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  1. to my untrained eye, Mcgowans has better range and Sallis maybe a bit more athletic. Both are very well rounded players. Nebraska would be very fortunate to land McGowans. Fingers crossed!
  2. Just watched his highlights. He looks to be very well rounded. His range is off the charts.
  3. Washut just put in his futurecast for the Huskers.
  4. Saint Thomas offered by TCU and Virginia Tech today Jason Green offered by K State.
  5. the pass was to Jason Green. Sallis made 3 great plays in one sequence: The steal, the crossover and then the no look pass. As good as play as I have ever seen from a high schooler. Finished with 34 points and 7 steals. He will get out of control a little bit, but with his talent its to be expected. Green is a nice player. Plays down low mostly but can pop out and hit a jumper. Saint Thomas is a nice player. Really hustles. Seems to be in the right place at the right time a lot. Jaden Johnson (the transfer from Iowa) is a good player as well. He
  6. I think he is already old for his class. I thought I read he was already or would be 19 before graduating.
  7. Follow up post from Robin. He is re-scheduling because homecoming is this weekend. Looking to reschedule soon according to his dad. Won't wait for it to be a football Saturday...
  8. visiting (official) next weekend per Rivals. Sounds like NU and Stanford lead.
  9. I am really surprised on Wur. He is very athletic. I actually thought he was better defensively then offensively. I know the highlight tape looks good (when he get to the rim) but he turns the ball over a lot. And he never posts up. I thought a couple years in juco would really help him develop. I thought if he and Arop could switch bodies there would be 2 great players. Unfortunately, they both have the wrong skill set for there body types. Just my opinion.
  10. I can confirm we have made contact.
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