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    Buglem reacted to Noah121 in A Storm is brewing...   
    And that Storm may allow me to attend way more than just winter break Huskers games!
    I recently accepted a Math Instructor position with SCC Beatrice, (hence the Storm) and my partner and I will move to Lincoln in late July!
    The Hard Hat is back!
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    Buglem reacted to TheKamdyMan in Kevin Cross is leaving   
    And being replaced with better talent. The entire point of coaching is to recruit talent better than what you have. The guys we had are going to places like South Alabama, Pacific, etc. We are in the Big 10 and need Big 10 players. They were bodies in a lineup and we will continue to get more and more players in that fit the mold. 
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    Buglem got a reaction from Red Don in HHCC Game #22 - vs. Penn State (Feb. 1, 6:00 PM CST)   
    Huskers 83
    other guys 77
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    Buglem reacted to Norm Peterson in uneblinstu's postgame chatter: vol 12; ed 15 - vs. Iowa   
    Thor has one of the highest basketball IQs of any player we've ever had here. Examples abound. Some stand out: he knew we had 4 team fouls in the half with a minute or so to play and could force Iowa to waste time inbounding the ball rather than getting a shot at the hoop. Just made sure the foul was on the floor. And you could tell he knew exactly what he was doing when he did it.
    Thor has made the absolute most of the opportunities he's had to see the floor his entire career here. And he has manufactured a jump shot where there was none, which had to take a lot of work and perseverance. Love seeing that kid have success.
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    Buglem reacted to hhcmatt in Shamiel Stevenson is N   
    If everything was cut and dry then why hold the waiver submission for so long?  Seems to reason that had we submitted our request earlier we would already have an answer. If the purpose of holding it was to increase our chances of it being granted for this year it would seem that it's already cost Stevenson 3 games.
    Nature abhors a vacuum. Either the University can fill that void with information or else we can fill it with speculation. I'd prefer the former but that doesn't mean I dismiss the latter.
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    Buglem reacted to basketballjones in Keep calm   
    It's all projection from the Husker Football season. 

    Most would have been totally fine and understanding this year if football was even remotely relevant. 
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    Buglem reacted to hhcmatt in Perspective   
    I can rationalize with the best of them but I was expecting us, with our roster of guys who would be too good to play for UC Riverside,  to be competitive last night.
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    Buglem reacted to 49r in Keeping up with the offers/visits   
    Omaha World-Herald: "Nebraska is not expected to add anyone else."
    Fred Hoiberg: "Hold my beer!"  (signs a 6' 8" 238# transfer PF from Tennessee) 
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    Buglem reacted to hhcmatt in Shamiel Stevenson is N   
    Do you own a ski mask and have a sense of adventure?
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    Buglem reacted to bkamler in Cam Mack is N   
    I’ve been a Dead Red NU basketball fan since 1958 and this has me thinking the unthinkable...NCAA tourney win, Sweet 16, Elite 8, Final 4 and National Championship. 
    I need to take better care of myself so I am around to see it. I’m off to walk two more miles to add to my first two miles so I can keep my blood pressure down.
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    Buglem reacted to Norm Peterson in Boehm taking a step back   
    I know it's funny to attack Boehm when nobody outside the athletic department knows what it is that he does, for sure.
    But I think we should give some credit where credit is due:  None of the coaches he took part in hiring and none of the programs under his supervision were caught up in any NCAA infractions.  The players graduated on time.  Our APR scores were good.  We haven't been penalized, sanctioned or placed on NCAA probation.  We haven't had scholarships pulled or been banned from post-season play.
    You can joke and say things like "we banned ourselves from post-season play" or "with our win-loss record, we don't warrant an investigation."  Haha.  I get the humor.
    But, in all seriousness, there is intense pressure to win when you're at the helm of a revenue sport in a major conference.  A lot of people out there glance sideways at the rules that govern things like recruiting, and white lies and pushing the ethical envelope are rationalized if it leads to a better caliber of recruits. And FBI investigations into neighboring programs have cast a pall over those schools' athletic programs, so pushing the ethical envelope is not unheard of or without precedence even nearby.
    So far as I know, WE have not been implicated.  I would rather struggle to achieve mediocrity while preserving my honor and integrity than win dishonestly.
    Make fun of Marc Boehm if you want.  Talk about the lack of basketball success during his tenure.  But don't, then, forget to mention we've run clean programs while he's been here.
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    Buglem reacted to tcp in Filling Out a Staff.   
    For anyone with a penchant for learning things: 
    There's another explanation missing from the UK phraseology that some might find interesting. "Toe the line" was in heavy use in the British military, rumored to be descended from firing squads in wartime where a line was drawn for the executioners to get to an ideal distance to the condemned. To "toe the line" was a euphemism for carrying out a difficult duty. A similar explanation also courtesy of the Brits as well as US soldiers during the Civil War involved the metaphorical line of a skirmish line. Also a difficult duty, but with an added element of danger. So.....I'm a pathetic geek. It's a cool phrase, because as much as it's used correctly, there's no real consensus as to its origins. 
