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  1. This may not be the right time or place, but I heard somewhere on the radio last week I think that all the starters are driving cars that have been given to them.
  2. 3 years? You truly believe he gets 3 more years no matter what (if we can’t restructure his contract)? 3 more years of 0-20 to 5-15 conference seasons would be detrimental to ticket sales and attendance and overall interest. Attendance is already bad for Big Ten games against decent opponents. It will only get worse. I completely disagree with that sentiment that we’ll just let him ride out his contract for 3 more years. that Kobe Webster interview was jarring. The players don’t get along. They don’t trust the coaches. The coaches seemingly don’t care. They run this ship like an NBA program with free agency. I can definitely see another season. But I think they would need to win at minimum 6-7 conference games next year and finish in the top 10 of the conference to earn a fifth year.
  3. Actually we will go 0-20, then we’ll beat Northwestern in the Big Ten 14 vs. 11 game. Then we’ll pull an upset over 6 seed Indiana to make the quarterfinals, where we’ll play the 3 seed and get beat by 20. Then half the fanbase will want to run it back next year.
  4. I don't know what's more embarrassing: Paying out the largest buyout ever for a basketball coach. Or bringing back a coach who is about to coach an 0-20 or 1-19 or 2-18 Big Ten Team, in his third season, and waxing poetic about what a great job he's doing and how the future is bright.
  5. Just catching up on this thread and my main takeaway is that I laughed, and then I got sad when I realized that I have full confidence Norm Peterson would have this team at least at 6-11 right now. Is it that hard to imagine any one of us could take this group into these 17 games and say "alright guys, go out there and play ball and if you look tired or you're not trying on defense, I'll sub you out for someone who will" and we wouldn't have at least 6 wins? Western Illinois Sam Houston Idaho State Southern Tennessee State South Dakota Kennesaw State Our players should be able to win all 7 of these games with no "system" or "philosophy" or "game plan". If you put our best 10 and any one of these teams' best 10 in a shirts vs. skins game, I have full confidence we beat all of them. Instead we're paying someone millions upon millions to get even less out of them.
  6. When I started this thread on December 4 after the loss at Indiana I was pretty frustrated with how our 5-4 season had gone so far. Since that day, we are 1-6 with an average margin of defeat of 20.2 points in those 6 losses, and we have the one rousing home win against Kennesaw State. If you had to draw up an absolute bare minimum expectation for the 7 games following the Indiana loss you would probably say 1-6 with an average margin of defeat way smaller than 20 points. I know, Trey and Wilhelm being out as hurt. Every team deals with shit. No excuse. On December 4 we had 5 wins and realtimerpi projected us for 10 total. You thought that was bad…now we have 6 wins and our projection is 8. Amazing. I’m strengthening my stance. I see no hope for this staff’s future here. We are winning anywhere from 0 to 5 Big Ten games this year. Whatever, it’s all the same: horrible. But if Trev isn’t going to base his evaluation of this staff on wins and losses this year (since he called this Year 1 of his evaluation for all our coaches), we will see will he hold true to his word of “I want to see players that play hard and fight and compete (talking about football).” Because if you do an honest evaluation of this program, the vast majority of the time they do not play hard, fight and compete. They have spurts of it, but a 20.2 ppg margin of defeat is what it is: getting beaten soundly all the time. It’s very rare to have a complete dogshit Power 5 basketball team and not be able to say “at least we have a bunch of talent returning and/or sitting out on the bench this year.” We don’t have that. We have a shit team that if we are being honest has no real founded source of optimism heading into next year. That’s what is most depressing to me. We have the next 2 months of this to look forward to and then nothing on paper next year to be excited about (and please don’t try and sell me on the optimism of returning a handful of Big Ten role players at best and one big man recruit who has done nothing here. Every Big Ten team has that and more every year.) Sorry for the long rant and bumping this thread. It’s just that the reality should be setting in for everyone. We went with quick fix bandaid approach for 3 years and now here we are with a horrible team and even worse, we aren’t building anything.
  7. I know for a fact what happened with that situation, and 100% of the blame lies on our coaching staff. Not the fans, not the media. Quit blaming others for the incompetence and negligence of something our staff did.
  8. Perhaps you’re right. But Lat was 9/12. Keisei was 10-12 this year. Kobe was 13-18. If Bahe questioned Lat’s lack of free throws this year, then same would apply for Kesei and Kobe, no? Either way, I didn’t want Lat on the floor for ball handling. I didn’t want Lat on the floor for free throw shooting. I generally just don’t want lat on the floor period, in any circumstance. But I realize we don’t have many options so whatever.
  9. I have no dog in this fight, but I think the argument is both Kobe and Verge should have been on the floor there. but you know what, it doesn’t matter. No matter who is shooting those free throws, they would have been missed. It’s just who we are as a program. We don’t make those plays to win. Ohio State hits the 3 to make it 72-70. Ohio State gets an offensive rebound. Ohio State makes their free throws. Ohio State blocks our game-winning putback attempt. We’re a losing program with a losing mentality.
  10. I think what’s going on is he’s facing our defense in practice and when facing our defense, anybody can go off from 3. Literally anybody, because we let them. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. Lat is a great 3 point shooter in the eyes of our staff because he faces our trash ass defense every day. Game numbers don’t lie. It’s time for Fred to grow a pair and sit him. He’s been a huge liability for 1.5 years now and we can’t afford many liabilities. and I’m not saying this loss is all on him, but let’s face it. His open 3 with 2:17 left he was practically fading away he didn’t want to shoot it so bad, and the free throw line at the end looked like the last place on earth he wanted to be. Both barely grazed the front of the rim. And that’s a senior. Time to move on to someone else who won’t wet themselves at the end.
  11. Lat has started 39 games in a row for Nebraska. He’s shooting 21.7% from 3 and 31.8% from the floor. He is a terrible basketball player, to put it bluntly. And he played 31 minutes tonight. I don’t even like Keon Edwards much, but I’d rather see him play 31 minutes and shoot bricks and choke in key situations. At least we could chalk it up to inexperience. Hell, I’d give Trevor Lakes a chance at this point. Lat is who he is, a stand outside the arc 3 point shooter who is the worst shooter on the team.
  12. Up 72-67 with 36 seconds left at home and we blow it. I mean what else do you expect at this point. We needed to make one more play, just one, and instead we shit our damn pants.
  13. Lat short armed an open 3 and two free throws in the final minutes and if he makes any of those shots we win. Not clutch is a nice way of putting it.
  14. I used to play the “woe is us” cry about teams going off against us. but then I realized this is Doc’s system and this is who we are. Drastically undersized down low, willing to sell out in the paint and let our opponents do whatever they want from 3. And then when our opponents go off from 3, it’s because of our own doing. We choose that fate.
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