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  1. Incorrect: we called 2 timeouts: I believe at 25-25 and at about 49-57.
  2. Wonder what he thinks of his daughter's team? Probably a lot more positive and not just because she is on said team...
  3. This was my first in-person Huskers WBB game in three years, so it was a lot of fun being there! But it looks like we let off the gas a little bit in the second half, and did not protect the ball well at all. Having a turnover rate of more than 0.50/minute is quite problematic, but it's a good thing that ISU had similar ball insecurity.
  4. I watched on gametracker from time to time, but couldn't listen to Matt & Jeff. Glad we won!
  5. Cornhuskers 61 Wolverines 70 5 triples 6 conference victories
  6. I am surprised that the game wasn't on NET / Nebraska Public Media.
  7. I listened to most of the second half, and I agree that it's hard to take away much from this game. I know that Maine was hyped up before the start of the season, but I wonder if they are one of those teams that has a bad start but a strong finish? Either way, Creighton will definitely be our first real test, since there isn't much test against SWAC/MEAC teams. (The glut of three SWAC/MEAC teams that we see makes it look more like a men's non-conference schedule than Yori's non-conference schedules!)
  8. I'm looking forward to getting to some (not all) of the games this season. I know that I have the red-and-purple circle on February 27 for sure. At least, like usual, Huskers WBB is looking more promising than Huskers MBB.
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