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  1. I have been watching NU Basketball since the late 1960's and I don't think I have ever seen a team play with less intensity on a consistent basis than this one. Losing obviously contributes to that - but if you want to play college BB you need to play hard - and if you want to coach college BB you need to be able to get a team to play with intensity.
  2. "Nebraska doesn't have an answer for Paul Mulcahy" - that quote from the announcer really says a lot about the sad state of our program.
  3. This reminds me of many years ago when we had a 6-5 starting center named Lenard Johnson who could not dunk. I remember sitting in the stands behind the basket when we were warming up and Jaime Williams (TE on the football team then) was giving Lenard crap about not being able to dunk it - even during warmups. Lenard just gave him this embarrassed little smile back and Jaime was cracking everybody up. Of course, Lenard was backed up by another center named Terry Smith who was not much taller than Lenard but could throw down some monster dunks. That was also the team that went to Columbia Missouri and beat the undefeated and #1 ranked Missouri team with top NBA prospect Steve Stipanovich at center.
  4. Walker returning would be huge - but given he is already playing this year post-graduation the other comment that he probably will not is likely accurate.
  5. Did McGowens intentionally not throw it to Verge all alone under the basket?
  6. We give up so much when Derrick Walker is not in the game.
  7. No - I was screaming it at the time. Not because I was worried about him missing FT's but because he is by far our worst ball-handler. We really got bailed out when they called the foul on that play as he was turning it over. And FWIW I thought overall Lat played pretty well tonight. He does at least try to play defense - and did well at it tonight. But you HAVE to have Verge in the game. Cost us a TO to because with Verge in the game we get the ball inbounded the first time.
  8. I hope McGowens' Dad's tweet is not a reference to what is going on at NU but the timing seems odd and the post is ironic given Bryce's recent play. If you wanted to name a player on our team that does not appear to have winning as a primary goal I think Bryce would be the one named by a vast majority of people. His lack of effort on the floor - particularly on defense - certainly rings of indifference toward winning basketball. Difference between the way Bryce and Trey play in that regard is pretty striking. On a somewhat related note - did anyone see Trey at the game last night? I looked for her around the bench a few times and did not see him there. Given he is not playing it might not be too unusual for him to have been excused given the time of year, but with Bryce playing you would have thought he would still be in town.
  9. Maybe -but the problems with the team this year seem WAY more tied to lack of scheme and effort than to lack of talent.
  10. Good post. I think to say Bryce's effort on D is "subpar" is a vast overstatement. Hard to think of anyone we have had that plays with less effort. Sad given that Trey does play hard most of the time. Apparently Bryce has always been able to get by by being more talented than the competition - but eventually that catches up to everyone. What is perhaps most disappointing is that Fred seems to be far too "patient" with the bad decisions and poor effort by the team generally. I believe in positive coaching - but there have to be consequences for some of this poor play. Sometimes I wonder if he is putting in the same effort to coaching the team as Bryce is putting into his defense :)
  11. I actually remember that game - and thought about it when I made the post - but I was assuming that we did not play anyone the entire game back then. Jack and Andre were both warriors that season - but never coming out in a 4OT game is pretty remarkable.
  12. Not sure what the Husker record for minutes played in a game is - but betting Bryce broke it tonight. Played 19 minutes in the first half - and don't think he came out at all after halftime.
  13. If this game had been officiated this way in Lincoln - I probably would have gotten ejected from the stands
  14. Really feel bad that it looks like we are going to lose this game. Players fought hard - battling 5 on 8 the whole game.
  15. Can't believe Bryce missed that drive (and did not get fouled - although I did not expect them to call it)
  16. WOW ! How do you look at a replay for 2 minutes and get it so badly wrong. You have to be doing that intentionally.
  17. I think Edwards is till on the bench. McPherson and Andre are not - they clearly were kicked out - as was Oleg. The TV announcers have no clue - about that or really anything else connected to this game.
  18. Can't believe they fouled Bryce - and did it so blatently it had to be called.
  19. Easy to block shots when you have very little fear that a foul might be called.
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