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  1. Wow this board still exists.....gbr we win tonight with my first post in forever
  2. Maybe the three's fallmtoday for the big red. If not there is football and drinks in the Lexus club to escape to. Anything can happen..gbr
  3. Can't believe my login still works...it's been a long time boys. Fighting Fred's 71 Jay's 64 I am then kicked out of the Lexus Lounge for excessive celebration.
  4. Can't get that mad about it. Anyone with a pulse wouldn't think much of us after that road effort. Big one for Timmy and company. Amazing I remembered to login and post here....been years. Hope all of you guys are doing well.
  5. When's the last time we had a hat on the table like that for hoop?
  6. Uneblinstu is exactly right. If Vaughn is not a recruit there we get him. Some bonds can't be broken. We were in the mix ...still feel he will get caught up in the wrong things and distractions. Sad to see a brother martin brother make a iffy decision I do hope he does very well though!
  7. The bond with he and rashad was to strong to overcome it happens.Moving on...
  8. Its the truth though and something jordan should consider. Brother Martin costs to much for him to make such a poor decision as vegas. Sadly I see him going for the bio Vegas bubble they and Rashad sold him. Hope I am wrong as his parents really loved NU. UNLV put on the party band had plenty of people texting and tweeting him to feel like a star.
  9. I saw that. He misread that quote I think at first lol not a bad question
  10. Jordan is also into social media and is influenced by hype is what one of his high school coaches. Hence why you see a ton of UNLV people tweeting him. They were told to do so as Jordan loves hype. Crazy that kids like that stuff so much. End of the day..facilities..academics..and future development should be what matters...not parties...tweets and weather....hoops is played inside
  11. Yeah never argue with a recruit. I just tweeted him support just now as he has a big day wish him the best and good to see some hype for brother martin mybold school today. Sadly it sounds like mom and dad loved NU. Jordan though wants to play with Rashad and the unlv people were negative towards lincoln in general and really showed him a VIP time. Now I just hope he realizes that he can't afford that lifestyle in college all the time and should come to Lincoln;)
  12. Pack the vault...walk him in and introduce him like they did in blue Chips...what else does lincoln have going Monday night Cornish Cornish Cornish....I can hear it now
  13. I would opt for a more stable situation at Nebraska...but I wear red glasses
  14. Yes I was tweeting with him. I went to Brother Martin..his civics teacher coach Lupo was my civics teacher. He asked me about the weather said I love Nebraska. Wished him the best either way he decides..told him he would love the facilities and PBA..said he should take a visit and see for himself..definitely not stalking him it was a one night deal..but us brother martin crusaders are a family...a poor family after paying 25,000 in tuition but still a family.
  15. Is visiting for sure and then will make his decision. As a former brother martin crusader I can confirm he is a baller...I will handle his twitter recruiting. Would be jacked to see him come here. DJ Augustin was out of BM as well. Would be a great get for us. These things are tricky but I hope we be at out the rebels and the deacons for this kid.
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