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  1. Same if they end up in Portland.
  2. I’m hoping to make my first Nebraska basketball game since Oregon in Miles’ first season in March of 22 in some city hosting Nebraska’s first tournament win.
  3. To me it feels like he would be one of those kids that wants to enjoy the process and make sure he has no doubts but had a definite favorite. I believe he ends up N in the end. If he can continue to develop I believe he could be a special player under Hoiberg. I think Fred sees a little of himself in Parker.
  4. I’d said this elsewhere but the coaches usually take at least one project player each cycle. These are guys they can work with at the end of the bench that aren’t going to need minutes right away. If they hit that’s great, if not they move on and we take a chance on the next guy. Previously Fred always liked having sit out guys because you can only play 8-10 on a regular rotation. Now that players can play right away you need guys at the end of the bench that aren’t going to necessarily need or have earned the minutes yet. I think that’s what you will see going forward with those 3-5 spots are guys that can do one thing really well or guys that have the tools but need some fine tuning.
  5. I think the one thing Hoiberg can point to is that Banton, a guy that got demoted in season, was still able to get drafted. Granted he had something others players may not have but it shows that connections to the NBA can still be made even if you don’t put up amazing stats.
  6. This stuff was always there and apparent from the start with him. You can go back to when I watched Him in Portland as a Junior in Hs. He is no nonsense, does everything the way it’s supposed to be, is the ultimate team player, is very respected by his teammates, and plays hard but looks like the dude at the YMCA. Other teams will grow to hate him as much as we love him over time like similar Wisconsin, Ohio State, and Iowa players we all despise.
  7. There’s some talk about Him moving to the prep school in order to expedite his career a year while also playing better competition. We will see if the former happens though.
  8. I'd bet hes a guy that waits until the spring. Obviously its a double edged sword there but it gives us a chance to see where we are at and if he has progressed since he didn't get a junior year of basketball.
  9. I think this rule is something they expected to happen previously and it didn’t pass and that’s why he moved on. Honestly I think it benefits us because we got a younger guy in Loenser now and Doc can still be the defensive coordinator.
  10. Yes and no. Your goal is protect the rim first and foremost. You have to pick your poison. I’d rather a player shoot a 3 than get a layup if I’m on defense.
  11. I have a feeling you see more teams do what Nebraska does and have a recruiter on the coaching staff and have a “coach” in the role Doc currently holds. That way your best recruiter can contact and visit kids while your coach stays back and just coaches. I’m sure Doc doesn’t mind not having to recruit players.
  12. Draft express has had the best percentage of correct hits. It’s why espn bought them out.
  13. This would give us the ability to have Abdelmassih not be on the court for practice and allow Doc to take his place.
  14. I think a lot of that has to do with a disgruntled former employee who held the position in which the stuff was happening for the coaching. I don't see Doc doing that even if he were let go.
  15. I think he plays point in HS just to have the ball in his hand because he’s just that good of a scorer. I think he’s an off guard that’s more of a shooting guard that can handle the ball if need be.
  16. Kobe Webster posted a story today that alluded to her no longer being at Nebraska. Robin confirmed and would provide more info tomorrow.
  17. The team was given multiple rappers to choose from and this is who the team chose. It may not be something you like but this is not meant for you or me for that matter, its all for the players and recruits.
  18. Honestly I was hoping from the start he would go elsewhere. He's a good player but I think Nebraska can do better and that's not a slight on Jasen its just the nature of the beast. I like to look at basketball different than football since there's only a few guys a year you can sign. So I like to think if this kid didn't live in Nebraska would he be a take right now and I don't believe the answer would be yes. I can't say he would even have a Nebraska offer if that were the case.
  19. Basketball has different rules for official visits. Technically they get 5 this year, 5 next year, and 5 post Hs if needed.
  20. I’m not saying I don’t want him but if he doesn’t choose Nebraska I won’t be upset. There’s a lot of better players nationally that Fred is getting attention from, on top of the transfer portal, that I believe could be more beneficial to Nebraska.
  21. You focus on his downfalls but don’t give any light to the money he gives to his community where he turned an abandoned school into a community center to help keep kids off the street and get jobs for adults and the amount of money he donates to charity to help people that suffer from PTSD and mental health. Plus the amount of stuff he donated to prisons during the pandemic to help all workers for cleaning supplies and masks etc.
  22. I hope slobnobber or whatever his name is has an incredible senior year assisting one of our family friends who is a senior at the same school (just committed to Arizona State this week) and then goes on to suck in college.
  23. Well he was born in Nebraska and lived here until he was 5 and he has family still in the state currently. He then spent the last 11 years in Iowa so he's still a local kid in that sense. That being said he is interested in Nebraska more for the potential of what it could be and not the connections but those definitely do help us.
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