    Next weeks grammar police seminar: It's not "the proof is in the pudding". 
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    Buglem reacted to jimmykc in This Day is for You!   
    You rang? Thanks for the day, even though I grew up as more of a K-State fan, only switching to KU when I matriculated there. However, when we moved to Lincoln in 1975 we got season tickets and attended most every game at Devaney until the Pinnacle made it too expensive and inconvenient. Many happy memories of taking my sons and grandsons to games beginning with Moe's era. Was this the best day yet? We'll see how it goes but Fred H. is a good start. Will I feel unfulfilled, sports-wise, if I do not see NU finally have NCAA tourney success? No, because being a fan is about more than getting "W"s. Any unfulfilled perception dissipated following the 2004 Red Sox season. However, I look forward to the Hoiberg era with great anticipation.
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    Buglem reacted to LK1 in Roster Attrition   
    I thought it was a really classy tweet.  He isn't a graduate transfer possibility, and the notion that he would do anything disingenuous toward Nebraska after 3 years of being a model student athlete is ridiculous.
    Give the kid the benefit of the doubt here.  He's earned it, and he's earned the right to have options.  
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    Buglem reacted to hskr4life in The Mayor's State of the Union Address   
    I don't know if this is what you are talking about as well, but based on information that I have heard a while back, I think it's ok to still be critical of Moos and his handling of some situations during the Miles tenure.  I think you can be critical of Moos and his handling of situations during the Miles tenure while also pointing out that this was a great hire for the basketball program.  It doesn't have to be an either/or.  
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    Buglem reacted to Norm Peterson in 2019 PF Zeke Nnaji -> Arizona   
    Hoping. But what the heck. Arizona could be swept up in the FBI thing. Hoiberg was away from the college game just long enough to likely not have been even potentially an object of investigation and represents a safe landing spot.
    Further, his NBA experience means he has cred; his being a new hire means he’s not likely going anywhere for your entire college career; his proximity to your hometown means your family could make it to some games.
    Hoiberg has some things to sell here, and there’s no ink on an LOI at this point. Why not?
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    Buglem reacted to The Polish Rifle in Coaching Carousel 2019   
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    Buglem reacted to hskr4life in Coaching Carousel 2019   
    One of my favorite players... Rick Vaughn... played there.
    One heck of a pitcher.  
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    Buglem reacted to TomEadesSucks in Fred Hoiberg is N   
    For the love of all that is holy, don't make Fred yell "Wooo, Pig Suey!" at the press conference.
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    Buglem reacted to HuskerFever in No Husker Hoops Just Hoiberg Hoops Now   
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    Buglem reacted to imnothipp in Fred Hoiberg is N   
    I was in a group chat with some Creighton Fans (sorry, I am a Prep grad) and the consensus was Nebraska overpaid. After about the 3rd text containing WAY OVERPAID, I replied .    "yeah we could have bought a lot of Brian Bowens for that...."  
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    Buglem reacted to hhcmatt in Fred Hoiberg is N   
    I turned on my TV to see if there was going to be a crawl on the local stations.  There was not. STILL WORK TO DO FOR THE BRAND
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    Buglem reacted to cipsucks in Fred Hoiberg is N   
    We're not Moosin around, are we?  My whole life I've waited for this moment.  Thank you for finally doing it, Nebraska!
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    Buglem reacted to HoiBall in Fred Hoiberg   
    No. It would be like Scott going to the NFL and failing and then going to Iowa state to be their football coach while we are stuck with a guy taking us to the Alamo and outback bowl every year after Scott had just missed taking us to the college football playoff because Adrian Martinez broke his foot in the B1G championship game.
    I understand their feelings a little. It would be sad to see you beloved player/coach go somewhere else and be stuck with a mediocre guy that isn’t half the coach your ex was.
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    Buglem reacted to hskr4life in Fred Hoiberg   
    I’m not going to apologize for supporting Miles until the end.  He deserved it.  He is part of the reason today happened.  He was a good dude.  More than that, he was a Husker through and through.
    I said at the beginning of the year that it was NCAA or bust for me and that if we did get rid of Miles, we had to have a home run hire.  We managed that.  It’s a good day for Nebraska basketball.  
    Now its put up or shut up time for Nebraska.  There isn’t no “hope” Fred can get it done.  Fred has to get it done.  We HAVE to give him time.  We HAVE to take out bad lumps without jumping off of a cliff.  This has to be the time for us to get it done.
    With being a great hire comes expecting great results.  This is uncharted territory.  Will be a fun ride.
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