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  1. Land-Grant University 78 That Private School down the road 64 9 Treys
  2. I know, I posted when I got to my seat, guess when it uploaded it was considered past tip... Darn Just going to have it make it up through the rest of season!
  3. If I have to spend my last day of 2013 in Iowa City, IA... Might as well watch another annual Nebrasketball win over Iowa! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B8LQ5Q9oq-A As I start my trek to Iowa City, I can't help but feel optimistic. One of these games our young talent is going to put it together for 40 minutes (hopefully sooner than later). I truly believe that this team can play with anyone if they all buy into the scouting report, minimize mistakes, rebound tough and make some shots. A big road win against a ranked opponent is highly unlikely I agree, but a Nebrasketball fan can always hope! I'll try to post my reaction from the road environment when I get back to Ames late this evening! Hope to see some red there!
  4. Nebraska 74 That catholic school that must be named 67
  5. Nebraska 76 UAB 68 Really need to put a "W" in the column!
  6. Can't dream of a better preformance than that for the opening game to the season. Got to keep things somewhat grounded and take em one game at a time... but wow... like WOW...
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