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  1. Happ is a bit of a whiner, but he was really terrific at finding open guys on the perimeter. I am not even sure Glynn is the PG anymore. It seems as JPJ plays more of the point and I am not sure why. This has to be a coach's worst nightmare to shoot so poorly. Our guards did a nice job of rebounding tonight (much better then Saturday)
  2. 1) Our guards do not rebound (allen finally did late) 2) Our bench does not get us beat, but they sure don't help us win 3) Feel bad for Cope. 4) Really thought we took a lot of good shots. Just weren't falling. 5) Glynn does a great job getting to the basket. Very rarely does he drive and dish that results in a basket. 6) This just sucks.
  3. Is there any way to get Tanner another year? He played 1 minute his sophomore year. Can they appeal this?
  4. imnothipp

    In state kids?

    Tuesday: Donavan Williams with 30 win over LSE Hunter Sallis with 15 in loss to Bellevue West (Hepburn DNP) Udofia with 11 in win over Omaha North (Chuol with 13) Tonje with 15 win over PLV
  5. imnothipp

    In state kids?

    Some Saturday highlights: Arop with 17 in win over Millard South Donovan Williams with 25 (22 in first half) win over LNE Luk Wur 21 pts and 15 rebounds win over Bellevue East Tonje with 28 in win over Westside (Jaden Booth with 33) Xavier Watts with 28 in loss to Benson Hunter Sallis with 22 in loss to Pius (Jablonski with 23) Udofia with 24 in win over Northwest
  6. imnothipp

    In state kids?

    Bellevue West won the championship tonight. I did not get to see it. Miles was there. Chucky Hepburn was MVP. 18 points/11 boards/4 rebounds Arop had a big game as well. 21 points 16 boards. Rest of the All Tourney Team Tonje from Central Wur from PL South Nuor from Bellevue West (6'1" junior)
  7. imnothipp

    In state kids?

    You are right. He filled the statbook nicely. I should have mentioned I only saw the first half. I like his game a lot. Just did not think he was at his best last night.
  8. imnothipp

    In state kids?

    Arop with 28 points 14 boards and 4 blocked shots tonight in a win against Central, So explosive around the rim. Handles the ball pretty well. Did hit a 3 pointer tonight. Going to be fun to see how he develops at NU. He plays very strong defense. Prep has a guard who is about 5'4". Had about 11 in the 2nd half. Took it to the rim about 4 times. The last time, Eric Behrens who coaches Central, called time out and came absolutely unglued. Really lit into his team. After what Central did last night I thought they would beat Prep handily, Boy was I wrong. Prep won by 20. Shut down Tonje (10) and Wrightsell (11). Tonje still looks good to me. I thought Wrightsell struggled tonight. Bellevue West beat PLV South . Bellevue West was led by David Nour with 21. Hepburn had 12. Not his best game. Did have a few really nice drives. First look at Luk Wor. He is all of 6'8". Pretty athletic. Problem is he never posts up. He plays around the 3 point line. When he gets all the way to the rim, he can finish. Problem is he is not a great ball handler so he turns it over. Has a decent outside shot. Would love to see what would happen if he played down low.
  9. imnothipp

    In state kids?

    Pretty sure Watts is strictly football at the next level.
  10. imnothipp

    In state kids?

    some highlights from yesterdays metro tourney: Millard North-Central. 99-70 Central Central had 30 points in first quarter. I think they knock off Prep tonight. Millard North has a lot of talent and Central just schooled them. Tonje with 29. Kid works really hard. Will definitely play D1. Wrightsell with 28. He is coming off an injury. He looked terrific. Hunter Sallis with 18. Max Murrell with 14. 6'8" kid has a huge upside in my opinion. Jason Green with 11 (Freshman). Prep - South . 75-68 Prep South is not very big, but very pesky. Would be surprised if they don't make state Arop with 21. Drove real nice. Needs to get better position for rebounding. His FT stroke looks good. He air-balled a 12 footer which was concerning Jay Saunders with 26 for South. Bellevue West-Bryan. 86-78 Bellevue West Chucky Hepburn with 24 Nico Felici with 18. I hear he has an offer from Northern Iowa Grixby with 25 for Bryan Udofia with 23 Papio South-Burke. 68-61 PL South Lok Wur with 29 points 11 rebounds for PL South. He continues to put up big numbers Burke was led by Xavier Watts with 18.
  11. imnothipp

    2019 Recruiting

    Nebraska offers: Arop with 35 tonight Chucky Hepburn with 23 Donovan Williams with 23 pts 6 steals and 6 assists (Thursday night) Hunter Salis with 21 Others: Lok Wur with 27 (PL South) Nico Felici with 25 (Bell West) Amos Gregory with 21 John Tonje with 25 Chase Thompson 25 (Westside)
  12. imnothipp

    2019 SG Jervay Green (Juco) - LOI

    I was throwing darts. Not sure hhcmatt was....
  13. imnothipp

    2019 SG Jervay Green (Juco) - LOI

    just throwing some darts... https://247sports.com/Player/Tristan-Enaruna-46048833/ https://n.rivals.com/content/prospects/2019/carl-lewis-200863 http://www.espn.com/college-sports/basketball/recruiting/player/_/id/230191/keion-brooks http://www.espn.com/college-sports/basketball/recruiting/player/_/id/224502/kofi-cockburn http://www.espn.com/college-sports/basketball/recruiting/player/_/id/217980/trendon-watford http://www.espn.com/college-sports/basketball/recruiting/player/_/id/234926/tre-mitchell
  14. imnothipp

    In state kids?

    Some Saturday Highlights: Donavan Williams 21 pts 7 assists 8 rebounds in win over LSW Hunter Sallis with 19 in win vs Papio South Chucky Hepburn with 24 in win over Central. 14 were from the line. (Tonje with 22 in the loss) Arop with 20 in win over Elkhorn South (Jace Piatkowski with 15 in the loss) Yesterday the box score for Bryan listed an Amos Gregory. Today it is Sam Gregory. anyone know if it is a relation? Bryan also has Jonathan Montalvo, I assume it is Ethans brother. He was a stud. Javen Udofia had 26 tonight.
  15. imnothipp

    In state kids?

    Chucky Hepburn with 28 tonight as Bell West beat Benson 98-58