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  1. Cravens to the line. Come on... Make at least one! Missed the first... Miss!
  2. 14.8 seconds left, Huskers ball, and we're perilously up by 3. The last minute has definitely been a basketball minute!
  3. I should use one or more of these Standings posts as part of a Statistics Unit 1 project! #mathprofessor #sccstorm #math2170
  4. You should instead count this as a missed game for KenPom... Cut him down to size!
  5. We're getting run out of the gym. 18-37 after back to back Jay bombs.
  6. I feel like Williams struggles to coach defense.
  7. We need to try to get some inside game. 18-31 at the media timeout. Injury too...
  8. Our rallies keep getting squelched by Creighton triples.
  9. 13-19 after one quarter. Huskers need to settle down.
  10. 10-17 ... 13-17 with 100 ticks left in the first!
  11. Ugly start. I tuned in from 0-7. Glad it's on NET since I cut the cord.
  12. Dang! I'm already starting with the worst score plus 50 since I forgot to post for Game 1...
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