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  1. Since this year is an alphabetical announcement, who are we hoping to not see before Nebraska? I can come up with: Arizona State Baylor Louisville Marquette Middle Tennessee Quite a few will come after us. Who am I missing?
  2. NeeandMe

    Selection Committee Games of Interest

    These last 10 minutes have not been great
  3. NeeandMe

    Selection Committee Games of Interest

    Gun to my head, OU gets in but I really think OSU gets left out. Still lots of pieces that need to fall, but being back in too 60 rpi is huge
  4. NeeandMe

    NCAA or bust.

    I get what you're saying, but all those guys left because of changing roles/ poor team results. None of this teams impact players are going to see someone on the bench eat into their minutes next year and they're coming off a great season as a team. I guess I fail to see how that proves we're going to see any crippling transfers.
  5. NeeandMe

    NCAA or bust.

    TP had a magical season and returned. He followed it up with a less impressive season and disappointing team effort. He then declared. AWIII was on an awful team, knew he was going to be asked to do more than he was comfortable with so he bailed. Morrow and Jacobsen knew what was coming with Palmer and Copeland and didn't want to be relegated to sharing minutes with each other and Jordy at the 5. Everyone else who has left has essentially be non-factors that we all thought had "potential." (Walt P was a very odd situation, don't see anyone like that on this team) Frankly I don't see any of these applying to Palmer or Copeland. We didn't see major defections coming off the '14 run and I don't think we will after this season. Might we lose a Palmer or Tshimanga? Very possible. Maybe a seemingly random Allen or Akenten type defection? Very possible. I just don't see a scenario where we have a massive jumping of ship.
  6. NeeandMe

    Selection Committee Games of Interest

    BC and Clemson both blowing it slowed down some momentum on the day. Would've been 6 games in a row that finished the way we needed.
  7. correct, but he's also the one trying to fix it by saying "move more"
  8. Can he do it again next year? Honestly? I have my doubts.
  9. Miles had a fairly impressive coaching season. My gosh this game is quite the opposite.
  10. NU 61 UM 65 1 win (I know, I picked them to lose, but if they win I'm gonna need the bonus)
  11. NeeandMe

    Selection Committee Games of Interest

    That was disappointing, would've made it another great night. As it stands, still an okay night.
  12. NeeandMe

    Selection Committee Games of Interest

    Much more enjoyable
  13. NeeandMe


    I don't understand this sentiment: "This game isn't as big as the 2014 Wisconsin game, so let's be a mediocre crowd." It's the last home game of the year. It's been an historic year. This team has a lot left in front of it and this is our send-off for them. It's sunny, 45 degrees, and a frikin Nebrasketball gameday! Enjoy some beverages in the railyard, then go be a damn lunatic for a couple hours while our beloved 'skers beat the brakes of peddo state!