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  1. just listening to Matt A and Fred do interviews this last week it seems like the writing is on the wall Sanogo is coming here.
  2. ok I'll give you that for his per game averages, but that has nothing to do with his percentages, which were pretty similar to Burke's.
  3. Burke 12.2 ppg 3.4 rpg 1.27 apg 40.1% FG 30.4% 3 56.6% FT Kobe King 10.0 ppg 2.8 rpg 1.58 apg 45.9% FG 25.0% 3 67.3% FT Not saying he wasn't disappointing, but Kobe King had basically the same production at Wisconsin. So I hope you aren't expecting King to tear it up next year.
  4. No Cross would have nothing to do with Sanogo. Walker, Ouedraogo and Sanogo would all be a 5. Cross is an undersized 4 or an unathletic 3. He isn't 6-8, more like 6-6 or 6-7 at best. Why would he leave? Maybe Fred didn't like his game and told him he won't see the floor much. He was the worst three shooter on the team besides Easley. He was the worst overall shooter on the team besides Easley. The amount of three pointers he attempted per minute played are almost laughable for a percentage like his. He took 116 threes in 587 minutes and missed 72% of them. By comparison one of the best shooters in the nation, Tyler Hagedorn of South Dakota (Norfolk native), shot 51.4% from three and took 140 of them in 955 minutes and missed 49% of them. I could be way wrong and kind of hope to be because I think he has a ton of potential if he can turn his shooting around. But if Fred said this to him: Dalano Banton Kobe King Kobe Webster Shamiel Stevenson Yvan Ouedraogo Thor Teddy Allen Lat Mayen Derrick Walker are the 9 guys we're going to roll out next year, maybe he'll just decide to go to some mid-major and be one of the team's 2 or 3 best players.
  5. Where did I say I wanted Cross gone before Arop? I said I THINK Cross is going to leave, and I THINK Arop is going to stay. It doesn't matter what any of us want. Last year everyone wanted Thor to leave, including some of his coaches. But Fred wanted him to stay, and so he did.
  6. I'll guess cross moves on and we get Sanogo to commit. I think that puts us at 11 schollies counting Arop. Then we'll probably try to add 2 sit-out transfers I would imagine. *You forgot King so I added him.
  7. I don't think either are particularly good, and I expect a healthy dose of a 5-man small lineup that doesn't include either of them on the floor.
  8. We lost Cam Mack and Dachon Burke. We gained Kobe Webster, Kobe King, Dalano Banton and Teddy Allen. I wouldn't say we are severely limited at the guard spot at all. And I think you are under-estimating Teddy Allen's skill-set as well. Also i might add Webster might not be as quick or as skilled as Mack, but if he is 10x the person/teammate mack was, we'll be better off. Also, Fred's second year team at Iowa State had Royce White as its primary "guard" and that went alright (23-11, NCAA Second Round). Iowa State's starting lineup in 2011-12 was 6-3, 6, 3, 6-5, 6-6, 6-8. Right now our starting lineup for next year is probably 6-0 Webster, 6-4 King, 6-5 Allen, 6-8 Banton, 6-9 Ouedraogo. I was worried about our guards before. But adding a senior grand transfer/proven DI scorer/proven good teammate, I'm not worried about it now. We need an athletic big man more than another guard.
  9. you know what, screw it. I'm probably way wrong. Dalano Banton will be our Royce White. Maybe they prefer Banton to Mack even and couldn't care less if Mack leaves. Royce White 2011-12 (Fred's second year at ISU): 31.5 min/game. 13.4 ppg, 9.3 rpg, 170 assists, 130 turnovers. No one else on the team had even half as many assists or turnovers. I am not even more excited for next year. I could see Banton putting up those type of numbers given his assist/turnover ratio at WKU is about exactly what White's was.
  10. don't get me wrong, I think he will be a baller for us and Hoiberg will get the best out of him. I just don't think he will be the primarily ball handler/distributor on the team.
  11. the bottom 10 games you calculated were the first 10 games of the season. you looked at everything in reverse order lol.
  12. sadly, i agree. banton averaged 15 mpg at WKU but averaged only 5 mpg in the last 10 games of the season. Basically, he got benched. his assist:turnover ratio at the end of the year was barely over 1. I know fred likes positionless basketball, but I can't fathom him being the guy bringing the ball up the floor and running the show for 30+ mins per game
  13. Good luck to him in the NBA..........................................I hear undersized point guards with a history of bad behavior who don't play much defense and have no shooting ability are a dime a dozen. But if he just dribbles and passes, he might turn some heads.
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