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  1. He didn't get a lot of minutes last year at UT, but the year prior at Memphis he averaged 15 points, 5 rebs & 4 ast. Shot 38% from 3 . Gotta wonder if there's been some NU contact with him.
  2. Is that Canadian?? I couldn't tell, doesn't sound like these hosers.
  3. I'm starting a new league this year on FanTrax if anyone is interested just let me know. I have room for a few more owners. It will be a $40 entry, roto-style scoring, with weekly lineup locks (so you don't have to check it everyday) using the power 5 teams and big east. We may add another conference or two if we get a lot of owners. Scoring categories are pts, rebs, asts, 3s, ft, stl, blk, to. Probably do the draft online, but a good number of us Lincoln guys will probably meet at a bar for the draft. The scoring starts 11/10 so we will likely draft the week prio
  4. This might be the lowest basketball IQ team I've ever watched at NU. Dean hit it on the head, mentally weak all around. Jr high kids know that you can't dibble into a trap or pickup your dribble right in front of the half court line. I keep waiting for this team to show some signs of improvement, but nothing yet and I'm not real hopeful it will get any better this year. Miles has a lot of work to do with this group, which seems crazy after last year. If I set the over/under of conference wins at 5.5 right now. Would anybody take the overs? It's gonna be tough sledding. Also, why w
  5. KenPom projection is 66-65 FSU, gives us a 48% chance to win. Coin flip game, hopefully Thomas won't play. I gotta good feeling about this one. (kiss of death usually)
  6. I've watched them twice and I figured he might get a few minutes, but he didn't get any vs MIN or Marshall. I get why he's not playing (good players in front of him), but I don't get why they aren't gonna redshirt him? Pitino has a few more wins than I do, so he probably knows what he's doing.
  7. Indiana lost to Eastern Washington at Assembly Hall 88-86...wow. They gave up 53 points in the 2nd half.
  8. You guys know if they'll jack up the prices for the garages tonight? Or will they be priced like a normal night?
  9. "travel...no call" is my favorite and "touchdown Tommie Frazier" of course. This is very cool!
  10. I had scouted out the parking options earlier and noticed that problem with the lot north of the post office. The sidewalk to the north entrance to the arena is right on the other side of that fence. It is ridiculous that they did not put a gate in there so people parking in that lot could just walk right over to the north arena entrance. You have to go up stairst - but the walking distance would be about 1/10 as far. People are really going to hate that when it gets cold - and I will not be at all surprised if you see people trying to go over that fence in a couple places. Not sure how
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