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  1. Terran Petteway and JPJ didn't have much "star power" either.
  2. Are we sure the NCAA would do anything about it?
  3. Watching some past Iowa St games. Roby could be a rich man's Georges Niang if he came back. Hard to put off your dreams for a year though.
  4. For the love of all that is holy, don't make Fred yell "Wooo, Pig Suey!" at the press conference.
  5. Stop being ridiculous people. We are not hiring Wardle.
  6. Is he talking about the team or his drinking buddies?
  7. I think Aleks had a game like that against KU awhile ago.
  8. We don't have the athletes to compete, especially now.
  9. Hey, things are looking more promising for next season at least.
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