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  1. Heard this and wondered the same thing. Kent made the comment about how this didn't get near enough coverage.
  2. Iowa game a few years ago with that went to double ot has to be top 5. Will never forget the refs counting that basket after Iowa guy tipped ball in after whistle and they still counted it
  3. Not sure if he was the offensive mastermind, but there was definitely a good dynamic between him and Miles. Both of Miles' NCAA appearances he was on the bench and I think you could argue the first year at Nebraska was one of Miles best coaching jobs while at Nebraska (winning 15 games while having 3 guys sit out as transfers and only playing 7 scholarship guys all year) also came with Smith on the bench. Also, Smith has proven to be a very good head coach ( 2 conference titles in 5 years) while MIles has never finished better than 4th in 12 years. I don't know if Smith would have been able to sort out the dysfunction of the 14-15 team, but had he stayed one more year and they went to the Tourney, everybody is probably viewing Miles a little different with 2 NCAA appearances in 3 years.
  4. Seconded. He came back and was having a really good senior year . Just stinks for him. Hope he fully recovers cuz he should make a lot of money playing professionally.
  5. Out for year via Twitter . That hurts.
  6. We have missed a lot of bunnies the last three games. Really unfortunate.
  7. Curious why we shouldn't even consider a coach who has been to a final 4 and an elite 8 in the last 4 years and grew up 15 mins from Lincoln?
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