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  1. I can confirm we have made contact.
  2. OWH mentioned in their article today a recent offer from Arkansas
  3. Cross reminds me of some of those dudes on Michigan St. Glad he is visiting, but I think it may be hard getting him away from Arkansas. Having said that, I would be happy with either him or the kid from France, He turned 17 just last month.
  4. Agree on Murrell, I like him a lot. Chuol had a fairly quiet year at North, but seems to be making some noise on the AAU circuit.
  5. Perusing the paper and reading highlights of the AAU leagues, 4 guys who seem to be standing out: 1) Chucky Hepburn 2) Hunter Sallis 3) Max Murrell 4) Wal Chuol
  6. hard to believe Harris and Arop stay for 4 years. Neither can shoot. Maybe 1, but don't see both.
  7. yes. more should be set up this week as well.
  8. believe he was NBA D League. Not 100% sure. Last college gig was at NC State as assistant HC
  9. I was in a group chat with some Creighton Fans (sorry, I am a Prep grad) and the consensus was Nebraska overpaid. After about the 3rd text containing WAY OVERPAID, I replied . "yeah we could have bought a lot of Brian Bowens for that...."
  10. Great job Bill Moos! This is a great day to be Husker!
  11. Amazingly we are still married. And she said it to me a lot.....
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