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  1. jnhucla


    Not sure Jordy is ready, but yes I like what he is capable of. Gill to be around those as well. If Jake can't make a shot it is pointless that he is on the floor no dribble drive or defense. Taylor is OK can be used for some minute, Michael has been the biggest disappointment this year by far.
  2. jnhucla


    Watson Tai Horn Roby Morrow From what I have seen so far this year, this would be my 5 that get the most minutes. You have to roll with some rookie errors with TO & defense mistakes so you can score.
  3. jnhucla

    A Little OT, HS Transfers

    What you guys are referring to is a Guard from Burke with a curtain Dad who played well in this state going to South and dad becoming an assistant coach. Think its dead but yes this was the rumor back in the spring.
  4. jnhucla

    A Little OT, HS Transfers

    It's getting kind of crazy, I have a son that plays all 3 major sports and had played at high levels of all of them. This year being his 8th grade year was nuts with High School coaches coming to all games and getting kids to enroll out of district. My son played with 3 kids that are north/northwest and will be going to South??? My boy will be going to Burke to play but we got calls and letters from everyone High School around. Stay in your district and it would be an even playing field and make for some great games. If you can't tell this all bugs me. Lincoln boy that played with same kids from K-12
  5. jnhucla

    Starters & Mins

    I don't mind Petteway getting 30 mins but I would still like him to come off the bench.
  6. jnhucla

    Starters & Mins

    Just saw he's back this week. You have to give him some mins to see where we could use him. I liked his size in the scrimmage.
  7. jnhucla

    Starters & Mins

    Does it seem like coaching staff is over thinking the line up and not just letting them go? Starters Pitch Smith Shields Biggs Webster Petteyway - I understand he is playing as good as anyone but he can play multiple positions and would be an early spark for slow starting games. Ray - change up with outside shooting. Limit his time all he does is shoot the 3, we can get him his shots when he's in would rather see Biggs & Webster get more mins (drive & dish) Rivers- he can also play a couple spots, limit mins would rather have Shields/petteway/pitch those mins. At that point I would cut any other mins these kids are young and with all the fouls they get plenty of breaks.
  8. jnhucla

    We are at a crossroads

    Wow we are really early into a season & brand new team to start judging. We have a lot of individual talent, but that doesn't always mean you will have a good team. It's up to those big egos to play together as a team, and they could be a good ball team. Not sure some will change and that might be why they've been to a few schools already. Here's to them check the attitude and the door and playing some ball!! It all starts with the point guard and getting different people the ball. Give them some time
  9. jnhucla

    Need for a recruiting board.

    Umm if you want up to date info get on twitter!
  10. jnhucla

    Who do you want to open up PBA with?

    Heard it from a Kentucky fan that said the were trying to work everything out? I would love it but would hate to start 0-1
  11. jnhucla

    Who do you want to open up PBA with?

    I have heard that we have talked to Kentucky, but haven't heard anything since.
  12. jnhucla

    Joshua Smith

    I am a UCLA but born and raised in Lincoln and have always been a Husker fan as well. Just my imput on the Josh Smith, he would be bad for this team that is trying to build something. It is all about him and I think you will see UCLA get better now that he has left.