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  1. hard to believe Harris and Arop stay for 4 years. Neither can shoot. Maybe 1, but don't see both.
  2. yes. more should be set up this week as well.
  3. believe he was NBA D League. Not 100% sure. Last college gig was at NC State as assistant HC
  4. I was in a group chat with some Creighton Fans (sorry, I am a Prep grad) and the consensus was Nebraska overpaid. After about the 3rd text containing WAY OVERPAID, I replied . "yeah we could have bought a lot of Brian Bowens for that...."
  5. Great job Bill Moos! This is a great day to be Husker!
  6. Amazingly we are still married. And she said it to me a lot.....
  7. I'm not mad I'm just disappointed My wife used to say this to me all the time. The guilt trip of all guilt trips.... Carry on.
  8. I'm aware of all that. I've read plenty on him before posting any of this. He is a great man and a great coach. I'm also aware as people age, priorities change. Whats important to a guy at age 40 is not always important to him at age 50. If you make the offer and he says no, you have lost NOTHING. If you don't at least call him, you are not doing your job. I am 100% sure Moos understands this.
  9. I agree that relationship is the key. State of Washington is not so big that Moos and Few have not crossed paths I am sure. Getting turned down is never really a good look, but getting turned down by Few just says you are aiming high. Nothing wrong with that in my book. And if we are worried about how that looks while we are still playing then let Miles go now. I am sure Moos would do everything in his power to protect the story and I am sure Few would as well. No guarantee that it does not get leaked, but I am sure there are plenty of meetings between AD's and coaches that does not hit the press. By the way, I will let it go now. I know its a long shot and don't want to blow this out of proportion. I understand that.
  10. If Moos does not try he is not doing his job. A million dollars a year raise is a lot of money. Spread that over 7 years and now he is walking away from 7 million. That's money he is deciding to leave on the table when he goes into retirement. This does not take a lot to make the offer. Make him say no. The unknown factor to me is how well does Moos and Few know each other. When a kid makes his initial list of schools he wants to attend, the first school he should put down is his dream school. No matter how unlikely he goes, it needs to be on his list. Same with hiring a coach in my opinion. I know its a long shot, but stranger things have happened in the coaching business. One thing I believe with all my heart is this. This is a GREAT job. The past history of the program does not change that. The people in charge have to believe this and support it.
  11. I would take any of these 5 and be happy. 1) Mark Few: Long shot I know, but I think we can raise his salary by a million a year. (He currently makes less then Miles!). He might be at the point in his career that he wants one last big payday. He obviously has not been that money motivated though in the past. Being in Washington, I have to think Moos has some relationship with him. You have to take a shot with him. 2) Hoiberg. Knows how to win in the Midwest. Brings instant credibility. 3) Matta: Knows how to win in the Big Ten. Might be the most realistic on this list. 4) Howland: Always been a fan. 5) Altman: I think coaching around Phil Knight would be a pain in the rear. Frost seemed to like him though so I could be wrong. Dana knows this state. Huge benefit. I think Nebraska will offer 5-7 year contract and start around 2.75 -3.00 million a year. That is an excellent salary range.
  12. Happ is a bit of a whiner, but he was really terrific at finding open guys on the perimeter. I am not even sure Glynn is the PG anymore. It seems as JPJ plays more of the point and I am not sure why. This has to be a coach's worst nightmare to shoot so poorly. Our guards did a nice job of rebounding tonight (much better then Saturday)
  13. 1) Our guards do not rebound (allen finally did late) 2) Our bench does not get us beat, but they sure don't help us win 3) Feel bad for Cope. 4) Really thought we took a lot of good shots. Just weren't falling. 5) Glynn does a great job getting to the basket. Very rarely does he drive and dish that results in a basket. 6) This just sucks.
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