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  1. Pitts is disqualified and we get 2 free throws!
  2. SAM HAIBY!!! 61-57, 19.5 ticks left. Minnesota used their final timeout.
  3. Turnover and foul. Huskers steal! Timeout! 33.2 seconds left... Same score.
  4. Offensive fouls on each end. 1:51 left. Empty Gopher possession! Huskers offensive board! Timeout Huskers with 65 ticks left... Up 59 to 57 still!
  5. We're up 59-57 after 2 free shots! 2:30 left.
  6. Yep, 56-76 in a game that we trailed 8-43 late in the first, and 39-92 in Lawrence.
  7. The place whose rejection letter misgendered me: 64 The place where I earnt my bachelor's degree: 75
  8. I will be there, and my Mom is coming too... Ergo I might be in reserved seats instead of behind the hoop. Of course, my hard hat will still be visible wherever I am in the arena!
  9. You're in the Midwest. Gotta be pop, hence the Smite. My vote is Coke, other than Dew.
  10. I'll be at the game too for my only Huskers WBB home game of the season... Likely behind the West hoop in my usual accoutrements. Feel free to drop by!
  11. Division I: 97 Division II: 54 O/U on Hard Hatted Division III Professor Appearances On HuskerVision: 0.5
  12. I don't think Northwestern will finish last.
  13. I've never had a problem with the shakes there.
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