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    Mr. Red reacted to HuskerFever in OT: Live Sports Are Back!   
    For anyone who's interested, here's a listing of American soccer players in Germany:
    Weston McKennie: Schalke
    Gio Reyna: BVB
    Tyler Adams: Leipzig
    Zack Steffen: Fortuna
    Josh Sargent: Werder Bremen
    Josh Brooks: Wolfsburg
    Fabian Johnson: M'gladbach
    Timothy Chandler: Eintracht
    Alfredo Morales: Fortuna
    Brady Scott: Cologne
    Chris Richards: Bayern
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    Mr. Red reacted to 49r in I was wondering...   
    Wonder what's going through Fred's mind on that play.
    Also, a little bit of googling tells me that #50 is Marc Carlson, father of 2020 recruit Ben Carlson who ended up signing with Wisconsin.
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    Mr. Red reacted to cornfed24-7 in I was wondering...   
    Fun fact - Terrence Badgett is the only autograph I have ever sought and recieved.
    I was in about seventh grade and we were on field trip to UNL. I see him. I bum rushed the guy and like 20 fellow little kids followed. We surrounded him. He was frantically signing autographs while continually mentioning he was late for class. Pretty sure the other kids had no idea who he was just that he was a basketball player.
    Anyway, at some point he must have decided he was too late to continue signing autographs so he says, "Hey Kids! That guy right there is a quarterback(deep on the bench backup) on the football team!"
    The hoard of children immediately turn there attention to this poor backup. They try to swarm him. He sprints away. 
    I stand there looking at my autograph as Terrence Badgett laughs to himself, picks up his backpack, and hurriedly walks to his class.
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    Mr. Red reacted to hhcmatt in Cam Mack   
    One of the fastest guards in Div 1 becoming one of the fastest to withdraw from the draft
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    Mr. Red reacted to colhusker in Kevin Cross is leaving   
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    Mr. Red reacted to HuskerCager in Ah, what the hell   
    With all due respect, have you ever heard Washut not be optimistic?
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    Mr. Red reacted to aphilso1 in Ah, what the hell   
    Yes, while holding a 10 lb dumbbell in each hand. 😎
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    Mr. Red reacted to Chuck Taylor in Roster Attrition   
    I believe Iceland is the world's oldest democracy, but please don't look it up and prove me wrong.
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    Mr. Red reacted to cipsucks in Kevin Cross is leaving   
    So much for Doc being the recruiting ace of the staff....
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    Mr. Red reacted to The God of Thunder in Kevin Cross is leaving   
    Goodbye our sweet chonk prince. 
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    Mr. Red reacted to 49r in Talent, Versatility, and Depth   
    I mean, so did UC Riverside, Southern Utah and North Dakota; so one could be excused for taking that statement with a huge grain of salt.
    (did I do the semicolon correct here?)
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    Mr. Red reacted to 49r in 2019-2020 KenPom Rankings Thread   
    So I'm sure nobody cares, but I wanted to get a season ending update up here for posterity's sake
    Here's today's KenPom update.
    KenPom rankings as of 03-26-20
    B1G (2-18)
    7. Michigan State - L
    8. Ohio State - L, L
    11. Maryland - L
    16. Michigan - L, L
    22. Wisconsin - L, L
    23. Iowa - W, L
    24. Purdue - W
    26. Penn State - L
    27. Minnesota - L
    28. Rutgers - L, L
    30. Illinois - L
    34. Indiana - L, L
    132. Northwestern - L, L
    162. Nebraska
    Non-Conference (5-6)
    211. UC Riverside - L
    161. Southern Utah - L
    119. South Dakota State - W
    250. Southern - W
    ---Cayman Islands Classic---
    127. Washington State - W
    174. George Mason - L
    125. South Florida - W
    ---B1G/ACC Challenge---
    64. @Georgia Tech - L
    12. @Creighton - L
    231. North Dakota - L
    303. Texas A&M Corpus Christi - W
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    Mr. Red reacted to hal9000 in Kobe Webster is 'N'   
    Looks like someone is going to have to pull all of those arrows down out of the rafters at PBA.  
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    Mr. Red reacted to hhcmatt in Postseason Hoops   
    'It wasn't so bad, everyone overreacted' is the best case sceanrio for something that has become a pandemic
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    Mr. Red reacted to tcp in Postseason Hoops   
    i feel sorry for the people who need to earn a living. screw the sports. a lot of people are going to suffer trying to make ends meet. 
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    Mr. Red reacted to hhcmatt in Hoiberg taken to hospital ☹️   
    It's an argument that you shouldn't coach just like it's an argument that when someone comes into an office sick because of some important thing or because they're very tough and then a couple weeks later everyone in the office is sick.  Now I'm sick because 'Bill from accounting' didn't stay home for a day but we weren't finished with the corporate taxes so what were we supposed to do?
    I very much understand why Hoiberg coached and if he had to do it all over again he probably still does because that is what he is there to do.  I can also see why he shouldn't have though.
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    Mr. Red reacted to Dead Dog Alley in Hoiberg taken to hospital ☹️   
    If you want to lose all hope in the future of humanity, read twitter for a while.
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    Mr. Red reacted to GoBigFred in Postseason Hoops   
    Nebraska should issue a statement that it will be declining all postseason opportunities out of health concern for their players. 
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    Mr. Red reacted to FredsSlacks in uneblinstu's postgame chatter: vol 12; ed 29 - vs. Northwestern   
    guys, i'm starting to think we might not make the tourney this year.
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    Mr. Red reacted to jayschool in uneblinstu's postgame chatter: vol 12; ed 29 - vs. Northwestern   
    I'm going to drag my 58-year-old self to the campus rec center in Iowa City tomorrow, check out a basketball, do no warmups to loosen my arthritic hand and knees, or my nerve-impinged shooting shoulder, and I'm going to shoot 30 free throws. If possible, I'll get some Iowa students to yell at me while I shoot, but that's unlikely. 
    If it takes me 30 attempts to make eight free throws, I'll stop complaining about Nebrasketball. Forever.
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    Mr. Red reacted to hhcmatt in uneblinstu's postgame chatter: vol 12; ed 24 - @ Maryland   
    We play Wisconsin on Saturday

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    Mr. Red reacted to Noah121 in Defense   
    I think they finished 0-0 in the Big Ten. 😝
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    Mr. Red got a reaction from hhcmatt in Jervay Green   
    https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Old Head

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    Mr. Red reacted to jayschool in Michigan (11-8) (2-6) vs. Nebraska (7-13) (2-7) Game Thread   
    Dakich in the first half after a Mack made 3: "He doesn't need to do all that. Just run back down the court."
    Dakich in the second half after a Moritz block: "Why do officials insert themselves in the game like that? Let the guys play the game."
    To summarize: short black guy for Nebraska expresses some joy — bad; tall white guy for Michigan expresses emotion — part of the game.
    Got it, Dan.
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