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  1. The Chive in and of itself, is a good for what it does. But the people with "KCCO" shirts and stickers and things are, literally, the lamest people on the planet. It's a website with half naked girls (you know you can find totally naked girls on the internet, too) and cats doing funny things. Why are so many obsessed with it? Btw, their beer sucks ass. Tried it at Beerfest. Just like with people who "vape," I've never seen someone who wears Chive crap and thought "oh man, that guy seems totally cool and with it!"
  2. Our press break was, honestly pitiful. The little ring around the rosy we would do before cutting was obviously not working on Craft and Della Vagina (I think that's how you spell it...). Would have liked to see us maybe try something different.....like at all. A simple 4 across would have worked. Really unless Leslie was in, any of our players can reasonably handle the ball for a short period of time, so bringing the all up to help break the press makes sense. Also could have opened up the deep ball. Plus, setting a few screens may have helped instead of just trying to out run Aaron Cra
  3. It certainly counts to me, but I will always call it a "play-in" game. Cause that's what it is.
  4. I'd honestly be pissed if it was Higgins. He's approaching Valentine status in the "hey everybody watch me" category.
  5. I somewhat agree with this, but it feels like Benny likes coming off the bench. Been awhile since we've had such a big spark plug to come in. Why mess with a good thing now?
  6. It'd be nice if the PBA store's ability to take credit cards would work the entire game and for them to not be rude about it
  7. Honest question, but is there anything you guys actually enjoy during a game? My goodness...."how dare people leave early" "how dare the students tell someone they suck.." "the band plays terrible music" "the concession prices are too high..." "there's an 90 year old man in my section who doesn't stand up to clap for the fight song...." "Tim Miles won't favorite my tweets..." "Mike Peltz won't follow me on instagram..." "There's a red zone student who audibly said the f word during a time out! My ears!! WHAT WOULD TOM THINK?!" It gets old, folks. As someone who spent his college
  8. I'm going to speak on this issue as I've been a member of the "leaving early" crowd from back at the Bob. I'll be amazingly honest and say that my leaving early at the fair grounds had everything to do with the excruciating mental anguish sitting in line to leave the parking lot caused me. Now at PBA, I'm actually much happier staying to the end of the game because of the parking options. Since I refuse to pay a cent to pay to park to watch a basketball game in Lincoln, Nebraska I usually park downtown somewhere and hike over to the arena. Last night was pretty freaking cold, but I left af
  9. I blame the people who leave early for the increased prices. Oh wait, no....that's amazingly unreasonable...
  10. Can't we say that any press is good press right now about our basketball program...?
  11. People who pay for a ticket are generally grown men and women and can probably do what they want. It doesn't make them any less of a Husker fan than any of the rest of us. This is a tired and pedantic argument by this point in time.
  12. My phone still barely works up in the 300 level where my seats actually are. In the second half of the last three games when I've improved my lie after halftime, it's become very brick-like. But the same thing happens at the football games too..... Word was there would be a tower or something put in by January. Still kind of a sad problem (if a first world problem at its finest) to have in 2013-2014
  13. Looked like a lot of non-students people from the 300 level moved down to the section behind the basket where the students weren't. (Section 112). My favorite was when one of the students from the sideline came over and yelled at the section, which was about 75% "grown-ups" and high school kids to stand up during a free throw. Then when everyone stood up for the t-shirt cannon, the same student stood and gave section 112 the middle finger. Way to keep it classy Red Zone!
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