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  1. Saint Thomas offered by TCU and Virginia Tech today Jason Green offered by K State.
  2. the pass was to Jason Green. Sallis made 3 great plays in one sequence: The steal, the crossover and then the no look pass. As good as play as I have ever seen from a high schooler. Finished with 34 points and 7 steals. He will get out of control a little bit, but with his talent its to be expected. Green is a nice player. Plays down low mostly but can pop out and hit a jumper. Saint Thomas is a nice player. Really hustles. Seems to be in the right place at the right time a lot. Jaden Johnson (the transfer from Iowa) is a good player as well. He stays calm and has a nice stroke Murrell did not have a lot go his way last night. But he obviously is very good as well.
  3. I think he is already old for his class. I thought I read he was already or would be 19 before graduating.
  4. Follow up post from Robin. He is re-scheduling because homecoming is this weekend. Looking to reschedule soon according to his dad. Won't wait for it to be a football Saturday...
  5. visiting (official) next weekend per Rivals. Sounds like NU and Stanford lead.
  6. I am really surprised on Wur. He is very athletic. I actually thought he was better defensively then offensively. I know the highlight tape looks good (when he get to the rim) but he turns the ball over a lot. And he never posts up. I thought a couple years in juco would really help him develop. I thought if he and Arop could switch bodies there would be 2 great players. Unfortunately, they both have the wrong skill set for there body types. Just my opinion.
  7. I can confirm we have made contact.
  8. OWH mentioned in their article today a recent offer from Arkansas
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