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  1. TomEadesSucks

    2018-2019 KenPom Rankings Thread

    Forgot Creighton, how the hell is Iowa 35th? Edit: NM, I thought Iowa's defensive rating was 35th, not their overall. Still just as screwy, though.
  2. TomEadesSucks

    Jordy Gone

    I was going to go with Joe McCray.
  3. I thought it might be an interesting topic. I think he was a good coach who couldn't recruit talent well enough to succeed here. First 3 seasons were terrible, but the last 3 weren't terrible (2004-05 we went .500., made the NIT the other 2 years.) So what's everybody else's opinion? I didn't follow the inner workings of the program as I do with Coach Miles, I'm interested in what you fanatics think of Barry and his staff. How do you think he'd do with the talent we have now? Was the NIT his ceiling, or would he eventually gotten us dancing if he had stuck around?
  4. TomEadesSucks

    Way too early 2018-19 BTN Standings

    Welp, looks like the Big Ten will be a two bid conference next year.
  5. TomEadesSucks

    Xavier Johnson isn't N

    Are there any more college age Dylan Talley relatives out there?
  6. TomEadesSucks

    Kenya Hunter

    You know, if things go south with Miles, I'd bet John Groce would be more than happy to come here now..
  7. TomEadesSucks

    What to do with Miles contract?

    nt I don't want TO, Davison, or any other cook in the kitchen. I think Moos will hire a search firm and make the decision from there.
  8. I think we'll find out why when the FBI report is released.
  9. TomEadesSucks

    2018 SG Karrington Davis - LOI

    Did Tim help Karrington's mom take out the trash? I hear that's a fantastic recruiting technique.
  10. TomEadesSucks

    Greatest Upset in the history

    If you can't be good at being great, be great by being terrible.
  11. TomEadesSucks

    Postseason Tourney Talk

    Don''t question Brucie's brilliance!
  12. TomEadesSucks

    Postseason Tourney Talk

    Just think if the B1G hadn't been down this year. They'd be, like, 6-0.
  13. TomEadesSucks

    Postseason Tourney Talk

    l miss good ol' Paul Verlander.
  14. TomEadesSucks

    Postseason Tourney Talk

    Just wait until they expand the field to 96 teams.
  15. TomEadesSucks

    What to do with Miles contract?

    Dana Hoiberg?