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  1. Oh right, you forgot to mention the years he actually spent in our program. How many sweet 16s?
  2. As long as Sadler has nothing to do with players who need to score or substitutions or recruiting, could be a good hire. As if we didn’t get a good enough dose the first time, we get another. I’m really trying to keep a good attitude going here, but man, can’t we just start fresh and not rerun this back. I’m sure he’s in line for a nice raise by coming here, but this is my first negative feeling about coach Hoiberg’s judgement. Yes, I’ll still buy my tickets, but if I see much whispering from Sadler into Hoiberg’s ear in crunch time, I’ll try to close my eyes and block out bad memories. Will Moos add labotomies to the service offering at PBA please!
  3. A douche is a douche, and looks like your noticing them well. At the end of the day it is about us winning and that's really the only thing that you can ever use to fight back. We keep losing and they keep winning, posts like yours end up in the "whiny bit**" category. Inferiority complexes only exist when we turn the tables.
  4. First of all, we'll see more zone than man. McDermott is a good coach and anyone that has scouted us will see that. The matchups for them defensively are a moot point. Comes down to will we hit the three ball or not if we're going to win. We'll need 48% from field and 40% from three. Are we capable? Can Tim coach offense effectively vs. zone?
  5. We can't be afraid to expect wins.
  6. Let's just win and call it good. Winning cures all.
  7. Ok, well, I wouldn't mind the success they've had, would you?
  8. I agree Norm to a degree. It's no coincidence, certainly an act of proclaiming their fandom. However, I don't think it's meant to be an A Hole. CU was long treated as the red headed Nebraska step child program as a mid major. Now they are the better program and want to show it off. It's more like an ethnic family dressing in their native garb at the supermarket or something.
  9. its a big game anytime we play Creighton. Usually they aren't to 10. It's always a game we have to win. Losing this year on its own isn't a black eye for Miles. Going 0-5 is. That should be unacceptable to you too. Raise your expectations man!
  10. And we have guys on this board who claim that Creighton is no bigger than a B10 game! Tai has been counting down the days to play this game. This game is huge for the program!
  11. As I mentioned specifically, 3 designated foul guys, not the whole team. Force this game into something they don't expect. Gorilla tactics. I don't think we can just line up and beat them, unfortunately.
  12. Unfortunately, this is the new culture that exists for local kids. The roles have been reversed since the Nee days and kids like this lean Creighton. It is the result of not beating them, plain and simple. We never used to lose these types of kids pre-Collier. Program decline is the bad gift that keeps on giving.. They've made the right coaching moves over the past 20 years, we've made the wrong ones. Hopefully, Tim can prove me wrong, I'm doubting it.
  13. On the bright side, at least Jack made a few shots. The other 2, Gill and Tayor, no signs of life. If you can't play well against South Dakota, you can't play well against B10, that's for sure. It really is time to move on and not lose their minutes to someone else. I think back to guys on this board like Norm who hyped up Gill as our AW III replacement. Shook my head then, but now really shaking my head at this misfire. We need zero wasted minutes on Wed. First sign the Jack is rattled, need to get the hook out.
  14. I'd say possibly eight each or so if we used this tactic. Maybe less depends how quickly they foul out. But I'd be very strategic and obvious about what we're doing. In other words they bring Patton out of the game, we immediately sub out which ever one is in the game. They bring him in, we immediately sub in and foul. Really shake them up. No minutes for any of the three while Patton is on the bench.
  15. I, for one, am not ready to say maybe next year just yet. That being said we'll win tonight and be faced with the realism that we will need to beat CU or KU to target the bubble, given some sort of conference win expectation below 11. Best shot is CU. KU is something like snowballs chance in hell. So how do we do that? How do we take back what was once ours? How do we use CU to erase Clemson/V Tech? We have home court. I've began my study of the matchups and we're going to need to employ a strategy that is unique. We'll need to out coach them. Here's what I think Tim needs to do. Creighton is what we'd dream to be from the field and from three, shouting 46% from downtown. But, they are not a great FT shooting team, 67%. This must be exploited. Specifically we must target Patton, 45% from FT!!! I suggest that we turn our weaknesses into advantages and play "hack a Shaq" on Patton. This would add value to the minutes of McVeigh, Gill, Taylor. We use them to put this guy on the line all night long. That's 15 fouls to give, enough for both halves, I believe. I would say this is the edge to really turn this game around and take CU out of their rythem, kill possessions, maybe even force them to bench Patton. Sometimes you have to employ tactics that aren't obvious, to coach your way to a win. Exploit their weakness.
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