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  1. imnothipp

    Xavier Johnson isn't N

    Disagree 100%. Kid is a total stud. The best PG recruit since Ty Lue.
  2. imnothipp

    Xavier Johnson isn't N

    Coaches change schools every year and are not penalized....
  3. imnothipp

    Xavier Johnson isn't N

    Because it would appear NU does not have the athletes best interest at heart. Other schools would use that against NU, making it even harder to recruit....
  4. imnothipp

    Really OT

    1) Corb Lund 2) Elvis Costello 3) James McMurtry 4) The Blasters 5) The Cramps
  5. imnothipp

    What to do with Miles contract?

    I could see Miles going back to Colorado State. Not saying it will happen, but I think it is possible. It would put NU in a huge bind. Really be a tough hire for Moos.
  6. Isaac Copeland was a man Glynn Watson taking it to the hole. 1st half Jordy was very good Isaiah was good as always JPJ did not have his best night, but he still made some plays ET was really amped up. Maybe a bit much, but he is just so fun to watch. Anton really is a weapon in the corner. 1st half was some really great defense.
  7. Great win. Evan Taylor is going to be hard to replace. Right place right time. Great leader. Stating the obvious, Roby is so good. Unfortunate they called him for his 2nd foul when is was on Jordy Why does Isaac Copeland spend so much time around the 3 point line? Drives me crazy. He thows those dunks down and it just makes no sense. Has Miles ever had a lineup of Taylor, Palmer, Roby, Copeland and Jordy? I would like to see it. Not for a long stretch, but they could be tough to defend. Jordy had a nice 2nd half. I like his hustle. How he is misses layups so bad, is mind blowing. Lets hope he fixes that...
  8. imnothipp

    Game sign

    You can bring a sign too...
  9. I disagree a little bit on Jordy being a black hole. He has made some nice passes this year (especially to cutters). Not a lot, but enough that I think it can be a real weapon as the season progresses. Of course, if he was better at hitting the bunnies, it makes everything so much easier.
  10. 1) Jordy threw a couple of very nice passes to cutters last night. I would like to see more of this. 2) At one point in the first half, both Glynn and Evan Taylor were out of the game. We looked like a rudderless ship. Might had to do with Glynn not feeling well. 3) Boston College is a terrible outside shooting team. They shot about 25% in warmups. 4) Hope we win one of next 4. Minnesota is the best chance. Need a great crowd for that. 5) Evan Taylor was really terrific recruiting by the staff. I think that guy would make a heck of a coach. 6) It looked like the light bulb turned on for James Palmer the last part of the game. He looked really smooth. 7) I've never thought Miles teams set good picks. They look so half hearted. 7) Duby looked Okeke...
  11. imnothipp

    Signing Day 11/8/17

    UCONN with zero recruits should still be a top 10 class.
  12. Gabe Kapler is an interesting choice as the nexct manager. I like Gabe a lot. Odd though as he as very little managing experience.
  13. Watched it all. A couple of those home runs were very cheap. (Puig and Correa). But it was sure fun to watch. Props to J Musgrove for throwing a shutout inning to get the win.
  14. imnothipp

    Row6Seat10 (read in)

    That guy was the only reason I checked this board. Never met him, but really enjoyed his insights. He was a voice of reason on the internet. Very sorry for this and will certainly keep him and his family in my prayers.
  15. imnothipp

    Hello? It's too quiet in here

    we need another transfer to liven things up