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  1. I'll just say this, I'm not saying Luka Garza will be an all star. My point is a guy named Goga Bitadze was the 18th overall pick by the Pacers in 2019. 6-11, 250. Not an outside shooter at all. His weaknesses were the same as Garza (not athletic, lacks explosiveness). He averaged 3.2 points and 2.0 rebounds last season in 54 games off the bench as a rookie. He was drafted 18th, and Garza is one of the final 10 picks or even undrafted in many of the mocks. I would be absolutely shocked and will come here and eat crow next June if Luka Garza doesn't average 3 and 2 for an NBA team this season.
  2. Since when does the NBA play defense? I like how these scouts act like "lateral quickness on defense" matters in the typical 125-115 NBA game.
  3. I suppose. Well some team at the end of the draft is going to be very fortunate IMO and get a guy who will easily be in an NBA rotation for many years.
  4. I get that, but he's a 6-11 dude shooting 68% from 3 and averaging 29 ppg.
  5. I have no idea about Banton yet, and I don't mean to hijack this thread, but how is Luka Garza a projected late 2nd round pick? It's befuddling to me how time and time again NBA GMs and scouts outthink themselves and draft some kid from overseas who has "potential" but we never hear from him again, but Garza is literally dominating NCAA Division I basketball and is apparently barely draftable.
  6. I won't bash on Yvan's finishing around the rim but I think it's worth looking at the +/- from the first 3 games: Mayen +68 Banton +60 McGowens +57 Allen +46 Thor +37 Webster +28 Yvan +9 Stevenson +8 Our two "bigs" being in the game so far has caused us the most problems. They don't need to bring scoring to the game because we have enough of that elsewhere but if you value +/- even a little bit then this is not a great sign, considering as a team we are +66.
  7. The NCAA did not wait until this morning to tell Nebraska this. Don't worry about our rotation preparation.
  8. Everyone relax. The basketball program has known about this for a long time.
  9. Bumping this. I took a lot of grief for saying Cross would probably leave...
  10. just listening to Matt A and Fred do interviews this last week it seems like the writing is on the wall Sanogo is coming here.
  11. ok I'll give you that for his per game averages, but that has nothing to do with his percentages, which were pretty similar to Burke's.
  12. Burke 12.2 ppg 3.4 rpg 1.27 apg 40.1% FG 30.4% 3 56.6% FT Kobe King 10.0 ppg 2.8 rpg 1.58 apg 45.9% FG 25.0% 3 67.3% FT Not saying he wasn't disappointing, but Kobe King had basically the same production at Wisconsin. So I hope you aren't expecting King to tear it up next year.
  13. No Cross would have nothing to do with Sanogo. Walker, Ouedraogo and Sanogo would all be a 5. Cross is an undersized 4 or an unathletic 3. He isn't 6-8, more like 6-6 or 6-7 at best. Why would he leave? Maybe Fred didn't like his game and told him he won't see the floor much. He was the worst three shooter on the team besides Easley. He was the worst overall shooter on the team besides Easley. The amount of three pointers he attempted per minute played are almost laughable for a percentage like his. He took 116 threes in 587 minutes and missed 72% of them. By comparison one of the
  14. Where did I say I wanted Cross gone before Arop? I said I THINK Cross is going to leave, and I THINK Arop is going to stay. It doesn't matter what any of us want. Last year everyone wanted Thor to leave, including some of his coaches. But Fred wanted him to stay, and so he did.
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