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  1. Only 10 minutes per game, 26% shooting and 33% from the line so far. Figured he would be getting a lot more PT.
  2. Getting a guy like Watson on board would only bolster my confidence in landing Morrow as well.
  3. You are vastly underrating how difficult it is to get drafted into the NBA.
  4. When I think of a shot in the arm is that it would hurt. Wouldn't Iowa filling up their spots benefit us? Even though I think we've had a leg up on them for a while.Need to brush up on your idioms. shot in the arm 2. Fig. a boost or act of encouragement. The pep talk was a real shot in the arm for all the guys. The good test grade was a shot in the arm for Gary.
  5. Sarcasm? Not in the least bit. Look at any public school rankings. They are a very good university.
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