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  1. If the amount of improvement displayed from now til the end of the non-con is the same for both options - then the answer is obvious (for me)
  2. I share Jimmy's sentiment on this one: Huskers - 70 SDSU (not San Diego) - 66
  3. @Handy Johnson How has your back held up the 30 years after that fusion? I've been scared away by the people who say that the adjacent discs just give out that much quicker and you end up getting fusion after fusion after fusion, as well as people claiming limited mobility, and claims increasing pain that just shifted elsewhere in their back. What's you story/experience?
  4. Anywhere to watch/listen to Tim's game call from last night? Is his schedule posted anywhere? I know they are normally decided only a few days in advance. I suppose if nothing else, one would just have to monitor his twitter. There is also this website that Tim has previously shared, but not announcers schedules: http://mattsarzsports.com/Schedule/Weekly/basketball201920/2#.XcMmHZpKiUk
  5. On TV it sure sounded like there were plenty of boos on the circus possession towards the end of the game. The one where four different guys missed four shots (within 5 ft) back to back to back to back on the same possession. It may have been just groans, but I think the "casual fan" (I know people hate that definition) is much less patient/understanding than you would think. Can anyone at the game confirm that it was boos? And for our more "seasoned" fans of a certain age on this board, was booing your own team as prevalent 20+ years ago as it is today? I'm asking about all teams/sports, not only Husker football/basketball
  6. It's been a year or so since I watched "that dunk". First comment on YouTube, damn: Chiwa Fortnite3 years ago Feel so bad for this guy, he lives in my city Limoges in france and evryone speak about this dunk evry time we see him even 15 years after ! Vinces Carter ruined his life. 2.5K REPLY
  7. Noticed that on TV. Forget about the result of the game....Fire Hoiberg for getting rid of that song!
  8. Is this the -almost- alley oop of the decade everyone was talking about? (at 1:16:11)
  9. Thanks Coach Bombay Edit: Not being snarky - sorry....should note my reference for those un-acquainted: D2 the Mighty Ducks (somewhere between Citizen Kane and the The Godfather for the greatest cinematic achievements of all time)
  10. Basketball is played on a wooden court, not a swimming pool
  11. Kent is making the front page of twitter now! (also The front page of section L1 in the OWH a few months ago for a nice piece on his gardening hobby) Here's the interesting part....... it's his fourth tattoo When do we get to see the rest? @Kent Pavelka
  12. This is the most coherent post a0t0w0 has ever put together... not sure I like it! just kidding... welcome back @a0t0w0 I also want to know the status of your couch?
  13. First time I've heard of this. Thanks for bringing it up! @kldm64 This would be the PERFECT thing to try out in the NIT
  14. Somewhere in the Netherlands, Richard van Poelgeest is smiling in a smoke-filled 'coffee shop'
  15. Our state motto is not "The Good Life" as commonly thought... it as actually "The 3-Stripe Life"
  16. It took me a few minutes to see the wit in this comment..... I surely hope that this is rock bottom
  17. Line Change a511708c-e058-4488-958b-56f7ed5206c5 (1).mp4 https://y.yarn.co/a511708c-e058-4488-958b-56f7ed5206c5.mp4?1565027264169
  18. OK guys I'm live!!!! Out of the blue one of my pages with the stream loaded and now its working perfectly... tuned in just in time to see a nice little splash from Samari Curtis
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