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  1. Maybe. Lewis is also a candidate for the UMKC job.
  2. Tim's a good man and his personality will be missed here. I have no doubt he will coach somewhere else.
  3. If you believe this I have ocean front property in AZ I would like to sell you.
  4. This is a really odd post. He used the money and used Davidson as a back channel. That's great work on his part. Doesn't care about the basketball program but hires one of of the top coaches in the country.
  5. Keep in mind Norm is literally trying to give me shit for a comment in march of 2017 where I said the whole athletic department should be shown the door. 6 months later the AD was fired, Then Riley, and since my comment Miles has 2 NIT's and 1 NIT win. What progress!
  6. There's no proof but a bunch of heresay that people in Lincolon only seem to know about. Moos was brought here to bring Frost and he did that. Hoiberg is a tremendous hire. Moos has done a kick ass job. Period. The virtue signaling you guys do on here is hilarious BTW.
  7. Randy is a hack. I trust Lars/Robin way more.
  8. Not sure I really care. He was hired to bring in Scott Frost and he did that. Hoiberg is the best hire in school basketball history. Sad Moos can do this drunk (according to you and those in the "know") While Pederson, Osborne, Eichorst, ect couldnt hire a competent coach.
  9. Ah yes those were the days when people defended Eichorst. This university hit a grand slam with Moos.
  10. This fan base really doesn't deserve Bill Moos. After the BS rumors regarding him being a drunk despite getting us the biggest name coach for football and now this? What a joke.
  11. Already got a nickname for him Brase balls. Can shoot which would be nice for example against Northwestern @ home seemed like wed go 10 mins without hitting a jumper. Penn State in the tourney too. He would be some nice depth.
  12. I call it how I see it! Would really like this teams chances to make the tournament if Morrow was still on the team but one thing I will give credit to Miles for is the talent hes brought. They had what? One 4* recruit in school history prior to him coming here? Again great get esepcially given the circumstances. Now just get us a little more front court help Tim!
  13. I dont think KU will have room for him. This would be a great get.
  14. That's strange because members on this board speculated for months that we were going to lose a few guys. It's almost like this coach is in over his head.
  15. I dont care. This program has been dog shit the past few years any now were going to add a guy who wil average 4 points and 2 boards a game? Woohoo.
  16. Nope gonna watch the lame duck coach flame out and hopefully the rest of the athletic department is out the door with him.
  17. Miles is bad but it's not just a Miles problem with the athletic program. When schools with much smaller budgets such as Baylor and KSU are doing better than you in both major sports on a consistent basis it's time to evaluate how things are being ran at the top.
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