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    Ominous Tweet Re: Roster Attrition

    Finished top 2 in conference 4 of 6 years. Caught a bad break with those Indiana teams being CWS good. Definitely needs to start winning more in postseason.
  2. bigred4

    Way too early 2018-19 BTN Standings

    No reason not to be in top 4 again assuming JPJ and Copeland come back.
  3. bigred4

    What to do with Miles contract?

    Not sure how it isn't apples to apples, both teams had a very similar KenPom ranking. My point is that I don't understand everyone saying, we basically just need to give Miles 5 years and let him coach no matter what. I agree if you are going to keep you have to give him an extension, but I would go 2 more years so he is at four. If they don't make the NCAA next year, I don't see how you could retain him with all the talent that is on the roster and not making the NCAA. Most on here last year were saying that you had to let him coach that Glynn Watson, Ed Morrow, Michael Jacobsen, and Jack McVeigh recruiting class through their senior year and then make a decision, so that is why next year is pretty big, I would think, but who knows what Moos is thinking.
  4. bigred4

    What to do with Miles contract?

    One of those teams was the 6 seed in the NIT and the other was a 5 seed
  5. bigred4

    What to do with Miles contract?

    Any coach with this talented of a roster who doesn't make the tourney and has missed 5 straight then yes. Obviously if they would have made it this year then things would be different.
  6. bigred4

    What to do with Miles contract?

    That's the problem Moos has if he extends him more than a couple of years. With that roster next year, if they don't make the NCAA tournament (in year 7) how could you not fire him? I don't know about proving he could coach talent this year. Other than Michigan and Minnesota (the first time), I'm not sure we won any game that we shouldn't have. Only loss 1 that we probably should have won though. Will always remember after the @Wisconsin game, Miles saying the last 10 minutes he stopped calling plays and the let the players just play and they scored 31 points in the last ten, not exactly a ringing endorsement of his coaching prowess.
  7. bigred4

    Watkins out

    That is the problem with the Tier system in my opinion. This is a Tier 3 game for Nebraska and a Tier 1 game for PSU. If Nebraska beats PSU, the only way PSU could get into the top 75 in the RPI according to RPI forecast is by getting to the semi finals of the B1G tourney. So really beating Penn State won't doing anything on paper for Nebraska's resume because it will just be a Tier 3 win.
  8. bigred4

    In state kids?

    Why is Kenya's son going to school in Omaha?
  9. bigred4

    Road to 20

    After seeing both Wisconsin and Illinois, Wisconsin looks like the more winnable game on the road even though they both could be wins. Wisconsin looks like one of the worse teams in the B1G this year. Take away Happ and they don't have much else.
  10. This was definitely the game changer ...hope Roby keeps playing that aggressive on offense....seems to be getting more comfortable being more assertive
  11. Neb 78 Illinois 71 15
  12. Interesting side note....former Nebraska staffer (don't think he ever was an assistant and think he may have left before the first season started) Chin Coleman is an assistant at Illinois.
  13. Carr was 2-17 going into ot...PSU stuck with and he won them the game. JP should have got some minutes especially after we called a time out at end of regulation.
  14. I don't know if you would consider it player development, but his track record with big guys is not good. Pitchford (left team) Smith (Juco- did a pretty good job as a role player) Sergei (transfer) Hammond (transfer) MJ (transfer) Morrow (transfer) Jordy (potential transfer) Duby/Moses (grad transfers that are role players) Not sure if all these guys transferring are all on Miles but to not have a high school big guy finish out his career is not good.