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  1. I agree it seems like a bit of a head scratcher. I suppose we are basing it off his 2nd year in juco (Indian Hills) where he was supposed to be the nations #1 juco reruit. He played with Tomas Woldetensae (Virginia, who we recruited) . I'm guessing that is where we first saw him. With jucos everyone wants them to be ready immediately, but I think that most of them still need a year to get acclimated to D1. If he has the versatility to guard the 2, 3 or 4 slot, that would be a great start. His outside shooting does look to be a problem. He can get to the rim though.
  2. I was hoping it was Adam Miller. Does not sound like it though. I will guess Nimari Burnett from Texas Tech..
  3. Robin gave some more clues on who this would be. He is in the transfer portal already and should make his decision by Friday (possibly). He also said it was no one that was mentioned in the thread that he was responding to. That eliminates Bolton. Robin also said it could be a high impact guy, if things break his way.
  4. I think that is who we are focusing on. He was pretty cryptic so I can't be certain. Sorry
  5. Robin W pretty much shot down the Askew possibility. Made it sound like a combo guard from a high major.
  6. Adam Miller would be a terrific get. I'm sure he will have plenty of options.
  7. I just posted the same thing in the CJ Wilcher thread. The good news is there is a ton of guys in the portal. Also all the coaches getting fired opens up more recruits who may want to bail. Feel confident, we will find the right guys.
  8. With Johnson getting hired at MInnesota, I wonder if they will be involved here. I would assume so.
  9. Not technically a transfer, but a guy to watch is Tyrese Hunter. He is a 4 star pg signed with ISU. If Prohm is let go (and I would assume he is) he would probably go back on the market. He is from Wisconsin. We were not in on him early, but I would think we would have interest.
  10. Prep beat Millard North tonight 76-75. Great game. Hunter Sallis was terrific. 27 points. Saint Thomas had 19 and Jasen Green 14. I thought this was the best Green has looked this year. My friend and I disagree on St Thomas He feels Nebraska should offer. I disagree, He is a good player and can do a lot of different things. Just not sure his game translates to power 5. Prep was very balanced. Luke Jungers is a 6'8" junior who had 22. He has a nice stroke. Similar to Frankie Fidler at Bell West. Prep had better point guard play and really clamped down in the 4th quarter. Prep made almost
  11. Last play of regulation falls on Teddy I think. He brings his man in the area and just kind of stands there. Either set the pick or get moving so Trey has some space. Love watching Lat and Derrick. I know it's probably not a great idea, but I wish Thor would get some time at the point. His passes are very crisp. And he. does not just go blindly into the lane which Delano does sometimes. I like Delano, just not sure pg is his best position. I hope Eduardo sticks around for. a while. Really want to see how he develops. I like John Higgins, but there was a play right in fro
  12. That's obviously the million dollar question. Based off last night you probably would not think he would have many options. But with basketball it's obviously important not to go off just one game. Honestly, if Wichita State did not lose Martin this year, I thought he would be a pretty good fit there. He really wants a Creighton offer. I would think he would have it by now, but McDermott may come in late. If. not, maybe Tulsa, Saint Louis or Loyola?
  13. Was at Millard North Bellevue West game tonight. Bellevue West was in control pretty much the hole game. They play great defense. Millard North looked disjointed all night. Chucky Hepburn was the best player on the floor tonight. Many times he went head to head with Sallis and usually came out on top. This is the best I have seen him play. Made shots, great passes, and terrific defense. I am a huge fan of Frankie Fidler. He has a great stroke. His misses look good. I think UNO has a steal here. 3rd guy to watch tonight was Josiah Dotzler. Really had a nice game. Only a
  14. to my untrained eye, Mcgowans has better range and Sallis maybe a bit more athletic. Both are very well rounded players. Nebraska would be very fortunate to land McGowans. Fingers crossed!
  15. Just watched his highlights. He looks to be very well rounded. His range is off the charts.
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