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  1. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Old Head
  2. Haven't watched any Wisconsin games this year. Have the new flopping rules slowed Brad Davison down at all? Can one of you advanced stats guru's out there post Brad Davison's charge taken averages from 17-18, 18-19, and now 19-20? Would be interesting to see
  3. I apologize for the misleading post. I have absolutely ZERO insider info or connection to the program in any way. I said we "know" 1-3 people currently wearing the uniform will be gone because the average across all 353 D1 programs was 2.5 players transferring out in 2018-2019* I personally want every player to do what is best for them, simple as that. *Per Jeff Goodman in April 2019 --- 875 transfers/353 teams = 2.5 players per team Source: https://watchstadium.com/comprehensive-list-of-college-basketball-players-transferring-12-29-2018/ Further reading (NCAA actually puts out some interesting stats on transfers): https://athleticdirectoru.com/articles/investigating-college-basketballs-transfer-movement/ https://ncaaorg.s3.amazonaws.com/research/rep/NCAARES_REP-TrackingTransfersDIMBB.pdf http://www.ncaa.org/about/resources/research/transfers-division-i
  4. I had heard about the off-camera antics, but was not aware of a documentary film showing it all. Will look this up, thank you! Some of the 50's, 60's, and 70's war movies may be low in special effects and production value, but A Bridge Too Far and The Bridge over River Kwai have always been favorites of mine
  5. To clarify: I laughed at the sheer stupidity of making a sign just to deride a player on his senior night. I too was a Sek fan. I could be wrong but it seemed to me that he always gave it 100% and sometimes things just didn't click. I really respect him sticking around and working through a difficult situation (offensive game not flowing, coach crawling up your a** everyday, etc.) and becoming a very good player for us. I wonder if Jervay can persevere through this difficult time, but unfortunately we know that 1-3 people (based on NCAA D1 averages- NO SPECULATION HERE) that are currently wearing Husker uniforms will transfer out after this season. I for one hope he gets every opportunity to grow and blossom and make the best decision for himself
  6. I will NEVER forget Sek's senior night. Toward the end of the game there were two guys mid way up in the crowd along a baseline holding up a big sign: _________________________________ | | | THANKS SEK... | | | | | | | | | | ... for nothing | | | |________________________________ | I laughed pretty hard... but come on guys, he gets it enough from Doc - he doesn't need to get it from the crowd too!
  7. This (in my opinion) is exactly why he says Thor is his "best friend" on the court. Thor is arguably the best off the ball offensive player on the team (last year and this year). You could see it last year even in his few minutes he got. Many posters commented during games last year that Thor just had a knack for knowing where to be/had a high bball IQ. Now that he is getting minutes and has a jump shot, he is really flowering.
  8. Love these summaries for those of us that are not able to listen. Very thankful to have someone like you (and many others) doing the yeoman's work here
  9. I'm a few days late on this but... For those of you that went to the game, did you catch the little bowling stunt by Billy BlueJay during a media timeout later in the second half? So Billy Bluejay lays on a scooter at halfcourt and there are giant bowling pins set up under one of the baskets...pretty standard mascot stunt right? WRONG So the Krayton Krazies (or whatever you call those students in stripes) push and hold him all the way through the pins to the baseline, at this point this is probably the lamest stunt I've ever seen at a D1 basketball game... little did we know it was all a setup! As the crowd looks on in ambivalence, the PA announcer says something to the tune of, "Way to go Billy Bluejay! One of the best mascots in D1 athletics! He sure does love his bowling - at least someone around here is going BOWLING" The Jayskers and vests have no idea how to react, do they boo? do they cheer? Do they yell, "go back to your shanties!" at the people in red one more time? So the whole crowd just settles in a surprised "ohhhhh" It honestly was the highlight of the game for me. Unfortunately not many people were left to witness it. I just love that they set up those whole stupid stunt just so they could use the bowling punchline. Bravo Jays!
  10. Well this is quite the little nugget to bury at the end of your post...
  11. Couldn't have said it better myself, Jimmy
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