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  1. Keep in mind it's the NBA that says they must go to college for a year.
  2. Keep in mind, I think his best friends on the team were Anton Gill, Isaac, and Glenn. So with those gone, he didn't have much left.
  3. He's under the radar because of how lazy he plays I tend to agree with you. My son goes to Central so we go to the home games. If you notice, against any team with size that can match him, he doesn't do very well.
  4. If it was only one coach that was complaining about not getting any calls, it would seem like sour grapes. But now Nebraska, Penn State and Northwestern have stated publicly that they get no respect because they are not an "A list" program. Penn State's coach went ballistic and got tossed at Michigan state I believe, Northwestern's coach basically said that the refs didn't have the "guts" to call the travel at that end of the game, and Tim Miles came out pretty much saying that same thing. Could get interesting but nothing will probably happen other than these three schools will never get a
  5. I also like it when he is on the call. He should be an Indiana homer, I believe he played and coached there. But I don't think it is overboard.
  6. Saw that their AD said on the radio that Groce would be back next year.
  7. I am guessing CD105 in Omaha will have it. I think that is one of the main reasons they changed networks is so they have another station available in this situation. It was that way last week when Big Red Reaction was still on 590. Just had to wait for the volleyball broadcast to end.
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