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  1. Finished 13th the year he was fired. 5 of 7 years finish 10th or worse. But my question is how did Fred win at ISU and 2 of the years were without otzelberger on bench so he may have been a part of it but not the whole reason?
  2. Fred said a week or 2 ago that he was going to play Lakes and then hasn't. With Teddy no longer on team maybe Shamiel gets more minutes at the 3 and Lakes takes minutes at 4. On a team that doesn't shoot the 3 well (and now the best one statistically is gone), you wonder how Lakes hasn't got more minutes so hopefully he will.
  3. If he's told Teddy that, then I would hope he's told Shamiel to stop going 1 on 3 because that doesn't end well either.
  4. Referring specifically to Saturday, Teddy shoots the 3 in transition and Fred immediately yanks him and never goes back in. I think you need to live with your best 3 point shooter doing that occasionally. Shamiel back to back possessions drives and throws up something in traffic and he was back in at the end of the game. Not having Teddy in at end of game for free throws didn't make sense unless his wrist was hurt more than is being let on which could be or Fred was sending a message to Teddy that has been received.
  5. Not too surprising, he would get benched, while others would do similar things and not. Wasn't sure if he was going to try professional after this year anyways.
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