff that has said they'd be fine not using all of their scholarships for this year. Harris and Heiman tie up schollies for 3 more years and Thor for 2. It would be a different story if they were entering their senior years.
  14. So weird, we actually had a player a while back named Po-LEASE dunk it Diaz.
  15. I think everyone needs to relax a little bit. Every player from last year's team already had individual meetings with the coaches. Everyone should know more or less where they stand or what the situation is. I highly highly doubt they told anyone that they were 100% bringing them back, only to go and sign 8 new players to scholarships or whatever it will be and then tell them oops, sorry. This week is finals week and then all the players will focus 100% on basketball and basketball decisions. Plus read more closely into the tweet: #Nebrasketball guard Amir Harris tells me he hasn't released any information to anyone that he's leaving. The plan remains for him to stay at Nebraska and rehab his knee. "My main focus is my recovery," he said. -He "hasn't released any information to anyone that he's leaving." He did not say he's NOT leaving. He did NOT say he's returning. He said he hasn't announced anything. -"Plan remains for him to stay at Nebraska and rehab his knee" He can stay at Nebraska and rehab his knee for the first few weeks of summer while still planning to transfer. That is certainly a possibility. -"My main focus is my recovery." As it should be. Need to get healthy with the doctors and trainers you trust and then see what's next. Notice he didn't say "My main focus is my recovery and getting ready for next season...or my recovery and getting to work with the team this summer...or my recovery so I can be ready for the Italy trip this summer...etc" The more I type the more I am convinced this is much ado about nothing and it will be settled in a couple weeks.
  16. One of the highlight videos said Banton had reclassified up a year to attend college earlier. So he is young for his grade, and with him getting to sit out this year and focus on his skills, I bet we see a much more mature, better player in a year from now.
  17. Did you see Amir's numbers from last season? He didn't attempt a 3 and shot 28% from the free throw line.
  18. I highly disagree with that. But whatever floats your boat.
  19. The WKU media guide says it is pronounced duh-LAH-no...aka...duh-LAW-no
  20. Assuming this is true, I would say Jayce Johnson, Kevin Cross and Yvan O must be committed, or at least a couple of them, for us to let our only big man go.
  21. Well with the new information from Robin, this roster for next year has taken quite a turn. 8 scholarships are set, 5 to go and I think Cross, Johnson and Ouedraogo must have all committed, or at least two of them, with the news that Brady won't be back coming out. 99.99%: Dachon Burke, Guard, 6-4, Jr. Jervay Green, Guard, 6-3, Jr. Akol Arop, Forward, 6-6, Fr. Haanif Cheatham, Guard, 6-5, Sr. Matej Kavas, Forward, 6-8, Sr. Cameron Mack, Guard, 6-2, So. Dalano Banton, Guard, 6-8, So. (sit-out transfer) Most likely as of right now: Thorir Thorbjarnarson, Guard, 6-6, Jr. 50/50: Yvan Ouedraogo, Forward, 6-8, Fr. (HS) Shamiel Stevenson, Forward, 6-6 (Nevada transfer, 1/2 sit-out transfer) Kevin Cross, Forward, 6-8, Fr. (HS) Maybe (visited or intends to): Maurice Calloo, Forward, 6-9, So. (Oklahoma State sit-out 1/2 transfer) Joel Ntambwe, Forward, 6-9, So. (UNLV sit-out transfer *pending waiver) Possibilities: Kendall Lewis, Forward, 6-6, Fr. (HS) Terry Nolan, Guard, 6-2, Jr. (George Washington sit-out transfer) Kerry Blackshear, Forward, 6-8, Sr. (Virginia Tech grad transfer) Jahvon Quinerly, Guard, 6-0, So. (Villanova sit-out transfer) Teyvion Kirk, Guard, 6-1, Jr. (Ohio sit-out transfer) LJ Figueroa, Guard, 6-6, Sr. (St. John's sit-out transfer) Doubtful: Isaiah Roby, Forward, 6-8, Sr. Brady Heiman, Forward, 6-11, So. Karrington Davis, Guard, 6-6, RFr. Amir Harris, Guard, 6-6, So.
  22. Another reason Roby will stay in the draft, the NBADraft.net mock draft right now projects 1 senior going in the 1st Round (#29). Last year 2 seniors went in the 1st Round (#21, #22). In 2017, 2 seniors went (#29, #30). The trend is that the NBA wants young players with more time on their playing clock.
  23. Johnson is only considering Nebraska, Utah, or the NBA I believe...? So I would think that means he gets a scholarship here if he wants one based on the fact that he's a grad transfer who visited.
  24. Roby has everything the NBA scouts look for: potential, athleticism, length. They really don't care how productive of a basketball player you are. You see these European 18 year olds who average 8 ppg get drafted because they have the above 3. Not saying Roby wasn't a productive player, but he wasn't an All-Big 10 player and didn't get honorable mention either. Yet I've 100% accepted he isn't coming back since the day the season ended because of his potential, athleticism and length. Early 2nd round pick IMO with late 1st potential if he has an incredible combine.
  25. I agree, Amir's injury sounded like it wasn't that serious and that he should be back any time. Karrington's was pretty bad.
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