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  1. Cornhuskers 76 Islanders 64 NONBONUS: Some Husker erupts for 31 points. (This was the score of the 2005 women's matchup when Kelsey Griffin scored 31.)
  2. Follow my lead and give the poster a down arrow.
  3. Cornhuskers 49 Jackrabbits 68 And then a turnaround akin to Kelsey Griffin's first game as a Husker. GIVE ME A DOWN ARROW! A DOWN ARROW!
  4. Nightmare fuel that would never happen: The 2025 Final Four! Featuring: Nebraska! Samford! Gardner Webb! And... Incarnate Word! The Revenge Of The Epitomes of Brutality on the biggest stage!
  5. Never hooped it up against a Husker cager, but my dorm floor's intramural basketball team once faced a squad of Husker gridders. Our big man fouled out in the first half and the skunk rule ended the game with 6 minutes left as we trailed 17 to 58. This was part of a 17 game losing streak for me among all intramural sports that spanned two academic years!
  6. Family Feud: Which month does a woman start to really look pregnant? Answer: September. Super Password: The password is "testimony." Clue: Epis... Episcopalian.
  7. I find it weird that they are still playing halves (instead of quarters) yet doing the foul reset every 10 game minutes. That might lead to awkwardness.
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